May the 4th

Today is a decidedly odd day – but in a really good way. My morning at work started with my manager walking into the small office that I currently sit and saying ‘David – are you in the local paper?’ Just like that there I was (link)! In the news! Truthfully I’ve known this might … More May the 4th

It’s everywhere

During my Slimming World meeting yesterday we were discussing the way that things could go wrong on a night out – and the bad choices that could be made to derail progress. The point was to detail what you’d do if you had a ‘bad night out’ as opposed to what you could do to … More It’s everywhere

Security blanket

It’s fair to say that this week and last have been ones where I feel I’ve really struggled to remain on course. I mean this from both an emotional and dietary perspective – and I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t been thinking about eating pretty much everything around me during pretty much … More Security blanket

Boiling the ocean

After I wrote yesterday’s blog I started thinking about my early posts. As I’ve said a few times before here, although I love that people enjoy reading my blogs I do (maybe somewhat selfishly) write them primarily for myself. Lately I’ve also realised that I’ve started to use writing like other people use sudoku – … More Boiling the ocean

Windy days

Earlier in the week I wrote a rather long post about plateaus.  A couple of people I know wondered why at this stage in the game I was even thinking about such a thing – after all I’ve come a long way along the path I’m on.  However – while travelling this route I’ve had … More Windy days

Falling pianos

Something that I (shamefully) used to say to close friends and relatives was that I fully expected to die in the very near future, and that I was resigned to never reaching a pensionable age. The odds related to my weight seemed to support my often bleak approach to life and I was in retrospect … More Falling pianos

Apes and eyeballs

I’m just gonna go right out there and say it. War for the Planet of the Apes is a flipping awesome film. Its CGI is so accomplished that it’s often nigh on impossible to tell what’s real and what’s computer generated. The storyline is also superb and serves as a worthy bridge to the events of a … More Apes and eyeballs

Bare wrist

This is unlikely to come as a surprise to anyone that’s been following my blog since it started but I miss my Apple Watch. The poor little thing is unwell currently and since Sunday afternoon has been with Apple to be repaired.  In some ways it was a good thing that this happened because its presence … More Bare wrist

It’s twenty nine!

‘In all the years I’ve been a diabetic specialist,’ said the practice nurse sitting in front of me ‘I’ve never seen a diabetic patient with HbA1c levels like this. It’s twenty nine!‘ She looked at the screen again and shook her head a little from side to side. ‘When I first saw these results I thought … More It’s twenty nine!

Malvern Knees

In front of me as I start this post is an ice cold pint of Diet Coke and some rather nice looking daffodils. In all honesty I feel like today (more than most days) I really deserve this drink. This morning I was wide awake at 2am. I’m not sure if it was the neighbours … More Malvern Knees

Health victories

It’s been a good day for non-scale victories. This morning was my pre-testing session at my local surgery before my diabetic appointment in two weeks – and I had unexpectedly lost track of time whilst working on a little project. The surgery is a mile and a half from my house – and when I set … More Health victories

Productive weekend

I woke up today thinking about the overall theme of yesterday’s Slimming World meeting  – which was the importance of exercise. The message that all consultants had been mandated to give to their groups was that a sedentary lifestyle was something that was pretty much as big a killer as smoking and drinking. Simply being thin … More Productive weekend

Greatest Loser

It’s early on Saturday and I’ve had a lie in. I stayed in bed until 7.30 – which (to me at least) seems disgustingly decadent. The first thing I noticed when I decided to scrape myself off the pillow was a text from a friend asking if I would like to go for a walk … More Greatest Loser

Blustery days

Well it’s somehow March. I’m not really sure how that happened – but it did. Time sure seems to be flying all of a sudden! Traditionally in my post on the first of the month I’ve been counting my miles travelled and steps walked since I joined Slimming World, and although I thought last month might be … More Blustery days

Never going back

Due to feeling a mild panic that’s developed regarding things I’ve been putting off and my impending loss of liberty I’ve been trying in earnest to de-clutter my home again over the last few days.  If I’m honest I normally tend to do this in bits and drabs here and there rather than in one … More Never going back