Symonds Yat

I hadn’t intended today to be a trip down memory lane – but quite unexpectedly it was. My regular twalking buddy had suggested that we go for a walk around Symonds Yat after she’d been exploring there herself recently – and since I’m no longer one to pass up an opportunity for a walk in the … More Symonds Yat

Snowdrops in Hatton

I’m a little achey after the up and downhill of the end to end walk in Malvern on Sunday. It’s currently precisely midnight on either Monday evening or Tuesday morning (depending on how you view it) and I’m lying in a warm bed within an unusually warm house whilst the world outside turns into an … More Snowdrops in Hatton

Feeling loved

I don’t normally write two posts in one day – but today has not been a normal day. I was so shell shocked earlier on that I simply couldn’t wrap my mind around what had happened. In most respects I still can’t. I’m suddenly a target member and with that comes a range of emotions and … More Feeling loved

Trying to be good

So far so good. My foot is holding up and I’m once again walking back and forth to work and getting my daily distance back up to my 20,000 step/10 mile average. I’ve just been out for an evening walk too – and whilst my heel still doesn’t feel quite right it’s not painful – just … More Trying to be good

Filling evenings

Idle hands make work for the erm… supermarket. I know that is isn’t quite how the mantra usually goes – but I’m having to face up to the fact that my tendency has been lately (largely thanks to the weather) to stay in at night and slump in front of the TV. When I do … More Filling evenings

I own red

It’s fair to say that whilst I’m very much enjoying my new job that there was a mild, almost barely detectable mood of happiness when I left the office last night to begin a week’s break over Christmas and new year. Only those with a trained eye (possibly a seasoned police detective) would have spotted … More I own red

Croaky twalking

Not entirely unexpectedly I seem to be losing my voice. Sure – the flu has been part of the problem – but mostly it’s my own fault. I keep going for exercise with people whose company I enjoy immensely and twalking all day long. Today (despite my hopes for the opposite) I’ve been in Malvern … More Croaky twalking

Gazebos and bloggers

It’s not so great when a regular twalking companion is thousands of miles away (she’s been gone for aaaaaages 😢) but what IS nice is when they demonstrate that even when in Australia on a much deserved break that they’re still taking time out from a gruelling schedule of sitting on the beach with fish … More Gazebos and bloggers