When my mother died there were many many things left behind. I hated pretty much all of the time that I spent with my brother sifting through what I viewed at the time as the rubbish and wreckage of a decaying life. For those who didn’t arrive at the start of my blogging career (which … More Pegs


I think my mood is being affected by my cold as I’ve no other reason to wake up feeling glum. However for some reason I did. Oddly today everything seemed grey when I opened my eyes and my enthusiasm for anything and everything was at rock bottom. Although… now that I think about it – … More Spring

Dream meanings

It was a grey, damp, rainy day yesterday, and the light levels barely rose above ‘early evening’ all day long. It’s slightly brighter today – but not by much. It’s easy to feel glum on a day like this – especially when you’re faced with a bewildering array of job sites (every time I follow … More Dream meanings

Silver Linings

I’m sitting at the moment during a mid show intermission in a school hall in Coventry, where I’ve come to see the Silver Linings barbershop chorus. It’s late on a Friday evening and as I type this post on my phone I can hear a large hubbub of people behind a large black theatre curtain to the left of me. … More Silver Linings

Counting the pile

I’m having a day of ‘rest’ today. Well at least from walking – it’s not really a day of chilling – but time to tidy my house. It’s become a bit of a mess in my recent prolonged outdoor absences. It’s no excuse I know but I have been trying not to sit indoors at all … More Counting the pile


Today I was back at the Arrow Valley Nature reserve in Redditch to meet an old friend. He had contacted me after a recent blog had resonated with him and had suggested we meet for a walk and a chat. As we did so we discussed some of my recent posts along with the events in his own … More Twalking

On target dieting

Apart from a brief trip out yesterday to get some essentials (mainly of the brown caffeinated kind) today is my first proper day out of the house since Monday thanks to the flu – and despite sniffing and coughing throughout today’s Slimming World meeting I’m glad I went. If I hadn’t (amongst other things) then … More On target dieting


Breakfast today was a 600g punnet of cherry tomatoes, a pint of water and my pills. The tomatoes were nice. I was looking forward to them actually. I forgetfully left them on the work surface in the kitchen overnight instead of putting them in the fridge and when I came to eat them the morning … More 100

Mood share

This morning when I awoke the thinnest sliver of perspective stood between Thursday starting as a good day or a bad day. On the face of things it was a recipie for a bad mood. I’d had a warning on my car to get my brake discs checked for several days. It only flicked on … More Mood share

Bombed out wasteland

So – the way I see it – Saturday has now become the new focal point for my mood and aspirations. Previously Saturday was a bombed out wasteland. It used to be reserved as hangover territory and generally didn’t limp into life until after midday. Now it appears to be waking me up at 8am … More Bombed out wasteland

Moment of Zen

The people who know me will probably be best placed to decide whether I suffer from stress or not. Previously I would have been 99.9% sure that I did not (outside of parental bereavement and funerals etc), but I’m beginning to question that now. I’m becoming VERY aware lately that my stress management (usually alcohol) in … More Moment of Zen

My Guardian Angel

I left work a bit early today to visit the funeral director for the last time. I’d been putting off collecting my mom’s rings for long enough. The traffic was absolutely awful, and as I sat at a complete standstill on road after road watching swarms of schoolchildren crossing behind me, in front of me, to the … More My Guardian Angel


Some people are complex and confusing. Just when you think you have a measure of who they are you’ll find something out about them that seems out of place or character. Oddly the death of someone can answer almost as many questions as it poses, as you sift through their personal belongings. My mother didn’t … More Maybe

Citrus Sinensis

Well. That’s that. Nothing ever goes how you expect it to. That’s nice though. It makes life interesting and worth living. The white van cowboy arrived at the bungalow this time wearing a Russian army Ushanka hat, channeling chi from the other side of the Atlantic. VanManski was also thankfully 2 hours late. I say … More Citrus Sinensis

Backwards or forwards?

I was asked something thought provoking a week ago. ‘If you could go backwards or forwards in time, which way would you go?’ My thoughts had initially been quite grandiose while I mulled over my reply. Epic and exciting periods in history immediately presented themselves. I could see the pyramids being built in Egypt and … More Backwards or forwards?


‘It’s a Pegasus!’ said my friends’ eldest daughter this evening when I asked her why her little pink toy horse had wings. ‘It can fly!’ she said smiling – immediately demonstrating this irrefutable fact as she trailed it through the air, walking away from me with her younger sibling. I was surprised. Not because of her vocabulary. She’s … More Pegasus