Under boards and bridges

Whilst in a department store idly browsing today I overheard a lady explaining herself to her six or seven year old daughter.

‘But why do you need so many new clothes?’ The insightful infant asked, with her hand on her chin whilst staring at her mother’s overflowing basket of tops and skirts.

‘Because it’s summer!’ Said the lady, playing fast and loose with the seasonal truth.

‘It’s been winter forever and no-one has anything nice to wear any more. They all need to buy lots of everything so that they can go outside again.’

The young girl nodded thoughtfully and inspected some swimsuits.

I wondered briefly whether this was the logic the lady also used to justify her credit card bill at the end of the month – which by my estimation would be at least a couple of hundred pounds – even if this was the only shop she visited for the next few weeks.

In contrast everything I was wearing totalled up to less than the cost of one of the items in her basket.

I have to admit that my infinitely more thrifty approach to shopping gave me more than a smug sense of satisfaction as I wandered away from the pair, who were by that time discussing whether or not a top would make mommy look ‘mumsy’ or not.

The toddler seemed to think not (although in my view she was the wrong person to ask) and the relatively hideous floral item was placed alongside all of the others in the basket, adding to a beleaguered Barclaycard’s burden.

Today I’ve also been (unsuccessfully) looking for short sleeve shirts and shorts in my own kind of haunts – and I don’t seem to be alone.

All of a sudden (now the sun is shining) everyone appears to have exactly the same idea.

All of the outrageous Hawaiian shirts and flamboyant cargo shorts I had in my mind’s eye that were everywhere a month ago now appear to be totally absent from charity shops – and I’m glad I bought the summer shirts when I found them during the colder months of the year.

That’s not to say I don’t occasionally treat myself to a full price item. Yesterday I finally got around to buying a new pair of sunglasses – which I’m of the opinion is one of the few things that you just have to buy when you find some that suit your face – which I think I did yesterday.

Nothing says ‘I’m loving the weather’ more than a new pair of shades!

The world looked so wonderful today that it was almost impossible to not be carried along with the easy cheer of the people wandering around Warwick and Leamington In the sunshine.

I started walking quite early this morning – after finding myself wide awake at 3am. This unfortunate state of affairs was primarily due to my enthusiastically imbibed neighbours practically falling out of their Uber outside my bedroom window after a night out on the town.

I don’t begrudge them their fun though.

Live and let live I say.

Instead of trying to get back to sleep I thoughtfully scratched my bottom in the dark for a few minutes and then wandered downstairs to make myself a coffee.

This theme has continued throughout the day – and after starting with two large Americanos in Corleones with my brother (link) I then wandered (via the department stores in town) to Starbucks a couple of miles away.

En route to my next watering hole we stopped off at a really cool store at the bottom of Leamington called Underboard (link).


This is pretty much a geek Mecca, and it turned out (quite unexpectedly) that my brother knew the owner – who enthusiastically chatted about the many items in his shop – including a rather swanky bespoke arcade cabinet that came with an absolute TON of built in games.

If money was no object I’d have probably bought one then and there – but sadly it is and as reasonable as the price for the hardware and games was, it was a little outside my comfort zone…

There were many other quirky little bits and bobs though that weren’t – and if you’re local I urge you to go and have a look around, particularly if you want a Princess Leia bun beanie!

I have to say (since I have a bit of a potty mouth at times) I’m also a big fan of their sweary cards. The only sad thing is that I don’t know anyone that’s getting married in the near future…

After leaving here and exhausting the Starbucks refill policy I strolled to the nearby Lidl to get myself a picnic lunch before winding my way along the Grand Union Canal and then down the river to St Nicholas park – which was filled with a lovely variety of cosmopolitan people and accents.

This little stretch is absolutely delightful in the right light – and for some reason I’ve always found myself strangely drawn to one of the bridges along this waterway.

Every time I pass under it – whether it’s in the rain or sunshine there’s a kind of calm micro climate under there, where birds congregate and nest. They’re either splashing themselves in the water underneath or roosting amongst the rusting girders above.

It’s hard not to go into shameless selfie mode when the weather is this nice – and frankly I didn’t feel even vaguely like stopping myself.

I don’t have many full body shots taken without me holding a camera, so I propped up my phone and used the viewfinder and remote timer on my Apple Watch to take a couple of pictures while the light was nice.

When I reached St Nicholas park the atmosphere was busy – and the place was filled with people jumping in the river, having barbecues, snogging on the grass, drinking prosecco and just generally enjoying themselves.

I prefer the quieter areas though – and around the newly planted flower beds there were just a few people sunning themselves on the grass and reading books.

After eating my picnic by the river (yes I did have all of those apples) I decided to wander into Warwick town centre and have a look around.

The usually sleepy square was alive with people sitting in the sun today – but I personally didn’t want to tempt fate. Although I wore sun cream today I still have the skin of a sensitive peach and whenever possible I defer to the shade.

When I get burned the consequences are dire and the after effects last for AGES.

Thankfully lots of people outside Weatherspoons in Warwick equaled loads of seats inside.

Since the idiots who own this chain of pubs still haven’t seen the error of allowing me an infinitely refillable coffee for £1.25 I spent another hour or so there getting yet more caffeinated in the cool of the airy (and relatively empty) space inside Lloyds before wandering home, which is where I sit now listening to some blissed out and relaxing tunes while I look through my photos.

Sigh. I love sunny weather now internet.

I used to hate it.

How things change….



  1. Just look at you being all stylish with the industrial background. 😀

    Also I just love English parks. They are so beautiful. Honestly, the Dutch ones mostly pale in comparison.

    Liked by 1 person

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