New teen

I made an early start today. I’ve a lot to pack into two days now if I want to get everything done. This working for a living lark doesn’t make fitting things in easy at all. However – so far I’m making it happen, and as I was up early to get my shopping done … More New teen

Windy days

Earlier in the week I wrote a rather long post about plateaus.  A couple of people I know wondered why at this stage in the game I was even thinking about such a thing – after all I’ve come a long way along the path I’m on.  However – while travelling this route I’ve had … More Windy days


I’m a true believer that pretty much every cloud can (with the right attitude) be found to have a silver lining.  It’s all about perspective.  Today I was treated to a wonderful dose of this on my walk home from work as I strode past a large group of rowdy looking teenagers. They were all … More Baldy

It’s not a plateau

I don’t like the ‘P’ word. Not one little bit. I refuse to think about it most of the time because I’m now convinced it’s just a state of mind and that like anything in life it can be overcome with enough effort and perseverance. The ‘P’ word in question is of course ‘Plateau‘. This … More It’s not a plateau

The Snipe

Whereas I used to be the undisputed Jedi Master of not doing much at all, these days (despite probably needing to rest a little more occasionally) I can’t stop myself from endlessly moving from A to B. It’s definitely an addiction now. I can’t do without it. I get really fidgety if I’m not outdoors … More The Snipe


Well, for a Saturday this is a late posting. Normally I’d have done this ages ago – but today I’ve had to make a straight choice between squeezing the pips out of life and writing about it – and sadly my blog chicken cannot come before my escapades egg. To be truthful when I awoke … More Peeky

Napton on the Hill

It’s a bit of a scorcher today – and the weather frankly couldn’t be better for a bank holiday weekend. Although I did go walking yesterday, in the end I stopped at only eight miles and really couldn’t be bothered to walk any further. I think it’s because I’ve walked most of the local routes … More Napton on the Hill

Generous comment

I woke up very early this morning – most probably because I also went to bed very early.  I’ve noticed that a (probably inevitable) consequence of working all day AND fitting in 20,000 steps is meaning that on some days I’ve hit the sack at 8.30pm – which was what happened yesterday.  Ostensibly I’d planned … More Generous comment

Walnut cheeks

If I’m honest I’ve been in a bit of a grump today. Outwardly this (I think) wouldn’t have been apparent – but deep down I know I’ve not been firing on all cylinders.  I also know why.  I joked to a friend the other day that if I were to text her a picture of … More Walnut cheeks

Naturally thin

It’s a lovely day.  When I say that I don’t mean it’s lovely I mean it’s LOVELY.  That’s not just because the sun is shining (it currently is) or because the sky is blue (that’s also the case) or because its warm enough to walk around with a teeshirt on (check) but because the world … More Naturally thin


So far so good. I’m keeping up my walking average as well as working – and up to this point it’s not been anything other then pleasurable. This week though I’ve been blessed with relatively clear weather – until this morning when for the first time it turned on me. The damnable downpour that happened overnight affected … More Archeology

Sweet Sixteen Stone

Although I didn’t get upset about last Saturday’s unexpected weight gain I’ve been trying really hard to focus over the last seven days on forward momentum – and making each day one that I consider to be positive so that I can turn things around. Although a well rounded ‘positive’ day is also an emotionally … More Sweet Sixteen Stone

Slow mo me

Fundamentally this week for me has been about forward progress, challenging some thought patterns about what I need from life and focusing on self improvement. I’ve felt like I’m at something of a pivotal point in my personal ‘journey’ (I rather dislike that word if I’m honest but rarely know what to substitute it with) … More Slow mo me

No limits

One of the things that I’ve sometimes found difficult with my weight loss progress is how to judge success. It’s a really malleable and ethereal concept at times – and I’m continually struck by how small and unexpected things often mean much much more than the massive ones. Last week I (very unexpectedly) put weight ON … More No limits

Introducing friends

This morning I’ve been out with a couple of firm friends, who only met each other for the first time this today… Initially they were quite wary – but in no time at all after some introductions they were getting on famously. Probably bonded by their mutual love of bird watching Boris and Freckles seem … More Introducing friends

Fragrant butts

My usual Friday night insomnia has been more rampant than usual today/tonight/this morning or whatever it is now. I suppose that it’s Saturday (regardless of what my brain thinks) as I’m currently sitting outside Sainsburys waiting for it to open at 6.25am. I’ve been up all night faffing about – simultaneously too tired to do anything … More Fragrant butts

Hero clothes

It might be going to rain later on, but when I woke up this morning the weather report had changed slightly (it looked awful on yesterday’s advance forecast) and the worst didn’t seem to be arriving until after midday. Furthermore my bedroom was full of sunshine! I resolved to get up immediately and go for a … More Hero clothes

Very naughty boy

I did something I swore I would never do again yesterday. I’ve cautioned others against this behaviour in the past, so it’s only fair that I ‘fess up’ and be completely honest about falling off the wagon. I’ve been a very naughty boy. After I dropped my Dad off at the train station yesterday I … More Very naughty boy