Finally! A nineteen and a half stone certificate!!!

Amazingly – after being stuck in pretty much the same weight bracket since December – I’ve finally moved forward. Well – it’s more than just moving forward. I’ve actually leapt ahead in a way that I’ve not done since the early days of my weight loss journey. As I reported yesterday I’ve been essentially fasting … More Finally! A nineteen and a half stone certificate!!!

Trying to be good

So far so good. My foot is holding up and I’m once again walking back and forth to work and getting my daily distance back up to my 20,000 step/10 mile average. I’ve just been out for an evening walk too – and whilst my heel still doesn’t feel quite right it’s not painful – just … More Trying to be good

Considering targets

As a few people pointed out both in person and in the comments on my last blog it’s not my usual behaviour to happily take things easy and rest if I get ill or injure myself. However – after hurting the plantar tendon in my right foot last Sunday I’ve chosen a different course of … More Considering targets

The final frontier

Maybe unsurprisingly there has been a price to pay for my enthusiastic walking exploits on Sunday. I spent the first part of Monday morning hobbling around like a pensioner and it seemed like pretty much every muscle in the lower half of my body had seized up. On top of this sudden cramp and some … More The final frontier

Filling evenings

Idle hands make work for the erm… supermarket. I know that is isn’t quite how the mantra usually goes – but I’m having to face up to the fact that my tendency has been lately (largely thanks to the weather) to stay in at night and slump in front of the TV. When I do … More Filling evenings

Chasing a sunrise

I didn’t have a great night’s sleep last night. I had a lot on my mind and kept turning memories over and over. However – whilst I think it’s important to take time to feel and process what I was feeling I also think that there’s no mileage in disappearing into a sea of misery … More Chasing a sunrise

Forever wardrobe

I’m going to hazard a guess and say that some retailers have suffered more than others over Christmas – and this is particularly evident in the January Sales that seem to still be ongoing absolutely everywhere. I’m not complaining mind you – because at the moment I’m trying to build a ‘forever wardrobe’. In many … More Forever wardrobe

Resting rates

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the details I posted regarding the guest speaker in my Slimming World group on Saturday (link). The facts and figures that he imparted to the audience really stuck with me – but of particular interest was the resting heart rate and what average people are vs fit people. … More Resting rates