Guilty pleasures

I know that I said I wasn’t going to – but I couldn’t resist. I weighed in at an earlier Slimming World group on Saturday anyway – even though I didn’t need to.

Initially I’d thought that I wouldn’t have the time – but my house guest for the weekend – a fellow blogger from internetland – was still sleeping soundly in the spare room when the clock ticked passed 8.30 and I felt an itch.

It’s odd – but whereas my itches to do naughty things used to start like this, now they’re often for good stuff – and I found myself thinking ‘I could just sneak out and weigh in… No-one would be any the wiser and I’d be back before anyone woke up…’

Bizarrely this was the kind of thought process I used to apply to surreptitiously sneaking off for a crafty cigarette many years ago – and inexplicably it felt just the same.

Could it be that I view weighing in now as a ‘guilty pleasure’?!

If I do then that’s news even to me – because there are definitely times that I certainly do NOT relish the idea of standing on the scales.

I think what may be different today (and for a couple of months now broadly speaking) is that I feel like I’m in control.

I understand better what my body is telling me now that I’ve stabilised my weight – and in contrast to the ever decreasing downhill slalom that I used to engage in I can now sense when I’m heavier or I’m lighter – and in almost all cases I’m invisibly and unconsciously adjusting my behaviours to compensate.

That’s not to say I’m perfect and that I don’t miscalculate – but the more I do and the more I take it on the chin and learn from it instead of beating myself up the more I’m happy that it’s not going to happen again.

It’s probably a good idea that I weighed in anyway because the rest of my Saturday proved to be rather ‘foodie’.


Since rain was forecast for the whole day in Malvern (which is where the original plan was to go) we’d decided to do something infinitely more relaxing and go for a walk on Sunday instead.

That meant that we could see Avengers Infinity War in an early showing (my second one!) and this time around went for the 3D version – which I have to say was pretty cool.

If I’m honest though I didn’t feel that seeing one over the other added or subtracted anything from the experience. It was just different. If you see it in 2D or 3D I think you’ll get just as much out of it either way.

A little surprisingly (given that this is a nearly three hour film) I’m pretty pleased to say that I loved it just as much the second time around.

By the time it finished we still had enough time to go charity shopping – but not before hitting Las Iguanas.

Not only is this my favourite place at the moment – but my bloggy friend is vegan and they have a pretty good menu there to cater for that.

She decided upon a ‘Moqueca De Palmitos’ curry. This is Butternut squash, palm hearts & spinach in a creamy coconut curry with charred red peppers, garlic & fresh tomatoes accompanied with spring onion rice, sweet plantain, pico de gallo & a coconut farofa.


I’d already decided that Saturday would be a ‘flexible syn’ day I tried wherever possible to make smart choices and this restaurant is pretty good for enabling you to do that.

I had the mushroom quesadilla as a starter and the vegetarian burrito as a main. I know the guacamole is something of a syn fest but it’s also a really healthy food and I think it’s important to spend calories on something worthwhile.

I left the cream where it was though!

Since we’re both Slimming World oriented it’s nice to go out for a bite to eat and be thinking about food in the same terms – and it’s safe to say that both of us were pretty satisfied on all levels with our lunches.

After this we did pretty much every charity shop in town – with my friend picking up a nice skirt on the way. For my part I snagged a cool pair of camo combats, a swankly Hugo Boss tee-shirt and a nice short sleeved summer shirt.


By the time we’d arrived home it was almost time to go out for the evening meal that I’d planned.

The last time my friend visited me Warwick’s only vegan restaurant ‘Fusca’ (link) was closed (they don’t do evening meals on a Sunday or open at all on a Monday) and I’d made sure this time to book a table in advance.

It’s a really nice atmosphere in Fusca – which is underground and extremely cosy. The staff are both friendly and keen to engage you in conversation!

I have no idea what the syns on any of this came to but I’m hoping it wasn’t too bad!

My starter was the roasted pepper, spinach & courgette pakoras served with citrus salads, sweet chilli & yogurt.

My main was a middle eastern inspired vegetable nut roast with baked seasonal greens, seared apricot, tomato, red wine & balsamic reduction with a side of Sweet Potato chips.

I almost had a dessert but at the last minute pulled back from the brink and stuck with coffee.

After a lovely evening both of us headed home for an early night so that we could get some shut eye before a Sunday twalking session.

Overall internet it was a lovely chilled day out with pretty much all the right decisions made about all the right things for all the right reasons!

I really rather like being a target member.

Maintenance is (so far) pretty darn cool 😎



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