Lots of twalking

Despite the weather taking a dip recently it’s still been more than clement enough to make sure that I’ve been out for a few evening strolls and kept up my twalking quotas up.

I’ve always found that whilst I love walking I adore chattering to people about nothing in particular even more.

Monday evening was spent with an ‘off piste’ friend wandering around the paths near some fields and quarries in Wolston.

It’s a really lovely place (like most of Warwickshire) and you can be assured that when she gets a bug for exploration you’re going to see parts of it that you otherwise might not have looked at.

Things always go a little off the beaten path when we go out together – but I absolutely love the randomness of walks that contain comments like ‘that’s the way to go’ … ‘I think’…. followed a few moments later with ‘erm that wasn’t where I thought it was…’

Often the outcome is being faced with a fence, huge bush, or in instance like Monday a really picturesque little view of some sheep near a river, which was where we ended up sitting on a log for a while to chat and enjoy the view.

I’m not entirely sure however whether the four mile walk was calorie neutral or in fact burned anything at all because we spent the VAST MAJORITY of our time eating blackberries – which were practically dropping off the bushes locally.

Apart from the occasional one with a slightly tart flavour they were all bursting with sweetness and were so soft to the touch it was difficult to pull them from the bushes without turning them into a juicy paste between your thumb and forefinger.

It’s a lovely place to walk in the dusk though – whether you’re filling your face or not!

When Tuesday came along I agreed that myself and another friend would simply wander into town and have a healthy bite to eat while we twalked.

I’ve never been to Ask in Warwick – and until I walked in (I’ve passed it MANY times) I hadn’t realise how many seats there are – as well as an outdoor patio area. Inside there’s a huge roof light and it makes it a lovely place to sit and eat.

The food was relatively reasonably priced (it’s all a matter of perspective I guess) but thankfully had some rather tasty looking salad options.

If you go to their website and look for vouchers there are loads though – and my fast thinking mate found one for 25% off (during the week) before we went in!

I decided to go for the salmon salad and we also had some olives and the (rather non slimming friendly) zucchini in batter as a starter.

There’s nothing like taking a speed food, wrapping it in batter and then deep frying it!

I’m of the opinion that it would probably be a better choice to just order chips if you fancy something naughty as the portion size is quite small – but hey ho – you only live once!

The one thing I will say is that I originally asked for my dressing already on the main dish but I’m glad they screwed up and put it in a little cup on the side.

It was basically just olive oil with balsamic vinegar and a few leaves floating in it – and wasn’t particularly tasty when I dipped in an exploratory finger – so from a diet perspective if you eat here remember the following rule.


My usual option after dinner is coffee – but this week I’ve been suffering with a rather irritating medical issue and the doctor has advised me that caffeine is likely to be an aggravating factor in this.

Those who have EVER read a single post of mine or met me in person will know that telling me to stop drinking coffee is probably the best way in the world to stress me out and wind me up – but there we have it.

That’s now a thing too.

I’m supposed to cut down on coffee.

I have a mild resurgence of gout in my right foot. A nodule that had grown on the joint of my big toe below the nail a couple of years ago has for some reason decided to choose now to go all fiery red and angry again.

So far it’s not disrupted my walking (I love you ibuprofen) but it’s not comfortable and in the wrong shoes it’s a real nightmare.

This meant that last night’s walk (around Warwick Racecourse) with another friend was of its usual three mile length but the normal caffeinated Americano conclusion at a local Warwick hostelry was replaced by a far more cultured cup of tea.

I have to admit I cheated a bit with the above photo (I forgot to take any pictures last night – that’s from a previous visit) because they’ve now surfaced the whole walking loop with tarmac and gravel – making it far nicer for the legions of mobility scooter users that you see around there most of the time.

It’s not so great however if (like my friend) you choose to wear walking sandals. The stones are tiny and almost impossible not to kick up into your feet.

He looked like he was carrying a bag of gravel around for much of the journey and I really felt for him.

So – that brings me pretty much up to date.

I’m nearing the end of a 45 minute hill climb program on my exercise bike because outside when I woke up the rain was absolutely battering it down and for once my rather stoic attitude to walking regardless of the weather faded and I decided to take the car.

It’s fixed and it cost me £653 so I might as well use it occasionally!!!

Exercise however needs to be completed somehow and taking the car to work does not mean ‘lazy’.

If I sit at my work desk without a full set of rings completed on my watch then my OCD will be ringing alarm bells all day long!!!

Anyway internet. I have four minutes to go and I need a shower too!!!




  1. Thought of you Dave on my almost 9 mile walk on Tuesday. It was a big effort for me, mainly to find the time and only possible as I’m off work atm. Anyway, I managed it and it wasn’t too hard however since I’m having aches and pains in all sorts of places. I thought from a walking perspective that I’m relatively fit however not so sure now. The fact that you have gone from struggling to get to the end of the road to walking miles every day really inspires me so thank you for sharing your journey Dave! Lots of love xxx


    1. The aches and pains are totally normal – and good! They’ll subside, return, subside, return and then bizarrely move elsewhere.

      After a while you don’t get any!

      Oh – and pro tip – carry six plasters (two of each S,M&L) in your purse. You never know when you’ll need one – and you should put one on BEFORE you get a blister. 🤗👍🏽


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