Sweet Sixteen Stone

Although I didn’t get upset about last Saturday’s unexpected weight gain I’ve been trying really hard to focus over the last seven days on forward momentum – and making each day one that I consider to be positive so that I can turn things around. Although a well rounded ‘positive’ day is also an emotionally … More Sweet Sixteen Stone

Slow mo me

Fundamentally this week for me has been about forward progress, challenging some thought patterns about what I need from life and focusing on self improvement. I’ve felt like I’m at something of a pivotal point in my personal ‘journey’ (I rather dislike that word if I’m honest but rarely know what to substitute it with) … More Slow mo me

No limits

One of the things that I’ve sometimes found difficult with my weight loss progress is how to judge success. It’s a really malleable and ethereal concept at times – and I’m continually struck by how small and unexpected things often mean much much more than the massive ones. Last week I (very unexpectedly) put weight ON … More No limits

Introducing friends

This morning I’ve been out with a couple of firm friends, who only met each other for the first time this today… Initially they were quite wary – but in no time at all after some introductions they were getting on famously. Probably bonded by their mutual love of bird watching Boris and Freckles seem … More Introducing friends

Fragrant butts

My usual Friday night insomnia has been more rampant than usual today/tonight/this morning or whatever it is now. I suppose that it’s Saturday (regardless of what my brain thinks) as I’m currently sitting outside Sainsburys waiting for it to open at 6.25am. I’ve been up all night faffing about – simultaneously too tired to do anything … More Fragrant butts

Hero clothes

It might be going to rain later on, but when I woke up this morning the weather report had changed slightly (it looked awful on yesterday’s advance forecast) and the worst didn’t seem to be arriving until after midday. Furthermore my bedroom was full of sunshine! I resolved to get up immediately and go for a … More Hero clothes

Very naughty boy

I did something I swore I would never do again yesterday. I’ve cautioned others against this behaviour in the past, so it’s only fair that I ‘fess up’ and be completely honest about falling off the wagon. I’ve been a very naughty boy. After I dropped my Dad off at the train station yesterday I … More Very naughty boy

Au Revoir Supercoat!

As regular visitors (and subscribers) to this blog have probably noticed there has been a higher volume of posting than usual this week, and I heartily apologise if you’re getting sick of hearing from me. A few more introspective posts have left my drafts folder than normally would primarily because the last seven days have … More Au Revoir Supercoat!

Mint on saucer

Boris is getting fitter. The poor little mite’s suffered quite a bit of late with some spinal pain and has been seeing a doggy therapist. With some physio he’s managed to progress from yelps of pain when moving to a noticeably more bouncy gait as he trotted around the park and today, as I walked … More Mint on saucer

Snowdon epilogue

There are lots of after effects when you do something negative in life – and over the years I’ve carried around more than my fair share of regret about lots of things I’ve done – or (more often) not done. Right up until the day she died my mother was trapped inside memories of her past, … More Snowdon epilogue

Snowdonia part 3

(We continue our adventures in Wales with the final part – number three) The evening after climbing Snowdon was unexpectedly painful. I’d expected my legs to hurt, but quite without warning when we got back to the hotel room after dinner something in my lower back went into a spasm and I was suddenly in … More Snowdonia part 3

Snowdonia part 2

(The story so far) Our intrepid hero was lying in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar hotel room listening to the gentle snoring of his friend on the mezzanine level above him and unable to sleep because he was very excited. He was about to climb a mountain. But not just any mountain – Snowdon!!! … More Snowdonia part 2

Snowdonia part 1

It’s 4.22am and I’m lying in the dark typing on my phone. The dim screen illuminates the pillow and sheet of my unfamiliar bed but little else of my surroundings. I should be asleep but I’m not. I’m really excited – and not for my usual reasons. Today is Saturday and I’m like a cat … More Snowdonia part 1

Falling pianos

Something that I (shamefully) used to say to close friends and relatives was that I fully expected to die in the very near future, and that I was resigned to never reaching a pensionable age. The odds related to my weight seemed to support my often bleak approach to life and I was in retrospect … More Falling pianos

Apes and eyeballs

I’m just gonna go right out there and say it. War for the Planet of the Apes is a flipping awesome film. Its CGI is so accomplished that it’s often nigh on impossible to tell what’s real and what’s computer generated. The storyline is also superb and serves as a worthy bridge to the events of a … More Apes and eyeballs

Penguin in a dell

Although I had a great win on the scales yesterday in the end (rather surprisingly) I found that my real moment of triumph came later on in a different non-scale victory that stood completely apart from my fifteen stone certificate. It’s odd as I reflect upon my feelings in Saturday’s post (link) that I started … More Penguin in a dell


Boy it’s hot today – and as always in weather like this I’m the unofficial Warwickshire ambassador for moob and back sweat. I was talking to someone a while ago about something similar – and it’s incredible how people (such as myself) get paralysed by hangups that others don’t see as an issue. I (like this … More Soopertrousers!

From 66 to 42

Yesterday was an empty day.  After a wonderful night out with ex colleagues on Thursday culminated in an unusually late night (I fell asleep in a Diet Coke related heavily caffeinated state after the sun came up on Friday morning) I really didn’t feel like doing anything of consequence.  Caffeine wasn’t the only thing keeping me … More From 66 to 42

Bare wrist

This is unlikely to come as a surprise to anyone that’s been following my blog since it started but I miss my Apple Watch. The poor little thing is unwell currently and since Sunday afternoon has been with Apple to be repaired.  In some ways it was a good thing that this happened because its presence … More Bare wrist