Sounds of science and silence

Whilst being all windswept and interesting is nice I didn’t finish my day yesterday with many miles under my belt.

It might seem like a lot to most but when I’ve stopped at around seven I’m never happy with myself.

To be honest I also probably ate a little too much in the evening – which has lately become a real battleground where my willpower faces down the munchies.

On the bright side the things I (over) eat aren’t awful by any stretch of the imagination – and the worst that’s likely to happen is that I will develop a sudden and probably terminal allergy to plums and gherkins.

It’s not the only thing that’s likely to finish me off mind you – because stupidity is far more likely to get me first.

I failed to secure the lid of my kettle (which is directly beneath the handle) on Sunday morning and as I was pouring boiling water into my cafetière the lid fell off and the steam burned my knuckles.

It could have been far worse.

Although my hands cooked faster than cabbage I very nearly dropped the whole kettle full of boiling water – and at the time my legs and feet below were completely bare.

Oddly I didn’t react on instinct though and with presence of mind held on – even though the impulse to throw it across the kitchen was huge.


It’s one of the few things that make me wonder whether living alone long term is a great idea – because when you have a hurty hurty boo boo the only person there to patch you up, commiserate and kiss it better is YOU.


I don’t need a partner just to apply plasters – but maybe getting a paramedic lodger at some point in the near future would be a good call.

However – I digress. Although my hand is throbbing (it’s well looked after and covered in plasters) today I’ve felt really alive.

Whilst I may have been irritated by my sub-par distance yesterday I’ve learned to relax and let stuff like this go – because I find if there’s no enthusiasm or fuel in the tank on one day it will almost certainly be there the next.

Listening to your body and not pushing the issue allows it to recuperate and get stuck in the following day, or the day after that.

I positively bounded out of bed this morning after a great nights sleep and after hopping in the shower (ouch – hot water on knuckles!!!) I headed out in the direction of the park.

It looked smashing at 6.30am.

Yesterday (whilst mooching in charity shops for books) I found The Beastie Boys Anthology for 50p – and I realised that whilst I’ve heard one or two of the most popular hits I’ve never heard any of the rest.

This is a bargain considering its original price label (we used to pay an awful lot for music!!!!) and how much it still costs on iTunes.

I ripped it to my iPhone and cranked up the noise on CD 1.

Oh wow.

The Beastie Boys.

Who knew?

When I was younger there was no way my mom would have ever allowed this in the house – and although some (ahem) naughtier kids in my school were all over this phenomenon in the 80’s it kind of passed me completely by.

I never once felt the impulse to rip anyone’s VW badge off their car and turn it into a necklace.

Oddly I’ve missed out on trending moments in music like this a lot.

I completely bypassed most of the back catalogue of Oasis, the Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses in the 90’s only to re-discover them circa 2005 when everyone else had moved on.

Still – if nothing else it means there are many bargains to be had and much to still discover.

It turns out that the Beastie Boys are great to walk to.

With their direct support before 9.30am I’d managed to get 7 miles under my belt, go for a coffee and pop into a couple of shops before my friend arrived at my house.

We’d arranged a walk to a garden centre outside of Stratford and I couldn’t have imagined a better day for it.

With barely a cloud in the sky for the majority of the day my somewhat risky strategy of wearing just a light cotton shirt and combats really paid off.

Rather helpfully some gas contractors had also closed off a lengthy stretch of the country lanes that we were walking along – and that meant absolutely zero traffic and perfect peace and quiet.

There were butterflies too. Lots of them.

Apart from the occasional tractor in a field and workman in the road this was how it looked for pretty much the entire route.

The round trip walk we did was just under six miles – which is a major major victory for my friend.

Back in March she unceremoniously face planted in a visitor centre car park in the Lickey Hills and tore some painful things in her left leg (link).

Almost seven months later she’s still working her way back to fitness and bit by bit we’ve been increasing the range of our walks and slowly building back in gradients.

Today represented a lengthy graduation from park walking that I think she’s been itching to get stuck into for ages.

We’ve yet to experiment with truly ‘off piste’ uneven terrain – but we’re getting there – and the eventual hope is that we will manage to conquer the Lickey Hills together as we planned to do way back then.


The half way point at the garden centre was not the baked potato heaven I’d hoped for however – and the people going there seemed to consume little else than cake, biscuits, sandwiches, crisps and pastry.

In the end I decided against this and waited until I reached home – which was something of an anti climax – because after 13 miles of pavement pounding I realised that I then needed to walk to Tesco.

A mile is a mile mind you and I really don’t care where they come from.

As always the car keys remained at home and I walked there and back, getting some fruit and soup mix (guess what I’m making tomorrow 😊).

Overall it’s been a busy and tiring (but extremely enjoyable) day.

Not only have I been out with a friend and twalked about lots of interesting things but my stats are satisfyingly back on track for the week!

Boom. 17 miles in the bag internet. I’m back baby!



  1. You’re right it was a glorious day..fabulous total..definitely back in the game👍👍

    I managed a very respectable..for me.. 7.5 miles in the warm sunshine..doesn’t get much better🌝🌝

    Hope the hands heel soon..👍

    Liked by 1 person

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