Radio appearance update…

If anyone is interested in listening I’m hopefully going to be on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Radio’s breakfast show tomorrow morning (4th September) at around 8.30am for an interview with Trish Adudu talking about weight loss and heart health.

Hopefully you can all tune in! 😊

I’ve also pre-recorded an interview with Touch Radio tonight which will be out tomorrow too!

I’m not sure about the latter – but if you miss the BBC one I’m sure it will be available to listen later on iPlayer Radio.

It’s all in a good cause – and in this case the theme is ‘heart age’. If you’re interested check out the ‘heart age test’ being promoted by Public Health England (here) and fill in the short survey to see how old your heart is! ❤️


It might surprise you to know that when I started my weight loss journey with Slimming World at the age of 43 my heart was 57 years old.

I’m now I’m 45 and according to the page my heart is 44!

Who knew that losing 20 stone and walking 70 miles a week could be good for you?…




  1. I’ll be tuning in buddy..big step for me tomorrow rejoining group..very daunting.. but already feeling the SW love , my consultant has promised me a warm welcome… and reminded me 1lb a week is all it takes..😎

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  2. That’s pretty much what I need to lose..

    With the right mindset.. this time next year.. well be millionaires Rodney..

    Or at least 4.5 stone lighter..😎😎

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  3. Damn, I’m four years older than my actual age! But then I have no idea what my cholesterol is, and although my blood pressure has always been on the low side in the past I haven’t had it checked for a while. I’m pleased you shared this though, because now I can check it again in future and see if I’m younger!

    Right, let me toddle off to look for your BBC interview online…


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