One of the luxuries of being recently unemployed is just deciding to get up and do something and not worry about where you have to be the following day.  Yesterday evening I was talking to a lady on Facebook and (as is my tendency lately) I started being very honest about my day. I’d wanted … More Daveyprune

Boris and the swanling

It appears that murky foreign powers may not be getting the plans to a fully operational Death Star after all. Elderly power walking oriental lady with neat hair, whom I had previously suspected of nefarious intentions today finally acknowledged me after a month or more of me grinning at her, saying ‘hi’ and nodding as we … More Boris and the swanling

The wedding shirt

‘What a difference a day makes’.  As well as being a lovely song it’s often something I think about a lot – how you can wake up 24 hours after a significant event and feel completely different – or that your circumstances have changed dramatically.  It can be very poignant sometimes – but today it … More The wedding shirt

People watching

It’s Wednesday afternoon. Despite a damp start to the day it’s now become unexpectedly sunny with a cool breeze. There’s cloud cover but I’m taking no chances. Before I left work I covered my arms liberally with suntan lotion.  I’m sitting in a coffee shop, and for the last 30 minutes I’ve been watching people … More People watching

Love eachother

For once I’ve been at an impasse when I’ve tried to type my blog. Over the last few days I’ve sat with my phone, tablet or laptop, started typing and then abruptly stopped again a few moments later. Everything I’ve created has been almost instantly deleted. Normally I don’t suffer from writer’s block. I haven’t … More Love eachother

Circling the drain

I woke up this morning after a nice day off yesterday with a thumping headache and a nose crammed full of snot. I’m not one to over exaggerate but honestly I think this may be the start of the zombie apocalypse. My eyes look vaguely normal in the mirror at the moment, but who knows … More Circling the drain