The thought

If yesterday proved anything to me it was that just when I think I have a handle on life – and that I’m sorted and happy – a chance thought comes along, yanks the rug out from under me and leaves me feeling profoundly blue. Yesterday morning I felt like I was on top of the world and … More The thought

Starting point

Although I’ve had quite a few milestones over the last year I’ve hit another quite unexpectedly today. It’s not a ‘scale’ or a ‘non scale’ victory but instead an experience that’s caused me to pause and reflect on what might come next. But I’ll rewind a little. I’m getting ahead of myself. When I started writing today’s post I was sitting … More Starting point

Pity party

It’s not rained for a while. Not properly anyway, meaning that dirt track walks have suddenly dried out and extra bits of the countryside have become accessible.  I’ve continued my slightly ambitious walking schedule this week and maybe explored a little more than usual as a consequence. When muddy paths aren’t an issue I’m far … More Pity party


Since I started blogging it’s not unusual for me to suddenly stop and take a photo of where I am – which I never used to do that much. I find myself often writing opening lines of posts in my head as I walk or playing with the construction of a paragraph that I’m thinking … More Photobombed