I’m flawed, but I’m learning to change what I can and to try and love the bits I can’t.

In January 2016 I had a lot to fix about my health and my weight. I decided that while I worked on these that I wanted to be truthful with the world about all the things related to this journey that I have previously avoided dealing with.

Back then I was an extremely heavy drinker with out of control type 2 diabetes (I needed five tablets a day), high cholesterol, high blood pressure and was horrendously overweight. When I joined slimming world in mid April of the same year (having given up alcohol by that time and already a little slimmer) I was 34st 8.5lbs (approx 220kg).

Now in mid December 2017 I have lost nineteen stone (link) (120.66kg) – which is way more than I currently weigh – and have made some significant progress. I’m now under sixteen stone for the first time since the early 1990’s and have almost finished making my way through the upper ‘teens’.


Thanks to my efforts to reach a healthy weight I am experiencing life altering changes in my physical capabilities and my sense of mental wellbeing.

Before the day I started Slimming World I couldn’t walk to the end of my road. Since then I’ve walked almost a third more than the cumulative distance from San Francisco to New York (link).

When I gave up counting how far I could walk in a single day I stopped at 17.2 miles (link).

I’m not sure how far I could go in a day now (I average over 70 miles a week) but there doesn’t currently seem to be a limit imposed by weight or fitness. I walk as often as I possibly can and I love being outdoors!


My most significant single non-scale victory came in July 2017, when (at around nineteen and a half stone) I climbed Mount Snowdon (1035 metres) (link) which gave me a huge sense of achievement.


(That wasn’t the end of the NSV’s though – there’s a regularly updated and HUGE list here!)

Thanks to my lifestyle changes, a drastically improved diet and a radically increased level of exercise my blood pressure is that of a man around 20 years younger than myself. My diabetes has also gone from being almost off the end of my doctor’s wall chart with a HbA1c reading of 94 to no longer registering on it.

At my last review I had a reading of 28 (link) and according to my specialist I no longer test positive for type 2.

I now manage my condition without medication and through diet and exercise alone. (link) 

I feel better in every measurable and anecdotal way imaginable – but I still have my dark days.

Honesty about my struggle with my weight and how I deal with the related emotions that this brings to the surface have become the driving forces in my blog – and you have my commitment that I’ll be open about the good things and the bad.

Hopefully though the common theme will also be positivity.


I’ve also been continuously trying to answer a personal question – ‘What do I love?’

In the last year and a half, particularly since being made redundant, I’ve come to the conclusion that writing fits into this category – but I need to also apply this question to other areas of my life (and answer it).

As well as improve myself physically I also wanted to create something with my blog that I will be proud of when I look back at where I came from. Hopefully it’s an accurate and frank record of how I did (or didn’t do) things to improve my life and the times when I dealt with both highs and lows.

Now, over two years sober (link) and 20 months into my Slimming World journey I continue to try and make my site a place that people like me can explore how they too may feel if they decided to embark upon a similar path. It’s my fervent hope that in my posts others might find a spark of inspiration or the motivation that they need to help them to tackle their own challenges in life.

If you’re struggling – just like I still do from time to time then I hope we can do it together.

The sky’s the limit!



12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dave, Sue gave me the link to your blog. What an inspiration you are! I want to change things in my life too and reading your blog has made me so determined to do it. Big thanks to you

    Ina xx

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    1. Hi Ina! Long time no speak!

      Well there’s no time like the present – and I can’t recommend slimming world enough. I found it a bit complicated to begin with but after a couple of weeks it became second nature.

      If that’s the route you want to take then feel free to ping me or comment on the blog if you need any tips of have questions x

      Finally – you can do it.

      If a 34st 8.5lbs guy like me can loose nearly 5 stone and be walking 19 miles in a week after 4 months of doing it then there’s hope for anyone that wants it badly enough xxx

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  2. Hi, thought l’d drop by. We have a bit in common as I’m type 2 diabetes too (controlled by diet, so no meds thank goodness). How many guys are in your SW group? We have a fair few, one of which is a chef and finding things a little diffiuclt! Another is a long distance lorry driver who plans his meals in advance, but so far has only lost a few pounds after his initial ten pound loss in week one.
    Will give you support for your weight loss and pass on any ideas that work for either myself or my friends as I put them out on my blog . Cheers!.

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  3. Hello! I just stumbled across your blog. I am a fellow SW’er and am scrambling to get back on the wagon. I fear with my chocolate addiction that I am crashing head first for T2 diabetes and want to get better before I get there. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and that I look forward to randomly picking my way through your posts for inspiration. 😊

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    1. Hi! Glad to have you on board 😉

      I know from experience that type 2 (at least in my case) seems to be at the best reversible and can at the worst be forestalled. If you don’t have it already and you are at risk then there’s no better time to take action!

      Good luck 👍🏽 and I look forward to hearing more from you. X

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