EGX Non-Scale Victory!

Yesterday was something of a personal triumph for me. Nothing particularly amazing happened in the great scheme of things, but what did take place probably wouldn’t have been possible even this time last year. There are moments when for me everyone else’s normal still happens to be my amazing and this event is a significant non-scale victory. … More EGX Non-Scale Victory!

Hero clothes

It might be going to rain later on, but when I woke up this morning the weather report had changed slightly (it looked awful on yesterday’s advance forecast) and the worst didn’t seem to be arriving until after midday. Furthermore my bedroom was full of sunshine! I resolved to get up immediately and go for a … More Hero clothes

Too busy loving life

I was talking to a fellow slimmer this morning about the battle to stay positive – even when injured. I reflected on this afterwards and in truth I remember when it happened to me (thankfully I’ve been ok for quite a while – although my plantar fasciitis never truly left for good) I felt like I’d … More Too busy loving life

Distance update

Although it seems strangely inappropriate to celebrate the number of miles I’ve walked lately (given that doing it to excess appears to have caused my current injury) this morning I’ve exported the data that has been gathered in Apple Watch during October and added it to my ongoing table to show totals for both miles and steps since I started Slimming … More Distance update

Temporarily benched

I’m currently sitting in a blue fabric chair with fixed arms in the waiting room of my local doctor’s surgery. Chairs like this are one of my natural predators – worse even than the hateful little (but armless) red chairs at Slimming World meetings. I’m always wedged unceremoniously into their unflinching confines and I’m usually … More Temporarily benched

Memorial Park

Rather then head for a walk in familiar territory today I decided to go closer towards where my friend lives in Coventry. I’ve never walked around Memorial Park before – but I have to say having done so today I’m a little bit in love with it. When we arrived the sky was still a bit grey … More Memorial Park

And the water!

Well so far my reformed approach to portion control hasn’t been awful. I’ve been drinking the recommended volume of water, and becoming intimately familiar with visiting the toilet as a consequence. If someone asked me how I feel today the only (flippant) answer I could provide is ‘flushed.’ Last night (as planned) I started weighing … More And the water!

Pew pew!

Well. If I’m honest I sulked a little at the weekend.  I was mightily annoyed by the result from the scales, and even Angie when she checked my food diary for the week couldn’t see the reason for me apparently  putting weight back on.  However, shit happens – and it will take more than that … More Pew pew!


Destiny is the digital version of crack cocaine. If (like me) you’re the type of highly intelligent, erudite and devilishly handsome person that plays video games and you’ve never tried it then part of me suggests you play it immediately because it’s without a doubt one of the absolute best first person shooters ever created. … More Cowbridge

Cleaning and Batfleck

While its absolutely great coming to terms with loads of heavy stuff in life and embracing change, its also nice to have a couple of days where you just begin to remember what the world is like when its uncomplicated and filled with family and friends. After some spring cleaning my house is now a nice … More Cleaning and Batfleck


I’ve been trying not to overdo things lately. OK – when I say ‘overdo’, what I really mean is do things a lot. OK OK – thats not strictly true. When I say ‘do things a lot’ I really really mean do them obsessively. Basically I do a lot of things obsessively. Or I do a lot of … More T-Rex