Cup half empty

It’s often the case that we understand ourselves more when we’re faced with an example of someone that reacts to a situation in a very different way to how we might. Some years ago I was in a different place mentally to the one I’m in now, and looking back at who I was then … More Cup half empty

500 Miles

Well – I think I have a flu victory of sorts. After a week where I mostly sat on my ass or lay under a duvet after eating more than I felt I should have I managed to maintain my weight. Nothing lost – but thankfully also nothing gained. I wondered how I’d feel about … More 500 Miles

Write off

I knew there was something amiss the other day whenย a man dressed in sack cloth and ringing a bell walked past my house calling ‘bring out your dead!’ย He moved on after drawing a chalk mark on my front door to indicate that there was a plague victim within. The ladies in my life refer to … More Write off

Most hated photo

There are quite a fewย picturesย of me on my computer. The vast majority of them I have no love for. One or two I like a bit, but they’re the absolute minority. When I scroll through my photo library I’m struck by how much (until fairly recently) I have avoided having my picture taken. There are … More Most hated photo

Appetite disturbed

As is typical when it comes to the best laid plans of mice and men the only thing that can be considered a certainty in life is uncertainty. I started Monday as I planned to go on for the week – positive and on plan, with a indomitable certainty that my mood would conquer all, … More Appetite disturbed

Circling the drain

I woke up this morning after a nice day off yesterday with a thumping headache and a nose crammed full of snot. I’m not one to over exaggerate but honestly I think this may be the start of the zombie apocalypse. My eyes look vaguely normal in the mirror at the moment, but who knows … More Circling the drain