Pumpkins Deli

It’s been a busy week – and after a very relaxing Bank Holiday weekend I’ve spent the last few days mostly catching up on things that I didn’t do whilst I was engaging in my epic blogging marathons – as well as trying to increase my walking.

I’ve recently dropped back from my previous 70-75 miles a week this month to around 60-65 on average. The weather has been pretty crappy and honestly I’ve been faced with a choice of walking in the rain on my own or getting stuck into some writing whilst drinking coffee in the warm.

My flesh in this case has been weak.

Being soaked and cold is often a tough sell.

Honesty though I’m just proud that I’ve managed to maintain my exercise to the level that I have. However my next step (now the clocks have changed) has to be starting to do something significantly more productive (and active) with the lighter evenings.

In the spirit of this resolution yesterday I twalked into town with a friend so that we could have chat and a bite to eat in Las Iguanas. Last time we went there the vegetarian chilli was just unbelievably awesome and I’ve been fantasising about having it again ever since.

It was just as delicious as the last time!!! If you haven’t tried this absolutely wonderful dish I’d recommend it!

(I’ve no idea of the syn values – but it all looks like speed and free food in the bowl – I’m guessing the soft burritos aren’t though…)


Now – I wouldn’t have previously gone out for a meal on the night before weigh in day – but now things are a bit different. My new objective is not to go continuously down, it’s to kind of yo-yo within a range of 6lbs.

I’m also reminded just how flexible your body can be when it comes to weight – because yesterday morning I stepped on the scales of ultimate accuracy and I was 14st 6.5lbs. This morning I was 2lbs heavier – and fat doesn’t appear that fast overnight!

Nevertheless – wherever the gain came from I’m still within my target range (which is between 14st 4lbs and 14st 10lbs) so it’s all good!


So – my pendulum like losses and gains for the last seven weeks appear to be working for me so far. I’m still where I need to be and what’s more I’m loving life.

Whilst I may have had a ‘blow out’ on Monday I REGRET NOTHING!!!

This is just life now – where (like ‘naturally slim people’) I enjoy myself and then get back to normal.

I’m trying to ditch all guilt and just get right back on track.

The great thing is that my ‘blow outs’ are actually me eating too many things that are actually good for me rather than pigging out on pizza or kebabs. My mindset regarding what I should and should not eat hasn’t changed one little bit– and because of that I’ve still been avoiding all the naughty things that have endlessly placed (by colleagues celebrating special events) in the canteen at work.


As readers may remember – my ever generous employer has also been getting in on the act and when I returned to work on Tuesday has placed an Easter Egg on my desk.


I actually used to rather like KitKat Chunky bars (although I never ate them very often) but even so I still couldn’t bring myself to eat it.

Initially I didn’t know what to do with it – but then a kind volunteer stepped forward (well actually she kind of hobbled toward my general direction) to take one for the team and consume it for me.


Lord only knows she deserves a treat.

The poor lamb is now in her fourth week of incarceration thanks to the injury she sustained on our walk a month ago (link).

I can report that apart from being slightly stir crazy the invalid is making a gradual recovery – and over short distances can now make her way around without crutches.

However the boot won’t be coming off for another couple of weeks, and we wont know until then just how able (or unable) to walk she’ll be.

I suspect it will be a while yet – but in the meantime I aim to make sure she doesn’t forget me and I have been regularly inflicting myself on her for coffee when I can.

Today she suggested that we go to Pumpkins Delhi (link) in Brinklow which is a lovely little family owned cafe on the village high street with a nice friendly atmosphere and a surprisingly extensive menu.



It also serves as a nice little storefront for some locally produced produce too and you can buy quite a few things like full sized cakes and jars of honey as well as slightly more eclectic items like ceramic buttons.

The latter were SO nice (and reasonably priced at £2 a sheet) that my friend couldn’t hep but buy a couple of them.


It’s always nice to support little cottage industries like this and since they were so delightful I’ve included a photo with the maker’s contact details in case anyone else wants to enquire about them for their own home made creations!

The food and coffee were pretty nice too.

Although there was probably a little more mayonnaise involved in my dinner than I should have allowed I have to say that my baked spud was cooked to perfection and their home-made coleslaw was delicious!



Tomorrow I have some lengthy walking planned anyway – so I’m definitely going to be burning at least some of these calories off.

I have an incentive anyway – because in other news Facebook served up a timely reminder for me the other day. In one of its ‘xxx years ago today’ memories it added a photo to my timeline for approval that my brother had taken of me ten years ago.

This photo at the time represented something that I was quite proud of – and it was actually the lowest I’d been in weight terms for a LONG time. I’d actually lost around 10 stone to get there.

I was so happy with it in fact that I put it on a dating website (although nothing came of it) which strikes me as amazing when I look at it now – because the shirt and jacket I was wearing were both 5XL sizes.


In contrast now I usually wear a large – with no numbers or X’s.

So – that’s my motivation to keep burning the calories and having fun while I do internet – because nothing tastes as good as my life feels at the moment.



  1. Yay for a super healthy attitude towards food! That deli looks amazing, I wish I had something like that nearby. Life is cruel and unfair!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad to read all is proceeding to plan. The weather has been crazy here. Yesterday it was 20 degrees (Celsius)! Had to take my coat off, because it was too damn hot O.o. Whereas the day before I was making my way to work shivering with 1 degree above zero o.o.

    Oh I love quaint little shops like that :D.

    Liked by 1 person

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