Post holiday maintenance

Since ‘keeping it real’ is a (sort of) theme of my blog I think it’s only fair to share where I have been this week with weight and maintenance.

I’m still really focused on remaining in my target boundaries (which is 3lb either side of 14st 7) – and when I weighed in two Saturdays ago I purposefully pushed myself down to the lower end of my bracket – which meant I weighed in at 14st 5lbs.


This was because I knew that I was going away for the following weekend and had already decided that (despite planning to exercise a lot) I really wasn’t going to worry too much about syns or counting calories in the period leading up to that.

I wanted a week where I switched off from it all – and as it turned out I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Whilst away I made good choices where I could (cutting the fat off my bacon as well as having no sausages or hash browns at the breakfast buffet) and went back for seconds when the mood took me.

In short I (mostly) food optimised, but I still overate compared to my usual fayre. I had second helpings at breakfast and I wasn’t shy when it came to having full fat mayo on my coleslaw.

So, having a relaxed weekend where I knew I didn’t have to weigh in meant that I (completely expectedly) put a few pounds on – and when I stepped on the scales upon arriving home on Sunday evening they said that I was 15st 1lb.

Now – although initially it seems a lot I know from experience that this in itself isn’t cause for panic.

Neither is this extra weight all fat.

The important thing here (for the benefit of fellow maintainers) is not to just say ‘screw it’ and carry on eating.

Plan what you’re going to do to fix things and just get on with it.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts weight gain (at least in my case) seems to comprise of a number of things. I tend to eat a lot of bulk quite late in the evening (massive salads and lots of veg for instance) – and this has big bearing on my weight depending on the time of day I weigh myself.

Although I had a full stomach I felt that on Sunday evening, RIGHT AFTER my holiday it was completely necessary to stand on the scales and deal with what they said – because hiding from it would fix precisely nothing.

So – I took it on the chin and moved on. When Monday afternoon rolled around I was already just under 14st 11lbs.


The next step was to get some appropriate shopping in – and to make sure that I wasn’t going to overeat during the week.

I decided that I’d be predominantly focusing on fish and ‘speed’ vegetables and to keep me on point I’d also be taking a photo of the scales and sending it to a friend every day.

I sent the first photo and then headed off to Aldi to do some shopping. I got loads of veg (a LOT of gherkins!), fat free natural yogurt, some frozen berries and cottage cheese.

If I have no bad food in the house then I can’t eat it – no-matter how hungry I feel. My top tip is buy your shopping, know what you can and can’t consume in order to have a good week and then just eat the lot in whatever order you want with a clear conscience.


Before retiring for the day I had a pretty epic tuna and mackerel salad followed with a big bowl of yogurt and frozen fruit and later on some weetabix, blueberries and a banana.

This hit the spot and by Tuesday (after a day with plenty of walking) the scales had dropped a little more.


One thing that I’ve learned the hard way is that if I don’t keep up with my exercise then I don’t get these kind of drops.

Although the winter temporarily slowed me down a bit I’ve managed this month (thanks in no small part to the improved weather) to get more distance in and my current walking average is back up to just under ten miles a day.

I can’t overstate what a difference it makes to my sense of physical and mental well being when I’m doing this.

On Tuesday evening (broadly speaking) I consumed more or less the same kinds of food and had an early night to make sure I was well rested.

I’ve found that not getting enough sleep is a real killer when it comes to appetite. If you’re tired then you’re hungry and if you’re constantly hungry and unable to do anything about it then you’re miserable.

If you’re miserable you’re far more likely to give in and stuff your face.

Wednesday saw me walking a bit further than usual (thanks to hooking up with a friend for a jaunt around the park) and by the time I returned home once more things were again looking better.


I know (thanks to being a bit obsessive about such things) that my lightest ‘weigh in clothes’ (don’t we all have a set?) add around a pound and a half to my Slimming World scale weight – so in order to be bang on my target I needed to come in at around 14st 5.5lbs.

At the end of Thursday (by then having walked around 40 miles since I first weighed in and consumed an average of approx 2000 kcal per day) the scales looked even better still.


Then progress faltered.

On Friday the weather changed (it poured down!) and my usual walk to work turned into a drive.

I made sure I spent some time on my exercise bike in the morning before I left the house – but even this didn’t seem to make a difference. Even though I’d consumed a reasonable amount the day before and didn’t eat to excess the scales decided to irritatingly go UP.


However – this is also one of the potential pitfalls of regular daily weigh in’s (which I don’t really recommend). You’ve got to be careful you don’t just focus on the numbers and keep your eye on the prize. Rather than reaching for something bad I angrily started chopping salad.


So – as I type it’s now 6.30am on Saturday and I don’t know what the scales downstairs will say.

I need to go to group either waybecause I don’t want to give myself the excuse of leaving it another week and putting any back on.

Ideally I wanted to be in the mid range of my target rather than the upper half.

The worse case scenarios that I’m OVER it.

I’m actually a little nervous now.

(author goes to group)

Well – the scales were kind this morning – and when I had my final weigh in they said that I had somehow just squeaked under the line and was just below 14st 7lbs.


This means that I’m still safely in range at Slimming World and I’m pretty much bang on target!

So – there we have it.

A week of chilling on holiday, with relaxed off plan and on plan eating followed by a week of being back on plan!

Whatever you’re doing internet make sure you stay the course and focus on your goals. Don’t get disheartened and enjoy yourself along the way!!!



  1. I needed this post today after a very off plan Bank Holiday weekend. I will follow your advice until my weigh in on Friday.

    Liked by 1 person

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