Under fourteen

Sometimes I have a really distorted view of what I do well and what I’ve not done so well at. Often I find myself wracked with guilt over daft things such as a feeling that I haven’t walked far enough or a perception that I’ve overeaten when I should have just nibbled a carrot – … More Under fourteen

Nerd things

Maybe it’s an age thing or maybe it’s a ‘skinny’ thing but these days when I look out of the window and see snow my heart completely sinks. Another day where I can’t feel my fingers beckoned yesterday and I had to cancel my plans for a walk in the countryside with a fellow Slimming … More Nerd things

Ticketty Boo

Thanks to the miracle of WordPress yesterday evening many readers might have discovered a phantom menace of a post in their inboxes. The post was no ghost however. It was in fact a work of lyrical genius. This moment of intellectual enlightenment captured in print was finely crafted, interlaced with wit as well as erudite … More Ticketty Boo


I noticed the other day (whilst indulging in my usual passion) that Starbucks have changed their shelf edge product labelling and are now displaying the sugar content of their pastries in grams. This has been available for some time on their website (link) but it’s the first time I’ve seen it explicitly stated at the … More Sugarpocalypse

The truth

It’s a nice morning for a walk – and at least temporarily there is a blue sky to be found if you look upwards. If you keep your eyes focused in this direction things seem very pleasant – however if you adjust your gaze downward then things on the ground aren’t quite so rosy. I … More The truth

Keep going

Taking the pressure off myself a bit yesterday resulted in something wonderful. Sleep. Beautiful, delightful, invigorating and refreshing sleeeeeeeep. I was so wrapped up with worry and stress that I hadn’t noticed I wasn’t getting enough of it – and that this was probably layering itself cumulatively on top of other negative thoughts. Somewhere along … More Keep going

Be more kind

Firstly – thanks to everyone that contacted me after my last post. Secondly – I apologise if for the most part I’ve been less communicative than usual. I’ve not completely emerged from my ‘blue period’ this week – but today I definitely feel a little better. Not only is it Friday but in between periods … More Be more kind

The summit

One of the most important things to me is honesty in my posts and even though my natural impulse is to hibernate when I feel down I think it’s important to share things with the world be they positive or negative. Too many people hide away when they feel down and it does nothing but … More The summit

Yay for maintenance

I slept like a log last night. I wasn’t stressed or worried about losing weight at all – which I’m honestly not sure how I feel about. I already miss the anticipation a little bit of getting a new, lower number in my book – because now I have a range to adapt to rather than a … More Yay for maintenance

Learning to live life

My first week of maintenance is drawing to a close and so far it seems to have gone well – although only standing on the scales tomorrow will confirm this with absolute certainty. I’ve had no blow outs, engaged in plenty of exercise, have eaten regular sensible meals, increased my healthy extra intake as suggested … More Learning to live life

A new objective

So – now I have a new challenge in life. Weight maintenance. It’s certainly not as sexy or attention grabbing as weight loss but (in every respect that counts) it’s now become my most important focus above all else. If this is to be compared to evolution then it feels akin to Neanderthal me overnight … More A new objective

Snowdrops in Hatton

I’m a little achey after the up and downhill of the end to end walk in Malvern on Sunday. It’s currently precisely midnight on either Monday evening or Tuesday morning (depending on how you view it) and I’m lying in a warm bed within an unusually warm house whilst the world outside turns into an … More Snowdrops in Hatton

Feeling loved

I don’t normally write two posts in one day – but today has not been a normal day. I was so shell shocked earlier on that I simply couldn’t wrap my mind around what had happened. In most respects I still can’t. I’m suddenly a target member and with that comes a range of emotions and … More Feeling loved

20st lost – I’m now a Slimming World Target Member!!

Normally I’m a creature of habit on a Saturday morning but today I’m more akin to a cat on a hot tin roof. I’d generally go out shopping first thing and run errands but my stomach is turning cartwheels and I’m insanely nervous. I’m lying in bed instead trying not to think – which is … More 20st lost – I’m now a Slimming World Target Member!!

Success not donuts

This morning I got out of bed after waking up early and reading for a while. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided that I’d go out for a walk that was a bit longer than my usual route to the office. It was a nice day for it! There’s no denying though … More Success not donuts

Diabetes and medication update – the results are in!

Although the day started in the dark with dawn bringing only rain and grey skies it’s turned into an afternoon that’s infinitely more palatable. The sun has finally come out and I’m enjoying its warmth as I walk. After a meeting down south this morning I’m finishing work a little early – which suits me … More Diabetes and medication update – the results are in!