Some days I don’t have a lot to say – which can come as something of a surprise to those who know me – because I’ve never the type to use bullet points when a paragraph will do.

Today though I don’t think I need to use a huge amount of words because sometimes pictures speak for themselves.

They’re nice right? Lots of grass. Lots of trees – plenty of my usual fayre.

They’re ok I guess – but nothing amazing.

Until I bumped into the subject of my next photo.

This evening I’ve been expending excess energy walking around Leek Wootton and as always I have my camera at the ready which this evening was a REALLY good thing, because as I was walking through a gate I spied THIS LITTLE GUY (about an inch and a half long) scurry for cover under a leaf.


How insanely lovely is this Vole?!

This is unbelievably not only one of the best photos I’ve ever taken – but it’s also captured by my iPhone!

I’m absolutely buzzing right now!

This teeny tiny ball of fur and whiskers not only let me get close enough for this super precious picture – but a video too!!!!

That’s pretty much all I had to say.

(Boom. drops the mic)

Apart from this…

(Picks up the mic)


If you want to feel good internet then this is the way to do it. You don’t need TV, you don’t need booze, and you don’t need other things either. All you need is your feet and the world around you.

I flipping love my life and what it’s become because I feel like I was was blind beforehand.

Now I can see everything in technicolour!



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