Sometimes motivation is in short supply. It’s 5.30am and it’s definitely one of those times. The house is cold and it’s pouring down with rain outside. Today I’ve got to travel by car and therefore whether I like walking in the rain or not I simply don’t have the option – unless I feel up … More Sleeves

Symonds Yat

I hadn’t intended today to be a trip down memory lane – but quite unexpectedly it was. My regular twalking buddy had suggested that we go for a walk around Symonds Yat after she’d been exploring there herself recently – and since I’m no longer one to pass up an opportunity for a walk in the … More Symonds Yat

Pumpkins Deli

It’s been a busy week – and after a very relaxing Bank Holiday weekend I’ve spent the last few days mostly catching up on things that I didn’t do whilst I was engaging in my epic blogging marathons – as well as trying to increase my walking. I’ve recently dropped back from my previous 70-75 miles … More Pumpkins Deli

Part Four: Group love

Before you start reading it’s probably a good idea that you recap on Part One (here) Part Two (here) and Part Three (here). By now you know the drill. It’s gonna be a long post. Get your cup of tea ready. (As before my ‘lightbulb moments’ will be in red.) It’s now 16th April 2016. I’ve been … More Part Four: Group love

Gone to charity

Well. I have a shedload of clothes. It’s now 11pm on Sunday evening and after trying on a lot of things and making (what I felt) were some tough choices I’ve put the following aside for charity. These items range from 3XL items down to some unusually large XL’s, and from 46-40in waist and chest … More Gone to charity

Pendulum vs plummet

Well – today I’ve had a gain on the scales, and a fairly significant one compared to where I was last week. I knew it was coming – and not because I’ve been particularly naughty (although there was an episode a few days ago with some weetabix and bananas that’s better forgotten) but because despite … More Pendulum vs plummet