Das Auto?

It’s unsettling when something you rely on becomes unreliable. I have an intermittent fault with my car – an elderly but much loved 2003 VW Passat. There’s an odd juddering coming from the engine. It doesn’t happen all the time – just after a period of driving (usually on the motorway at speed) which is very … More Das Auto?


Given the positives of Saturday I awoke on Sunday in a good mood.  Sadly, despite it being a day of rest for all sane minded people I had to go to work. However there are worse things than sitting in an air conditioned office for the day, so I planned to make the most of it and do some … More Syns

What do I love?

I struggled to focus yesterday – and my mind was in a million different places (or so it seemed) all at once. I started the day cooking. Cooking lots. Three meals at once. This was a sure sign that hunger was on my mind and that I was in a danger zone. Truthfully I’d been in one … More What do I love?


The other half live pretty well by all accounts. If the Bupa clinic I was sitting in was anything to go by then life in the healthcare private sector was both financially rewarding and relaxed. Faced with a choice of several exceptionally swanky looking seats when I arrived in reception I chose one of two striped sofas in the corner … More Moobs

Wallet wide open

I hugged my curly colleague. I haven’t seen her for a while. We air kissed as we said hello (it’s how we roll) and both laughed. She’s been on maternity leave for a few months and her hair looked different. Was it longer? Or was it just darker? Darker I decided. It was a different shade. As … More Wallet wide open

Burned but virtuous

It’s Sunday – a day of rest. I in contrast feel like I should be doing anything but resting. I’ve spent most of my adult life doing nothing but sitting, sleeping, sitting some more, lying down and just generally avoiding the world. Today though my body is betraying me. Honestly I think it owes me more … More Burned but virtuous