2018 Slimming World Ball Pt 1

It’s difficult being a boy.

Girls have no idea.

We have to look nice – like an effortless flamingo, with plumage that’s at it’s best at all times.

At least that’s what’s I aim for.

My interior monologue doesn’t want to have anything to do with wearing the same items of clothing day in and day out any more.

That went on for too many years.

My apparently extrovert alter ego has been forced to wear ugly baggy clothes for far too long and he’s been rebelling ever since he became able to fit into mainstream items.

This (now completely dominant and extrovert) part of me wants to look his absolute best for the rest of his life and although he may not have the perfect body he’s healthy and happy and he can clothe himself not only with smart garments but with smiles and confidence.

(my alter ego also seems addicted to purchasing shirts…)

Consequently I’ve been trying for weeks now to put together some thrifty and smart looking outfits that won’t break the bank – but would still make me feel good at the Slimming World ball.

I needed a smart casual look for some pre-event celebrity photos (jeans and a waistcoat seemed like a good way to go) and then an even smarter evening option.

My first attempt at daywear didn’t seem seem to quite work…

Initially I thought that the final picture with the darker blue patterned shirt was the way to go…

However when paired with dark blue jeans (I love this particular pair of denims and they were non negotiable) the navy blue waistcoat seemed like I was wearing just a little too much drab colour.

So I went hunting and found a new waistcoat with a bit more ‘zing’ – which went really well with a plain shirt!

The next question was then what to wear on top of it – because every boy needs a smart jacket.

Ultimately I decided that a plain blue one was the way forward.

The total cost here was pretty wallet friendly!

  • Jacket (Racing Green) – free as part of my Slimming World photocall outfit
  • Jeans (Paul Smith) – £8 charity shop purchase
  • Waistcoat (Cavani) – £10 (reduced from £60) at TKMaxx
  • Shirt (Saville Row Tailors guild luxury double cuff) – £1.99 charity shop purchase
  • Tie (silk Jeff Banks) – £0.99p charity shop purchase
  • Shoes (Clarks previously owned) – sale price £20
  • Belt (M&S) – £4 charity shop purchase
  • Cufflinks (gift from a kind ex manager when I reached target)

Total cost of outfit – approx £45

The evening wear was actually something that I’d already managed to put together thanks to some seriously lucky ongoing charity shopping.

I’d decided to go (drum roll)…..

Full tweed!!!

  • Tie (silk Charles Tyrwhitt) – £2.50 charity shop
  • Jacket (Jasper Conran) £12.50 charity shop
  • Waistcoat (Jeff Banks) – £5 charity shop
  • Shoes – (Jasper Conran) – Free as part of my Slimming World photocall outfit
  • Belt – (Jasper Conran) – Free as part of my Slimming World photocall outfit
  • Trousers – (Racing Green) Amazon purchase with vouchers and a generous present from a friend – £70
  • Shirt (M&S dress double cuff shirt) £4 from eBay
  • Cufflinks (ebay) – £5

Total cost £99

The day started pretty early – and both myself and Angie and a few friends queued to meet The celebs (Rylan Clarke Thomas and Margaret Bramwell) for our photo call.

In the queue was a familiar face (and fellow waistcoat and loud shirt aficionado) the previous Slimming World MOTY 2017 Tony Westaway.

A nicer fellow is hard to meet – and it was clear that throughout the event he was prepared to continually go out of his way to make me feel comfortable and at home.

After a few photos and a brief catch up with some people from head office we moved on to the rehearsal in the ICC main hall – which is massive!!!

It wasn’t until I saw the room that I realised the sheer scale of the event. What I thought was a gathering for hundreds was actually a way larger – nearly 2000 in total!

There was an immense ground floor and a huge balcony also filled with guests!

As we went through the rehearsals (and I nervously made notes) I got to know a few of the people that were behind the scenes with us.

These competition winners had come from all over the place and hailed from every walk of life you could imagine with only one thing in common. They had all changed their life for the better because they’d decided they wanted to break the mould and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

As Angie and I stood backstage we watched the before videos of their journeys and honestly I began to well up a bit.

Quite often I hear words coming out of other people’s mouths in relation to their weight loss and personal journeys that feel like they’ve come from my own and it can be quite difficult to process.

While examples of adversity may be unique to the individual the emotions associated with them are often universal. When people speak from the heart about profound life changing experiences it’s never less than heartwarming to realise that there’s more to unite people than there is to divide us.

We’re all so similar in so many ways it’s mind blowing.

But that (for the moment) is the final part of tonight’s post. I’ve had an eventful 24 hours – and the rest of this story will NOT fit into even a jumbo sized blog offering…

Join me in the next post internet if you want to know what happened next!




  1. You scrub up really well!!
    Very dapper
    You will have to tell me which charity shops you use.
    I have never found a thing.
    So glad that you enjoyed yourselves. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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