Higher consciousness

As is customary with a Saturday morning I awoke to a trance like state. This is a moment of half asleep but growing self awareness that I suspect every dieter experiences when they first open their eyes on their weigh in day. This (when you’ve been practising the technique as long as I have) involves … More Higher consciousness

Determined to find out

One of the unintended consequences of the last couple of years of change has been a continued underlying level of confusion surrounding many things that I previously took for granted in life. It really never occurred to me when I was ‘old Davey’ that every major thought or decision that I made about anything was arrived at … More Determined to find out

Productive Sunday

Although I’m used to filling my day with things to do, sometimes it hits me just how much I can fit in now that I’m no longer wiped out after just waddling to my car and back. After my less than stellar result on the scales yesterday I decided to go for it today and … More Productive Sunday

Adult credentials

Weather wise today couldn’t be more different from yesterday – but the consistent theme of continually decreasing temperatures is ever present. I’ve therefore decided to choose the nuclear option and… (sharp intake of breath) turned on the central heating. I think it would be hard for anyone to argue that my blog these days is anything … More Adult credentials

The twin towers

I’m trying not to think too much about tomorrow’s weigh in – but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t on my mind at the moment. Although I’ve not had any major ‘falls from grace’ I feel with the loss of daylight since the clocks changed and the (flipping ridiculous) cold I’ve probably eaten … More The twin towers

Bendy lights

I was walking home tonight and thinking how much I like passing one particular shop window. Day after day I’ve found myself gazing at the coloured lamps within like a moth faced with a full moon and I can’t help stopping to admire it. The display has reminded me of a variety of things each … More Bendy lights

Cheese toastie – and hold the lactose.

‘Granny I want my cappuccino lactose free. It’s better that way.’ said the well spoken little voice in front of me. ‘I think everything should be lactose free…’ said a young girl in the Starbucks queue clutching her triple cheese toastie (still in its wrapper) close to her chest. ‘It’s just healthier… Jeannie said so.’ she … More Cheese toastie – and hold the lactose.

Kicked in the blogs

Well it’s been a busy week – and a noticeably darker and colder one at that. However as always my focus has (whenever possible) been on eating healthy meals and making sure that I get a good level of exercise into my day. I’ll be honest though – on the latter topic this has been … More Kicked in the blogs