One of the luxuries of being recently unemployed is just deciding to get up and do something and not worry about where you have to be the following day.  Yesterday evening I was talking to a lady on Facebook and (as is my tendency lately) I started being very honest about my day. I’d wanted … More Daveyprune

Boris and the swanling

It appears that murky foreign powers may not be getting the plans to a fully operational Death Star after all. Elderly power walking oriental lady with neat hair, whom I had previously suspected of nefarious intentions today finally acknowledged me after a month or more of me grinning at her, saying ‘hi’ and nodding as we … More Boris and the swanling

The wedding shirt

‘What a difference a day makes’.  As well as being a lovely song it’s often something I think about a lot – how you can wake up 24 hours after a significant event and feel completely different – or that your circumstances have changed dramatically.  It can be very poignant sometimes – but today it … More The wedding shirt

People watching

It’s Wednesday afternoon. Despite a damp start to the day it’s now become unexpectedly sunny with a cool breeze. There’s cloud cover but I’m taking no chances. Before I left work I covered my arms liberally with suntan lotion.  I’m sitting in a coffee shop, and for the last 30 minutes I’ve been watching people … More People watching

Love eachother

For once I’ve been at an impasse when I’ve tried to type my blog. Over the last few days I’ve sat with my phone, tablet or laptop, started typing and then abruptly stopped again a few moments later. Everything I’ve created has been almost instantly deleted. Normally I don’t suffer from writer’s block. I haven’t … More Love eachother

Circling the drain

I woke up this morning after a nice day off yesterday with a thumping headache and a nose crammed full of snot. I’m not one to over exaggerate but honestly I think this may be the start of the zombie apocalypse. My eyes look vaguely normal in the mirror at the moment, but who knows … More Circling the drain

Apple Music Sucks

I cancelled my subscription to Apple Music recently – which I’d been meaning to do for ages, as I’m really not getting what I would consider ‘worth’ out of a streaming music service. I’m also beginning to think that maybe I’m not all that willing to embrace what appears to be the future. I rather … More Apple Music Sucks

My Guardian Angel

I left work a bit early today to visit the funeral director for the last time. I’d been putting off collecting my mom’s rings for long enough. The traffic was absolutely awful, and as I sat at a complete standstill on road after road watching swarms of schoolchildren crossing behind me, in front of me, to the … More My Guardian Angel


The sun is shining today – and although I will burn faster than an albino in a furnace I’m braving the outdoors on a morning break at work. I’m sitting on a little orange brick wall, leaning my arm on a fibreglass salt bin that’s cracked and weathered after years of being outside. The faded … More Nosferatu


I’ve been trying not to overdo things lately. OK – when I say ‘overdo’, what I really mean is do things a lot. OK OK – thats not strictly true. When I say ‘do things a lot’ I really really mean do them obsessively. Basically I do a lot of things obsessively. Or I do a lot of … More T-Rex


Some people are complex and confusing. Just when you think you have a measure of who they are you’ll find something out about them that seems out of place or character. Oddly the death of someone can answer almost as many questions as it poses, as you sift through their personal belongings. My mother didn’t … More Maybe

It’s all lies

Something that’s never ceased to amaze me is just how many people think it’s cool to hang out of a car and call someone names. It’s happened to me as long as I can remember – and in many ways it’s something I now accept as a fact of life, but can drastically change my mood. … More It’s all lies

Flat white

I was wandering through Sainsburys the other day with my brother when I happened to stop in the tea and coffee aisle and ponder a particularly decorative box. It was labelled ‘womankind’ and clearly not aimed at me, but I like shiny things and couldn’t help but stop and look. This pink box was swathed in floral artwork … More Flat white

Craggy faces

If there’s anything scanning photos teaches you its that if you buy a cheap crappy camera then you take crappy pictures. Tonight I’ve scanned nearly 100 and they are universally awful quality, with grainy images of filtered memories. I remember the way the camera they were taken with creaked as you held it. I can feel … More Craggy faces


It’s cold today, and it feels like there’s snow in the air. It’s apt, as this weekend I’ve been mostly hibernating a bit if I’m honest. I’m trying to throw off a succession of negative thoughts that have been buzzing around in my head. They don’t really have a form – and are difficult to vocalise, … More Chickenzilla

Citrus Sinensis

Well. That’s that. Nothing ever goes how you expect it to. That’s nice though. It makes life interesting and worth living. The white van cowboy arrived at the bungalow this time wearing a Russian army Ushanka hat, channeling chi from the other side of the Atlantic. VanManski was also thankfully 2 hours late. I say … More Citrus Sinensis

Backwards or forwards?

I was asked something thought provoking a week ago. ‘If you could go backwards or forwards in time, which way would you go?’ My thoughts had initially been quite grandiose while I mulled over my reply. Epic and exciting periods in history immediately presented themselves. I could see the pyramids being built in Egypt and … More Backwards or forwards?

Stick around

It’s been a lazy Sunday after a busy week and a busy Saturday. Although I woke up early I ached all over and didn’t feel much like getting up. However since a shower usually brings me around at 8am I hopped in and turned the heat up as far as I could stand it. I’m … More Stick around


Boris is at my house, and has been hunting for buried treasure. Sadly the most that he could find was a particularly large cache of cobwebs behind my sofa. He came out after an exploratory sniffing and grunting session covered in them and stared expectantly at his master and me. I can’t stop smiling while he’s around … More Ooozagubboythen?

Spock Pug

  Somebody said to me today during a conversation ‘when you eventually get married…’. The words that immediately preceded this and followed it seemed largely irrelevant, as the core expectation was that I would eventually find a partner and settle down. Its not the first time that people have said this in passing. Others have … More Spock Pug

Number 15

About two weeks ago when I started my blog I was mental electricity in a jar. Bottled lightning. I think that I was moving that fast in my head because I didn’t want to stop and consider what was going on around me. If I wasn’t drinking then I had to fill the space with something … More Number 15

Jaunty Dave

  I’m always amazed by how differently people handle telephone calls. For instance my father’s telephone voice is so far from his actual voice that you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were calling 1950 when you hear his answering machine. Somewhere back in time at the BBC I imagine there’s a wartime broadcast with his … More Jaunty Dave


I’m not sure if its a trick of memory, but I don’t ever remember having a bike with stabilisers. I recall being held from the side by my dad briefly while I wobbled and tried to pedal fast as a learner, but I can’t think back to a time where i was unable to stay upright on … More Stabilisers

London Calling

A true highlight of the last few (often dark) weeks has been how people around me have reached out in often unexpected ways to lend an ear and let me know that they’re there if I need help. Something that really touched me, and came at just the right moment happened on the day of … More London Calling