It’s not a plateau

I don’t like the ‘P’ word. Not one little bit. I refuse to think about it most of the time because I’m now convinced it’s just a state of mind and that like anything in life it can be overcome with enough effort and perseverance. The ‘P’ word in question is of course ‘Plateau‘. This … More It’s not a plateau


Well, for a Saturday this is a late posting. Normally I’d have done this ages ago – but today I’ve had to make a straight choice between squeezing the pips out of life and writing about it – and sadly my blog chicken cannot come before my escapades egg. To be truthful when I awoke … More Peeky

Falling pianos

Something that I (shamefully) used to say to close friends and relatives was that I fully expected to die in the very near future, and that I was resigned to never reaching a pensionable age. The odds related to my weight seemed to support my often bleak approach to life and I was in retrospect … More Falling pianos

In the teens!

Well my week’s experiment has concluded. After a somewhat disappointing 1/2 a pound loss last week I had been looking at what I’d been eating and also what I’d been doing for exercise. Since the 22nd May I’ve been gardening in earnest – and because of the time involved there has been less walking in … More In the teens!


The 26th and 28th of January are a big days for me – but for very different reasons. Whilst one is cause for celebration the other is not, and both have been playing on my mind for weeks. I need to get my thoughts about these out of my head and onto the page, despite their anniversary still being a few … More Anniversaries

Wait, what? Wednesday?!

I can’t believe that it’s Wednesday already. I’m honestly not sure where the hell time is going at the moment. I’ve been ‘twalking’ with a friend around the park today and it’s been absolutely perfect weather for it. Whilst the breeze was undeniably cold the sun has been warm and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. … More Wait, what? Wednesday?!

Psychological victory

A psychological victory is sometimes way more important than a physical result. To feel that you’ve done something that you believed not so long ago couldn’t be achieved or crossed a threshold that previously seemed insurmountable is a moment to be savoured. People who have known me for a long time will know that I often avoided … More Psychological victory

Puppy love

Back when I started writing my blog I had the twin objectives of getting myself a dog and getting fit. The latter has very much become the focus of my life but the former is like a niggling itch that for whatever reason I just can’t scratch. I talked myself out of it at the time for … More Puppy love

9 Months

I woke up this morning with some real surprise when I looked at my calendar. It’s the 26th of October – and time has been moving fast lately. This week has been a little odd in terms of personal motivation. Saturday was a big day. The picture taken of me with a fridge freezer honestly … More 9 Months

Counting the pile

I’m having a day of ‘rest’ today. Well at least from walking – it’s not really a day of chilling – but time to tidy my house. It’s become a bit of a mess in my recent prolonged outdoor absences. It’s no excuse I know but I have been trying not to sit indoors at all … More Counting the pile

Sharing my rings

Normal service has been resumed in the UK it seems and sunny weather with soaring (indeed record breaking in some cases) temperatures have given way to more customary rain and cloud cover. This morning it’s been torrential. I’ve mixed feelings about this – and over the last few months my approach to the climate around … More Sharing my rings

Diabetes WIN!

I was up relatively early today for a walk around the park with a fellow Slimming World’er. 9am is not the time that we’d normally meet (we’re becoming ‘regulars’ now which is really nice) but for various reasons we’ve struggled to set a time that’s convenient for both of us this week. As it turned … More Diabetes WIN!

Feeling vulnerable

It’s sunny outside and I’ve just returned from a morning out. I’ve walked around the park, said hello to lots of ‘regulars’ and watched the world go by while talking with a friend. I’ve also been shopping at Aldi and filled my fridge with virtuous food of every description. The bank holiday has now passed … More Feeling vulnerable

St James The Great

The other day while we walked my friend said to me that the thing he enjoyed the most about  exploring nature was the change of the seasons, and the subtle differences in colour or shade that resulted from the onset of Autumn or Winter. Truthfully I’m looking forward to this a lot. I can’t wait to … More St James The Great


Breakfast today was a 600g punnet of cherry tomatoes, a pint of water and my pills. The tomatoes were nice. I was looking forward to them actually. I forgetfully left them on the work surface in the kitchen overnight instead of putting them in the fridge and when I came to eat them the morning … More 100

Watch it

I wasn’t planning to post today as nothing much happened. Sunday has been chilled and mostly for cooking, washing up and the occasional video game. It’s been a day of relaxation. This would likely have been the only paragraph in my blog if I hadn’t been pointed toward something on television by a friend from work. ‘Are … More Watch it

Little boat

Although I can hardly speak this evening I’m generally on the mend from being ill. I can live with croaking and coughing as long as I can sleep, and because I feel a bit more rested was back in the office today. It was actually a relief to get back into work and start ploughing through … More Little boat

Moment of Zen

The people who know me will probably be best placed to decide whether I suffer from stress or not. Previously I would have been 99.9% sure that I did not (outside of parental bereavement and funerals etc), but I’m beginning to question that now. I’m becoming VERY aware lately that my stress management (usually alcohol) in … More Moment of Zen

Three D’s

Several years ago after a friend’s wedding I gave up smoking. That event was about as hedonistic as they got, and as it was a Sikh celebration the booze flowed like tap water. Once one bottle of spirits was completed on the table another arrived. If your pint glass became empty another was placed in front of you. Because … More Three D’s

Marbles and budgets

How would you describe your mind? For what amounts to little more than a collection of protein and electrical impulses we all give them very emotive descriptions depending on how we’re feeling.​ If he’s tired or ill my father often refers to his mind as being full of ‘mental chewing gum’. Similarly he imagines it packed … More Marbles and budgets

They live among us

Today nothing bad has happened. I need to be clear about that. I’ve had so far a relatively productive Wednesday, and have completed day three of my time on the program. I’ve been trying some mindfulness this afternoon, in an attempt to clear my head and just focus on whats important in life, but its … More They live among us