Chocolate made me feel awesome!

I don’t think that I’m a guilt free zone when it comes to overeating by any stretch of the imagination – but what I am is a serious believer that you just have to accept that occasionally you’ll have a ‘relaxed day’ and that they’re just as important from time to time as one where you’re completely on plan.

On Bank Holiday Monday (in contrast to most other days in recent memory) I decided to consciously take 24 hours out from walking and exercise. Instead I just vegetated at home with Netflix and far too much food.

Quite unexpectedly today I feel great!

Maybe I really needed a day where I just put my feet up and completely relaxed…

I know that I will definitely have to be very good indeed until Saturday to make sure that I’m not outside of my target range – but that’s OK because I think (even if only because of the resultant positive state of mind) that it’s good from time to time to feel as if you’ve been really naughty.

Whilst I may not have eaten any junk food as I slumped on the sofa yesterday I certainly ate well past contentment throughout the entirety of my Netflix marathon and honestly felt a bit like a barrel by the time I finally hit the sack at 10pm.

Doing this not something I necessarily advocate – and I rarely engage in this behaviour myself – but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have the capacity in me to hit the ‘pig out’ button occasionally and just go for it.

The difference this time around is that I often (if I’m being totally truthful) take instances like this and attack myself for not being perfect – but what’s the point?

If I get annoyed with myself for having a day off then the next stage is a negative mental loop where I overthink the consequences of my behaviour. This typically results in a conclusion I’m ‘failing’ somehow and is usually followed by an extremely unproductive internal dialogue about self worth and regrets about past behaviours.

Instead today I chose to just accept that I enjoyed a day off like 99% of the rest of the UK, had fun watching TV and eating nice things and today I’m back at it again, walking and having a lovely healthy salad with some delicious pan fried sea bass (in butter fry light) to make up for it.


As I type I’m wondering how many people did the same over Easter, enjoyed themselves too much and then afterwards felt so guilty about it that they just decided to carry on overeating because they’ve ‘already wrecked everything’?

I remember doing that a lot in ‘the bad old days’ and it always turned a bad 24 hours into an even worse week – which morphed eventually into a terrible month.

In my case these ended up resulting in lost years because I could never break the self destructive cycles I found myself in.

Sometimes it’s not so easy to switch the hunger back off though. I totally get that.

Especially as today – on my first day back at work after over a week off  (and a blow out yesterday) I returned to find this sitting on my desk.

My very kind employer bought one for everyone in the building while I was away – for which they should be applauded. Despite it being chocolate (and therefore completely evil) it’s nice to have an employer that pays attention to the little things that make people feel wanted.

It’s really cool to find an unexpected gift sitting on your desk thats come completely out of no-where – and therefore I take it completely in the spirit it’s intended.

However it’s not getting eaten.

I’m not quite sure exactly what I’m going to do with it yet, but it’s going to be something that’s nothing to do with the inside of my tummy.

It’s already manage to serve another more interesting purpose however, because this Easter egg sparked a whole new train of thought after I left work with it in a carrier bag. As I was walking home thinking about who I could hand it on to (that would appreciate a lot of chocolate) something suddenly occurred to me.

Pretty much everyone in my life these days is into fitness, healthy eating or is a member of Slimming World (or all three) meaning that I can’t currently think of anyone to give my egg to anyone that I know without sabotaging them…

How flipping awesome is that?

I’m surrounded by like minded people and our willingness to live better lives mutually inspires each other’s behaviour ALL THE TIME!

That is soooooooooo cool internet!

Life is awesome and (really unexpectedly) today it was chocolate that made me feel this way!



  1. Ahem *cough cough* pssst….just a geeeeeentle reminder that not all of your friends are aspiring to live better lives, well not where chocolate is concerned. And and and I’m sure I’ve heard thats its really really good for helping the ligament healing process 😀
    Very very impressed with your willpower young man 🤗

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  2. Yep, I totally pigged out on the second day of easter. I kind of regretted it after, not because of potential weight gain, but because of how it made me feel physically. But that’s all the more incentive to get back to healthy eating. 😀 Glad we both didn’t let it discourage us from immediately jumping back on the band wagon.

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  3. Well I’ve finally caught up after a marathon session..reading every single blog from the very beginning.. it’s an incredible story and one hell of an achievement .. big respect Dave.. my blisters have pretty much healed now.. so I’ll be out pounding the byways of Warwickshire just like your good self..🚶‍♂️

    Liked by 1 person

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