28 inches gone!

Well – the results are in. My self sabotage last Saturday had an impact – but I managed to pull things around overall.  My week ended on a positive note and for the 6th consecutive day I kept myself well under the RDA of calories for an adult male (2500kcal).  In many ways this and … More 28 inches gone!

Bright colours

‘I see the world in bright colours – but I also feel it in bright colours…’ a friend recently said to me.  It seemed to me that as the the sentence left her mouth it hung in the air for a moment, becoming in an instant a fully formed image in my head.  I had to … More Bright colours

Poo bags

I feel flipping awesome today! It might be because I’m heavily caffeinated (I’ve been drinking aaaaaaawwwwlllllll the coffee everywhere ☕️) but it’s more likely to be because of people, dogs and weather – all of which seem to be most excellent today.  I’ve spent the morning walking with a friend and ex-colleague from work – … More Poo bags


It will come as a surprise to precisely no-one that I’m a total geek. This mostly manifests itself in my tendency to get attached to (and also irritable with) technology, but also is readily apparent when people are confronted with my occasionally feverish interest in sci-fi or my complete inability to grow up and stop … More Large!!!

Bad tech day

I feel cranky at the moment. The last few days (for very different reasons) have seen me lose a lot of sleep and end up napping or feeling wide awake at odd times.  Overall it’s not great for my underlying mood or willingness to indulge in comfort eating – which so far I am keeping … More Bad tech day

It’s all about the recovery – not about the screw up!

Although it’s a difficult thing to do I committed (back when I first started writing my blog) to detailing the bad days along with the good ones. Yesterday wasn’t an awful day by any stretch of the imagination – but by the time the evening rolled around I wasn’t eating because I was hungry. I … More It’s all about the recovery – not about the screw up!

Own it

It doesn’t look like the weather is going to brighten up any time soon – but honestly that doesn’t really matter.  Although blue skies are always preferable to grey there’s definitely a pleasure to be had in going outside on a cold and windy day with a pressing need to warm yourself up. Having to … More Own it