Still my mom

I awoke last night half way through a dream about my mother. I was angry when I woke up because in the dream (in her characteristically bombastic way) my mother had walked into my room while I was undressed and started telling me how awful it was that I’d neglected her feelings. She ignored my … More Still my mom


So far so good. I’m keeping up my walking average as well as working – and up to this point it’s not been anything other then pleasurable. This week though I’ve been blessed with relatively clear weather – until this morning when for the first time it turned on me. The damnable downpour that happened overnight affected … More Archeology

Au Revoir Supercoat!

As regular visitors (and subscribers) to this blog have probably noticed there has been a higher volume of posting than usual this week, and I heartily apologise if you’re getting sick of hearing from me. A few more introspective posts have left my drafts folder than normally would primarily because the last seven days have … More Au Revoir Supercoat!

In the teens!

Well my week’s experiment has concluded. After a somewhat disappointing 1/2 a pound loss last week I had been looking at what I’d been eating and also what I’d been doing for exercise. Since the 22nd May I’ve been gardening in earnest – and because of the time involved there has been less walking in … More In the teens!

Towards the future

There’s nothing like an incentive to do something. I couldn’t help laughing when I visited a pub today – and sitting in the urinal was a green splash guard with a tiny goal and a little plastic football. It was an amusing and diverting way to make sure that clients who may be a little … More Towards the future


I think my mood is being affected by my cold as I’ve no other reason to wake up feeling glum. However for some reason I did. Oddly today everything seemed grey when I opened my eyes and my enthusiasm for anything and everything was at rock bottom. Although… now that I think about it – … More Spring

Wait, what? Wednesday?!

I can’t believe that it’s Wednesday already. I’m honestly not sure where the hell time is going at the moment. I’ve been ‘twalking’ with a friend around the park today and it’s been absolutely perfect weather for it. Whilst the breeze was undeniably cold the sun has been warm and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. … More Wait, what? Wednesday?!

In a mirror naked

I’ve realised that recently I’ve become slightly preoccupied with the future – or at least a specific aspect of it. It came up in conversation over dinner last night – and when I realised I was talking about the subject I also realised it was entirely me that had started the thread going. It’s not the … More In a mirror naked

Appreciating freedoms

I was grocery shopping in Aldi yesterday morning. As budget shopping goes I’ve come to really appreciate the minimalism of the place and the sometimes bizarre apparel that they sell right next to the cherry tomatoes. If the zombie apocalypse strikes while I’m out shopping then I’d prefer to be in a grocery store that sells … More Appreciating freedoms


For the last few days I’ve noticed that when I sit in my favourite coffee shop at roughly the same time (in training for redundancy by sitting with my laptop and looking like I am working on something important) I find myself often sitting with the same people. Like me these fellow patrons appear to be creatures … More Patrons

Marbles and budgets

How would you describe your mind? For what amounts to little more than a collection of protein and electrical impulses we all give them very emotive descriptions depending on how we’re feeling.​ If he’s tired or ill my father often refers to his mind as being full of ‘mental chewing gum’. Similarly he imagines it packed … More Marbles and budgets


The sun is shining today – and although I will burn faster than an albino in a furnace I’m braving the outdoors on a morning break at work. I’m sitting on a little orange brick wall, leaning my arm on a fibreglass salt bin that’s cracked and weathered after years of being outside. The faded … More Nosferatu

Craggy faces

If there’s anything scanning photos teaches you its that if you buy a cheap crappy camera then you take crappy pictures. Tonight I’ve scanned nearly 100 and they are universally awful quality, with grainy images of filtered memories. I remember the way the camera they were taken with creaked as you held it. I can feel … More Craggy faces

Backwards or forwards?

I was asked something thought provoking a week ago. ‘If you could go backwards or forwards in time, which way would you go?’ My thoughts had initially been quite grandiose while I mulled over my reply. Epic and exciting periods in history immediately presented themselves. I could see the pyramids being built in Egypt and … More Backwards or forwards?