Triggers and target outcome

I may be a target member (currently lapsed) but I’ll be completely honest and say that I’ve been like a cat on hot bricks about whether or not I’d be back in my target range this week.

I’ve been really really focused this month regarding my adherence to #onplanoctober and as I’ve previously mentioned this has paid dividends.

I’ve been closely monitoring and recording my eating, weight and exercise every day for the whole of the month so far. Even though I’ve not weighed in for the last two Saturdays I’ve barely taken my eye off the ball at all – and when I have I’ve forgotten about it and moved swiftly on the next day.

Whatever happened on the scales today would be by the skin of my teeth though – and I’m being completely open here when I say I even weighed my clothes before putting them on.

Furthermore I went for a long walk in the dark at 6.45am and I took ZERO prisoners.

Although for a while I’ve been able to easily get under the 15 minute mile mark what I’ve not really tried to do very often is sustain it lap after lap.

Since everyone needs targets, improving my 4 mile time has been something of a ‘thing’ for me.

When I first started Slimming World (some seasoned readers may remember) a guy casually mentioned that he walked four miles in an hour. Since it took me about an hour and a half to do one mile at the time this quickly became something I was obsessed with.

It took me a couple of years to get to the point where I could comfortably do the same – and now my breathing barely changes when I (regularly) crack the four mile hour.

My record for a mile walked (admittedly with a little jogging involved) is now 13 minutes 23 seconds – but I’m not really interested in short sharp bursts.

I want capabilities that enable sustained, effortless exercise and that means pacing myself.

Unfortunately that doesn’t yet equal shake free selfies in the low light conditions of the park at 7am or an expression that resembles a man that isn’t smuggling a coat hanger in his mouth.

But I digress – and I’m teasing you dear reader – because you no doubt want to know how I fared on the scales.

Since I have your undivided attention though I shall abuse it further and make you wait a little longer – because I have one more thing to talk about.


Angie was oddly enough talking about these in group today – which was prescient because it’s been on my mind all week long.

Hers was sugar – and in many respects when she became allergic to the stuff it was a huge tick in her personal win column.

She’s confessed both in private and in front of the group that since this happened she’s had to bulk up on other kinds of food because she’s struggled to keep weight on rather than lose it.

Without sugar in her life creating supplemental cravings (and the increased risk of diabetes) she flew down a dress size and is (in her words) ‘smaller than when she was born‘ now.

I’m not one to challenge a lady’s honesty – and I’ve never met her mother (who may be positively Herculean) but I struggle to wrap my mind around the logistics of that particular event.

I also can’t find any mention of it in medical text books, so I’ll just leave her tenuous statement (and mental image) alone for now and move swiftly along.

Personally I’ve never had a sweet tooth. My dad and my brother do – but it’s never been my Achilles heel.

I didn’t crave sugary food when I started Slimming World – and I haven’t had a chocolate bar for probably more than three years.

Instead my weakness is (and always has been) savoury food.

However – there’s one thing I do that completely undermines this blanket statement.

I doubt Angie noticed what was different about me as she talked about sugar being her weakness. If she’d been paying close attention she may have noticed that this week I wasn’t munching on a hi-fi bar.

They’re lovely.

I adore them.

I also usually eat an entire box of them on a Saturday morning during image therapy as my treat for doing well – and generally this is the start of a largely (or utterly) off plan Saturday.

I’m focused at the moment though. I’m having NO SUCH THING derail me and I’m making sure that I do as much as I possibly can to limit the days this month where I ‘screw the pooch’.

I didn’t buy any and therefore I didn’t eat any. When I walked into town for a coffee shortly afterwards I did so with (no joke) a pocket full of carrots.

So – my satellite objective this October is to avoid triggers.

When I do good things happen.

Like getting back into target baby!!!!

(Drops the mic, exits stage left)



  1. Yay well done! The sweet stuff is a huge trigger of mine, that and bread, so the only thing I’ve had even vaguely sweet is the occasional fruit and soya yoghurt. It’s definitely helping me stay on plan, that’s for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Knowing your triggers really helps. Often I’ve just got to avoid buying them altogether. I’ve zero control when they’re in the cupboard. They’re just ruined in a day (great new order song – crap shopping result).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Very true. My main problem lately is my mother having bread in the house, but I’ve found if I don’t touch it in the first place I can avoid it. If not it rolls into a month off plan before I know it 😬

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