Introducing friends

This morning I’ve been out with a couple of firm friends, who only met each other for the first time this today… Initially they were quite wary – but in no time at all after some introductions they were getting on famously. Probably bonded by their mutual love of bird watching Boris and Freckles seem … More Introducing friends

Hero clothes

It might be going to rain later on, but when I woke up this morning the weather report had changed slightly (it looked awful on yesterday’s advance forecast) and the worst didn’t seem to be arriving until after midday. Furthermore my bedroom was full of sunshine! I resolved to get up immediately and go for a … More Hero clothes

Banded demoiselle

Yesterday I walked into Sainsburys to get a coffee and unexpectedly walked out with a bag of clothes that I’d purchased because they were half price. This in itself is really not unusual I suppose – as clothes from shops like Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys are now cheap enough to make buying them little more … More Banded demoiselle

‘It’s a boy!’

My companion were sitting quietly in a bird hide discussing the view in front of us. In particular we were focusing on the two families of mute swans on the opposite bank of the nearby lake. Once more we were visiting the grounds and wildlife reserve at Coombe Abbey – but today were both of us … More ‘It’s a boy!’

Windy day

The effects of dramatic weight loss are (I’ve found) often unpredictable – and throughout my journey I’ve experienced a variety of odd feelings, strains, tensions and pains. I’ve put a lot of this down to my body weight shifting and stressing different muscles and ligaments in the process. Around the 11-12st mark I started getting a … More Windy day

Coombe Abbey

When I lived in Wales I was convinced that (maybe with the exception of Scotland) I was fortunate enough to hang my hat in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. I loved every bit of the countryside around Aberystwyth and over the years I’ve continually felt a yearning to return. However over the last … More Coombe Abbey

Be kind to eachother

I’ve been trying (it’s almost impossible) to avoid the news reports today. The details that are slowly emerging of the suicide bombing in Manchester last night are incredibly moving – and each time I turn on the radio I hear of a parent talking about a near miss or a sense of shared horror that … More Be kind to eachother

Feeling lots better

I’m currently revelling in two different kinds of little miracles – the first as old as time and the latter a far more recent thing. Firstly – sleep. Ohmyflippingwordhowmuchbetterdoestheworldlookwhenyou’vehadsomesleep???!!!! It’s fair to say that some (but not all) of my darker moments in the past week can be traced back to the doorstep of an … More Feeling lots better

Walk to Hatton

Another little milestone of sorts has been reached today and I’m now sitting at home on my sofa looking at my feet dangling over the edge of my leather pouffe whilst admiring their new attire. (Warning – gratuitous underwear shot) On the way home today I treated them to some new thermal socks. They deserve … More Walk to Hatton

Taking my own advice

A friend said to me tonight that they were struggling to look at the future in a positive light – and for a while we talked about all the good things that they had either currently happening or that could happen to them in the coming months and years. Hopefully after we chatted this person’s … More Taking my own advice

You can do it. 

I’ve spent the morning with a good friend from work who kindly made the journey on his day off to come and see me so that we could go for a walk.  Some readers and people who know me may have felt his influence without realising it already – as at one pivotal moment in … More You can do it. 

Little binoculars

‘You can look through my binoculars if you want – at the ducks over there.’ said my friend’s son as we were all feeding the birds in the park this morning. I took the toy binoculars from him as he focused on ripping his slice of bread into tiny pieces and throwing morsels to the neediest … More Little binoculars

Feeling vulnerable

It’s sunny outside and I’ve just returned from a morning out. I’ve walked around the park, said hello to lots of ‘regulars’ and watched the world go by while talking with a friend. I’ve also been shopping at Aldi and filled my fridge with virtuous food of every description. The bank holiday has now passed … More Feeling vulnerable

Eurotunnel goal 

I woke up later than expected today – having slept in on a Sunday for the first time in months. Normally I’m awake by about 7 or 8 at the latest but it was 9.30!  Last night however I had the kind of uninterrupted sleep that’s usually reserved for the recently deceased. As well as … More Eurotunnel goal 

The rinds of life

Yesterday evening was not so great.  After my bath yesterday I sat for some time relaxing in the armchair of my bay window watching the sun go down, completely blissed out.  The only thing interrupting the sound of the waves was an occasional rumble from my stomach. I hadn’t eaten anything since midday – and … More The rinds of life

Boris and the swanling

It appears that murky foreign powers may not be getting the plans to a fully operational Death Star after all. Elderly power walking oriental lady with neat hair, whom I had previously suspected of nefarious intentions today finally acknowledged me after a month or more of me grinning at her, saying ‘hi’ and nodding as we … More Boris and the swanling