Exposed foundations

Last night I had a vivid nightmare.  In this lucid (partially waking) waterfall of subconscious fears I had rented my home to a close friend. I’d done this in the hope that it would be looked after in my absence.  I can’t remember where it was that I’d gone or indeed how long I’d been … More Exposed foundations


Well, for a Saturday this is a late posting. Normally I’d have done this ages ago – but today I’ve had to make a straight choice between squeezing the pips out of life and writing about it – and sadly my blog chicken cannot come before my escapades egg. To be truthful when I awoke … More Peeky

Too busy loving life

I was talking to a fellow slimmer this morning about the battle to stay positive – even when injured. I reflected on this afterwards and in truth I remember when it happened to me (thankfully I’ve been ok for quite a while – although my plantar fasciitis never truly left for good) I felt like I’d … More Too busy loving life


In an effort to establish a new normal I got up early this morning and jumped on my exercise bike. I plan to start the day this way for the whole week. I’ll admit to being a little worried at the moment about how I’m going to keep my activity at the same level when I … More Summertown

Special friends

Friends are great. Good ones can get right to the heart of the matter and tell you what you need to hear even if it isn’t what you want to hear. Others can just accept you as you are – warts and all – and still love the person inside, reminding you that the outside … More Special friends

How to spot fibs

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that weather forecasts are a complete irrelevance – and that any accuracy they might randomly spurt out is as much by chance as it is design. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. It was supposed to be grim and rainy today (according to multiple sources) but … More How to spot fibs

A year on Mars

It’s a cold, but also rather lovely morning. The sun is out today – and I’ve an appointment to go to, so I’ve started out early and dressed up warm. Everywhere I look the light is streaming between trees and houses and chasing away the crisp and beautiful frost from every surface. As I walk today … More A year on Mars

Rogue Two

Although it’s a bit of an extravagance sometimes a film is sooooo good that it’s worth seeing a second time. Star Wars: Rogue One is (for me anyway) that film. Today was also doubly exciting because its the first time in quite a few years I’ve been to an IMAX screening of something – and it made my second … More Rogue Two

Semi jingle bells

There are few things in life that annoy me more than people that misrepresent themselves.  I’d much rather meet someone that’s moody and annoyed than one with a personality straining under the weight of artifice and veneer.  As I was driving some friends home last night the conversation shifted to people we had each known … More Semi jingle bells

Psychological victory

A psychological victory is sometimes way more important than a physical result. To feel that you’ve done something that you believed not so long ago couldn’t be achieved or crossed a threshold that previously seemed insurmountable is a moment to be savoured. People who have known me for a long time will know that I often avoided … More Psychological victory

Change is good

It’s cold again today. Really cold. I’m noticing the temperature more and more now that I’m losing weight. I’m having to dress up warm all the time. It’s particularly tangible in my extremities, and my furry slippers (purchased when I became diabtic because we must all wear them in case we stand on sharp things … More Change is good

Frosty Jack

Perspective is often the only thing that separates us from feeling depressed and feeling elated. I’m sure that in 99% of cases it’s simply a choice in life to feel positive or to feel negative – and I continually TRY to choose the former. This morning the sun was shining and even though it was bitterly … More Frosty Jack

Phishing and old jeans

It seems that at times I’m still my own worst enemy. Even after all my progress lately I’m at times (irritatingly) prone to looking at the worst aspects of my life and feeling glum about things when deep down I know I have a lot to be grateful for. I suppose that this week’s darker mood has been coming for quite … More Phishing and old jeans


I was talking to one of the lovely ladies from group outside Slimming World this morning and for some reason started comparing my weight loss mentality to capitalism. It felt like an odd thing to say when it randomly fell out of my mouth but as I expanded upon the metaphor and thought about it … More Capitalism 


One of the luxuries of being recently unemployed is just deciding to get up and do something and not worry about where you have to be the following day.  Yesterday evening I was talking to a lady on Facebook and (as is my tendency lately) I started being very honest about my day. I’d wanted … More Daveyprune

Boris and the swanling

It appears that murky foreign powers may not be getting the plans to a fully operational Death Star after all. Elderly power walking oriental lady with neat hair, whom I had previously suspected of nefarious intentions today finally acknowledged me after a month or more of me grinning at her, saying ‘hi’ and nodding as we … More Boris and the swanling