Gone to charity

Well. I have a shedload of clothes.

It’s now 11pm on Sunday evening and after trying on a lot of things and making (what I felt) were some tough choices I’ve put the following aside for charity.


These items range from 3XL items down to some unusually large XL’s, and from 46-40in waist and chest sizes.

  • 18 long sleeve shirts
  • 15 short sleeved shirts
  • 14 tee shirts
  • 4 pairs smart trousers
  • 2 suit jackets
  • 10 pairs of jeans/casual trousers
  • 1 pair of walking trousers
  • 2 moisture wicking tee-shirts
  • 1 pair of waterproof trousers
  • 2 hoodies
  • 2 fleeces
  • 2 raincoats
  • 3 jumpers
  • 2 long sleeve polo shirts
  • 4 polo shirts
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 2 pairs of trainers
  • 1 pair of flip flops

I should probably be surprised at the sheer volume of things that need to be given away – but honestly I’m not. I bought them all because I needed them at the time and to be able to finally wear nice things made me really happy.

They all were worth every penny – even if their residence was brief.

They served a purpose.

I’m genuinely a little sad to part with some them though if I’m honest. A few of these items folded up neatly in anonymous piles represent some cheerful memories and real moments of triumph.

In particular I will really miss my blue Penguin Jacket, a white raincoat, my camouflage shorts, a red check lumberjack shirt, a green Debenhams short sleeved shirt and a grey M&S suit jacket.


The Penguin Jacket was actually my first charity shop purchase in mid July 2017 – and I had no idea that it was actually a real steal when I bought it alongside an aspirational pair of camo print shorts. The latter wouldn’t quite do up properly at the time (link).

The shorts did fit a few weeks later though and for a while I wore them with pride. They were the first ones I’ve ever worn in public (since I was at school!)


I ended up taking the blue jacket with me to Snowdonia alongside the white Sainsburys raincoat on the list.

I stood at the summit of the mountain in the white jacket – absolutely drenched with sweat but supremely proud of what I’d managed to do. Both of these items in their own way represent tremendous moments of success – and I’m going to miss them.

My red check shirt came along at a point where I was just getting comfortable with wearing colourful things again – and I remember how happy I was walking along in the sunshine with it on as I made my way up the Grand Union canal to the Hatton Locks Cafe. I was going to walk there and back for the very first time (link).


It was a really nice day – and I’d just stopped for coffee when I bumped into a fellow Slimming World member and her crazy dog – Molly. We walked along the canal together for a short while on my way back (with me holding Molly’s lead) and her spirited hound pulled and yanked her lead like crazy as we walked together.

This super keen pooch needed obedience classes according to her owner – but I didn’t care. I was just happy to be out and about walking a dog in the sunshine.

My green Debenhams shirt was a panic purchase, because I had secured a new job.


I really couldn’t afford it (being one of the very few full price items I’d purchased) but I was adamant that I should look smart when I started my training and so I bought it anyway because I liked the material.

I made sure it was a bit loose so that I could wear a tee-shirt underneath in case I sweated too much.

Nevertheless I thought it suited me – and even though I only got to wear it a few times I still think it was worth the money. It made me feel good at a time when I was doubting my ability to do something new.

The job itself had also been the reason for my sentimental feelings about the suit jacket – and it was the first one I’d owned for many many years.

I’d found it by chance not long before I had an my interview for my previous (short lived) job – and although I felt a little self conscious in it I compared myself to some pictures taken in December 2016 and my confidence suddenly soared.


My interview went well (link) and for the very first time I had secured a job that I could walk to and from instead of having to rely on my car. Although the position ultimately proved to be something I changed my mind about I’m still doing this today – and it makes a huge amount of difference to my life and fitness.

Oddly the Debenhams shirt was also the one I was wearing the very same day that I received a phone call offering me a better job while on the train back from Birmingham.

At the time I was writing a post comparing how I looked to the previous trip I’d taken to that destination and how hard it had been (link).

They’re all wonderful milestones for me.

You have to move on though. You can’t hold onto the past. I have the photos and the memories and they’re enough now.

I have new things to replace them too – and if I’m honest although everything that remains now fits I’m probably going to have to get to grips with the fact that I’m not getting any smaller now and that I can’t just keep buying things I like the look of.

I’ve become the shirt and tie equivalent of a Magpie, and because of this I have had to purchase a new clothes rail.

When I added up all the shirts (a lot of of which are not in the shot) that are either in my laundry basket or waiting to be ironed I now found that I have a rather ridiculous 44 of them…

To go with these I also have 32 carefully chosen ties and there’s a shirt that goes with each and every one of them! I need more red, pink, blue and gold ones though to balance it all out though…

(author goes to bed)

Well I got up early and bagged it all up.


It’s all gone.

(insert sad face emoji with tear drop)

It’s without a doubt the single biggest drop off I’ve made to a charity shop during my weight loss. Today I decided that the Red Cross deserved my patronage, and gift aided the whole lot to them. They do good work in troubled times – and it’s a worthy cause.


(insert happy face emoji with cheesy grin)

It seems like a more socially responsible thing to do than selling it all on eBay and I like to feel that someone somewhere will benefit from it at the same kind of time in life that I did.

Maybe they too will climb a mountain in it or go on a long walk whilst wearing it…

Now the only tops I have are either in a (surprisingly large) Medium, Large or (surprisingly small) XL and all of my remaining trousers or jeans range between 34 & 38in waists. Clearly sizes and numbers are completely open to interpretation in the eyes of manufacturers and I’ve learned to just go with the flow and wear what fits me.

If I can get it over my head or do the button up at the waist it all good!

Anyway internet – I must get on! I have things to accomplish with the day!



  1. Yay for charity shop giving! I’ve been clearing down my possessions in waves, and am currently due another sweep. The aim is to not be weighed down by ‘stuff’. There’s just so bloody much of it though!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. For me it’s mostly ‘ooh a shiny thing’ followed by ‘what the hell am I going to do with another poxy shiny thing?’ 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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