Swedishly frugal

It”s 9.50am on Saturday and I’m listening to Classic FM. I have my feet up on my POÄNG footstool and I’m in my POÄNG armchair, feeling very Swedish. I’m also feeling very frugal as – thanks to some patient bargain hunting – I managed to get both 2nd hand for a total of £14. This compares … More Swedishly frugal

Gold bra

It’s the early morning (just after midnight) and I feel wide awake! Although admittedly I had a coffee a couple of hours ago this time it’s got more to do with an invigorating brisk walk home in the pouring rain. When I arrived home and closed the front door behind me I stood quietly in my hallway … More Gold bra

Good result

In space no one can hear you scream. However in the cinema people can definitely hear you s**t yourself – and given that I’m usually the world’s biggest scaredy cat (who famously threw his popcorn all over the place in Jurassic Park and could only watch Scream from behind a pillow) I was expecting the … More Good result

Sayonara 13 Stone

I had an inkling that things may be on the right track this morning when I put a recently purchased shirt on and could sit down in it without the waist tugging for the very first time.  It’s a really really comfey top – and one that I bought in a sale at Debenhams for … More Sayonara 13 Stone

No songs or Northerners

I’m waiting for 5.20. It’s almost 4pm. It’s been almost 4pm for about three or four hours. Or thereabouts.  Maybe that’s just me being impatient. 5.20 is taking its time but it will (probably) arrive eventually. I don’t normally sit around drumming my fingers waiting for things – but I’m excited. When 5.20 finally arrives I’m … More No songs or Northerners


Something that’s surprised me lately is how I have begun to react to disappointment. I could easily have been criticised in the past for using failure as an excuse to give up. I also actively shied away from competition of any kind because I knew how I felt when I lost. It left me feeling diminished … More Determined

Rogue Two

Although it’s a bit of an extravagance sometimes a film is sooooo good that it’s worth seeing a second time. Star Wars: Rogue One is (for me anyway) that film. Today was also doubly exciting because its the first time in quite a few years I’ve been to an IMAX screening of something – and it made my second … More Rogue Two

Christmas Swanlings

Despite the dire weather warnings and promises of storm fronts ruining Christmas today has (so far) been quite nice! When I awoke this morning without a hangover (because I no longer drink) and without a sense that my trousers wouldn’t fit (because I’ve lost lots of weight) and without guilt (because I only ate virtuous … More Christmas Swanlings

Memorial Park

Rather then head for a walk in familiar territory today I decided to go closer towards where my friend lives in Coventry. I’ve never walked around Memorial Park before – but I have to say having done so today I’m a little bit in love with it. When we arrived the sky was still a bit grey … More Memorial Park

And the water!

Well so far my reformed approach to portion control hasn’t been awful. I’ve been drinking the recommended volume of water, and becoming intimately familiar with visiting the toilet as a consequence. If someone asked me how I feel today the only (flippant) answer I could provide is ‘flushed.’ Last night (as planned) I started weighing … More And the water!

Nerd approval

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way (no self deprecating pun intended). I lost weight. Yay! 2.5lbs according to the Slimming World scales. This means that I’ve lost 8lbs in total – so I’m on my way to my first stone and have passed the half way mark. Honestly I’m trying … More Nerd approval

Three D’s

Several years ago after a friend’s wedding I gave up smoking. That event was about as hedonistic as they got, and as it was a Sikh celebration the booze flowed like tap water. Once one bottle of spirits was completed on the table another arrived. If your pint glass became empty another was placed in front of you. Because … More Three D’s

Cleaning and Batfleck

While its absolutely great coming to terms with loads of heavy stuff in life and embracing change, its also nice to have a couple of days where you just begin to remember what the world is like when its uncomplicated and filled with family and friends. After some spring cleaning my house is now a nice … More Cleaning and Batfleck