Early start

Coffee is a powerful motivator in the morning – and as always I’ve used it today to get me moving. I’m sitting in town sipping on a nice Americano and I really feel like I deserve it.

So far I’ve walked over nine miles to get to my morning Joe and it’s only 10am.

I woke up early this morning.

REALLY early.

Since I was wide awake and the sun was shining I decided that I’d go and expend some calories on a nice long jaunt. Since I didn’t really feel like driving anywhere (why bother when the area I live in is so delightful) I resolved to do a circular walk from my house to Offchurch and back.

I’ve done this route a number of times – and honestly it’s one of my all time favourites. I can hop onto the canal near my house and follow it all the way past Leamington until it reaches the Offchurch Greenway.

So – at 6.30 am I locked the front door, headed down my path – and with barely a soul in sight I started walking.


Although mostly devoid of people the canal is otherwise so alive at the moment it’s jaw dropping. Absolutely all of the birds are producing younglings at the moment and as soon as I reached the canal towpath I was immediately faced with my favourite things in the universe.


These little guys were under the protective auspices of two seriously territorial swans and they really weren’t happy about letting anyone past (check out the video of the hapless jogger on my Instagram 😂)

After also getting my ankles nipped furiously by the one on the left I carried on and soon noticed them overtaking me on the water as I walked along the gravel path.

They weren’t the only violently protective residents on the canal today however – and about a mile and half further on I bumped into some rather militant geese who were similarly unwilling to share what they clearly considered to be their territory.

Despite the threatening hissing of mom and dad I managed to pass on the left (passing on the right risks a swim in the canal) and continued on.

The next bird who wasn’t happy to see me was a duck – but thankfully her (rather less than threatening) quack was WAY worse than her bite.

It’s hard not to get sucked into taking photos of absolutely everything on a day like today – and wherever I looked there were wonderful incidental details. If it wasn’t bird life then it was teeny tiny little flowers that just sprang out of the hedgerows and invited further inspection.


However, despite my frequent stops to investigate all that nature had to offer it wasn’t too long before I found myself on the Offchurch greenway – and by this time the sky had cleared of practically every singe cloud it could find.

All you could see was BLUE.



It wasn’t long before I was in Offchurch – which is an asolutely lovely little part of Warwickshire. The village is basically only a couple of roads, a pub, a village hall and a church – but it just oozes English charm in a way that few other places do.



Every time I’m here I also stick my head inside the big red book box.

This is a re-purposed telephone booth that now serves as the village’s book sharing hub – and it’s always interesting to have a look at what’s on offer.


Today I couldn’t help but notice a really old paperback book of Indian cuisine. Oddly there wasnt a single picture in it’s yellowed pulp paper pages – yet it was an insanely comprehensive manual for combining spices – and cooking just about anything that sprang to mind.

At least in the 80’s when it was published.

The previous owner had even glued their favourite recipie on a hand written piece of paper just inside the front cover for ease of use.


Personally I’m not sure that combining ghee and coconut is the right way to go for someone who’s had a problem with his weight AND cholesterol – but it sounds like an interesting mix of flavours nevertheless…

I continued out into the nearby fields and before I knew it was face to face with it’s sleepy residents, who were practically snoring in the shade when I accidentally woke them up.


There have been some changes recently to my route, and a farmer has erected lots of barbed wire fencing around the meadow that I used to stroll over.

However – he/she has also been kind enough to signpost the small detour, and broadly speaking the route is the same, leading to a little river crossing with a cute little footbridge.

This path continues to wind through fields of newly sprouting corn until you end up in Newbold Comyn park – and by that time you’re practically right back into civillisation – and coffeeeeeeeeee.

(edit – author drinks up, continues walking and eventually ends up in Warwick, since he still felt the need to do yet more walking)

So – I ended up migrating from one coffee in Leamington to another in Warwick, and I’m now back home. I’ve now had a shower, because it’s been an epically warm day.

Nevertheless – despite the blazing sunshine as I type I’ve walked a fair old distance…


This equates to just under 35,000 steps – and despite the large quantities of caffiene I’ve had today I can safely say that I’m going to sleep like a LOG tonight!

I’m shattered.

This is just as well – because I have a really busy couple of days ahead.

I’ll be truthful when I say that one of the reasons I’ve done so much walking is that what’s on the horizon is making me a little nervous… However – you’ll have to keep reading my next posts to find out why that is internet, because I’m sworn to secrecy!

See you soon!




  1. Cracking walk is that.. also one of my favourites… the footbridge is known locally as Whitebridge… a great many childhood memories from down there..

    Great photos along the way…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooooh the ducklings are my FAVE! Whenever I see one I just want to scoop it up and take it home with me! So fluffy and cute 😍
    That walk looked gorgeous and sounds like you definitely earned your coffees. And how brilliant is the red book box idea?! 👏🏻 I love anything like that.
    Also, isn’t it lovely when its so early in the morning that nobody else is around? It makes it feel sort of special.
    Lovely pics as ever Davey and I am very intrigued about your news! 🤔😁 x

    Liked by 1 person

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