Edging forward

Bye bye little pound of fat. You were a part of me last week, but now you’re just water vapour or gas – or something else. Since matter can’t be created or destroyed this wobbly chunk of my ass or belly probably floated away into the clouds over the course of many many farts whilst … More Edging forward

Friends with dumbbells

I’m back in 1994. I’ve been there every evening this week since I discovered that the HD remasters of one of my all time favourite comedy shows are now available on Netflix. I suppose it’s a consequence of being older that everyone else is beginning to look increasingly youthful around me. This is particularly true in … More Friends with dumbbells

Stay creative

I’m easily pleased. Silly silly little things make me really really happy – and I’m thankfully not alone in this. Today I was at the recycling centre in Leamington. I always pop in as I pass – and whilst browsing at the Age UK shop I saw a young girl. She was around 10-12 years … More Stay creative

Gangsta fisherman

Phew. Busy day. As always I’ve been trying to fit in as much as I can around my usual Saturday Slimming World meeting whist all the time keeping up my walking. Partially because of the snow last week (and Christmas) I fell just short of my usual average per day – although not by much. … More Gangsta fisherman

They just fit

Today has been a day for things that fit. It’s always a moment of anxiety when you see a gaping hole and you think ‘I hope what I have will fit properly in there’. This is never more true than of an electrical purchase – and when I dragged my old washing machine out from … More They just fit

I own red

It’s fair to say that whilst I’m very much enjoying my new job that there was a mild, almost barely detectable mood of happiness when I left the office last night to begin a week’s break over Christmas and new year. Only those with a trained eye (possibly a seasoned police detective) would have spotted … More I own red

Thoughts on target

For the longest time now I’ve been having a variation of the same dream over and over again. It’s related to an old relationship – and whilst the dream itself makes me happy as it’s happening when I wake up and realise it’s just a fantasy I’m usually crestfallen and feel low for the whole … More Thoughts on target

Croaky twalking

Not entirely unexpectedly I seem to be losing my voice. Sure – the flu has been part of the problem – but mostly it’s my own fault. I keep going for exercise with people whose company I enjoy immensely and twalking all day long. Today (despite my hopes for the opposite) I’ve been in Malvern … More Croaky twalking

Gain response

My flu seems to be coming and going in waves. When I’m out walking (although my nose is streaming like a leaky tap) I don’t really feel that ill. When I stop and sit I feel my jam packed sinuses, my head throbs and I’m ridiculously cold and achy. Annoyingly I also seem to be … More Gain response

May the 4th

Today is a decidedly odd day – but in a really good way. My morning at work started with my manager walking into the small office that I currently sit and saying ‘David – are you in the local paper?’ Just like that there I was (link)! In the news! Truthfully I’ve known this might … More May the 4th