In control again

It’s pretty early in the morning and I’ve a long twalk planned for today. It’s been darned cold over the last couple of days and with my skinnier frame I’m really noticing it this year like never before. Even briskly twalking around the park with a friend last night required two layers, a thick jacket … More In control again


When I sat down briefly yesterday evening to write my post I was on my way to making a large salad – and determined to make sure that I didn’t eat anything else that would de-rail me. Evenings have been a challenge for me over the past two weeks. I therefore proclaimed that I’d share … More #onplanoctober

Giant cat

Ok. My I think my mojo is returning. As with most things worth having though it’s not been easy to get back or hold onto – and it involves facing up to a few things – but if I’m going to practice what I’ve preached in the past I’m going to have to at least temporarily … More Giant cat

Security blanket

It’s fair to say that this week and last have been ones where I feel I’ve really struggled to remain on course. I mean this from both an emotional and dietary perspective – and I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t been thinking about eating pretty much everything around me during pretty much … More Security blanket

Feature wall

Currently (despite my willingness to do so) the furniture and pillows remain uneaten in my house, and there are almost no rabid bite marks on anything.  Ever since Monday afternoon I’ve swung between having no appetite at all and then suddenly feeling like I could chew my own arm off and stuff my face until … More Feature wall

Boiling the ocean

After I wrote yesterday’s blog I started thinking about my early posts. As I’ve said a few times before here, although I love that people enjoy reading my blogs I do (maybe somewhat selfishly) write them primarily for myself. Lately I’ve also realised that I’ve started to use writing like other people use sudoku – … More Boiling the ocean