Shirts, rabbits and hybrids

My day started this morning as any truly great day should – with a steaming bowl of coffee.


I’ve not been in a rush to do anything today because unexpectedly yesterday I decided to hook up with a friend and take a last minute day off from work.

It’d nice to just occasionally say ‘nuts to it’ and just wind down a bit. Rather unbelievably I’ve been with my new employer for one third of a year now and time has flown by. There always seems to be something new to think about, learn or work out a way to do – and I like the fact that my mind is always active with the possibilities and challenges that it brings.

Everyone needs a change of scenery from time to time though – and I’m going to fully utilise a period of downtime that I now have up to and beyond the easter bank holidays.

Primarily I realised today that I need to make a start on my garden before things start growing in earnest (it’s supposed to be spring – although you wouldn’t think so given all the snow that we’ve been having) and also go on some lovely long walks with friends I haven’t seen for a while.

There’s much to do in my short period of freedom – and everyone with lots to do needs to make sure that they have enough shirts to do it in – which is fortuitous because I have far too many shirts at the moment.

I’m a self confessed addict. I don’t need any more. Not a single one.

So – after my coffee I spent the morning wandering around charity shops in Kenilworth and bought another seven


I wouldn’t have purchased so many apart from the fact that I found a lovely mauve M&S luxury work shirt (a ridiculous £2.50), a practically new Marlboro Classics check shirt (£5) with a really cool rope pattern inlay (top pic) four brand new North Face shirts for £4.50 each and one brand new Berghaus shirt for £4 – all in my in perfect size.

Normally I wouldn’t buy so much in one go – but the usual retail price of North Face clothing is… well… lets just say it’s NOT £4.50…..

north face shirts

All in all if I’d purchased these items off the peg in a department store (where I think they’d be slightly cheaper than the online price here) I guesstimate I’d have paid somewhere in the region of an eye watering £300 for the lot instead of the infinitely more palatable £27.50 I blew today.

These shirts are going to be particularly useful when the summer comes because they’re proper outdoor wear with quick drying fabric – and I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of them.

After this little excursion I headed over to meet my friend – who I’d agreed to go to Brandon Marsh wildlife reserve with.

You might remember two and a half weeks ago this particular twalking buddy face planted the car park when I visited the Lickey Hills with her (link) and badly damaged the ligaments in her leg.

Since then this has been her view…

suited and booted

My buddy is thankfully on the mend – however she’s unfortunately stuck in this boot at home for another three and a half weeks (the injury was that bad – yet the crazy lady still walked two miles on it!) so it’s important to make sure she doesn’t go quietly nuts at home and whenever possible we try to go out for a coffee or have a natter.

We’ve been to Brandon Marsh before – and I always enjoy sitting in the window and watching the wildlife – although sadly today I forgot to bring my camera. Without an optical zoom things don’t look all that great – and even with my iPhone’s swanky dual cameras digital zoom has serious limitations…

On the plus side it did a fine job of capturing my dinner – which was a rather decadent baked potato topped with some rather sinful (but very tasty) tuna mayonnaise and a side salad.


After watching the birds and chatting for a couple of hours I took my friend home and headed for my next stop – a car dealership.

I’ve become quite interested in hybrid vehicles recently and decided to pop into a showroom to have a look at the latest range. I’m not currently planning to buy anything as I really don’t need a car for any reason other than putting it outside my house as decoration, but I’m really fascinated in how the technology has developed over the years.

The other really cool thing about going to places like this is that I can now sit in and try all of the things in the showroom, which previously I couldn’t. Most cars used to be completely impossible for me to get into – particularly anything with a high sided ‘bucket-esque’ seat design.

When I sat in a car in early 2016 I filled it.


I recently went out of my way to prove to myself that there wasn’t a single tiny car that was inaccessible to me (link) and believe it or not I really needed to do that just to get it straight in my mind that I actually really DO fit in any car now.

Sometimes I genuinely forget and panic a bit.

Nowadays however they feel impossibly comfortable – and I totally get why people prefer this style of seat. It’s insanely comfortable!


My friend remarked when I sent her this picture that I had a very serious face when I sat in a Lexus.

However – I assure you I was thoroughly enjoying trying out new cars that I can’t afford, don’t really need and would almost certainly never buy.


I’ve not owned a luxury car at any point in my life and I probably never will. I truly don’t see the point if I’m honest. Why spend so much time working to afford something that ultimately ends up sitting in an office car park all day long?

For me safety and economy are my chief concerns and if those were both covered in a car that looked like it was made of Lego I’d probably drive it in a heartbeat.

There’s a part of me though that does really appreciates the effort that goes into designing and making something that is of undeniably high quality and that is also insanely nice to look at.

If I’m honest the everyman car will always be the way to go for me – and even though it’s a bit quirky I found myself really rather liking the Prius in the Toyota dealership next door.

On a practical level I could control my entire life from the insanely multi function steering wheel, hide numerous bodies in the rubberised and easy to clean boot should I choose to become a serial killer – and get incredible miles per gallon whilst disposing the corpses in remote regions of the country.

But I digress…

It’s weigh in day tomorrow – and whether I decide to step on the scales or not will be a decision that’s made by my own scales of ultimate accuracy in the morning.

I’ve felt a little bloated today – and only time will tell whether my mid week check in (whilst in my underwear) has remained the same.


I suspect not.

Either way – I’m settling into an understanding with my body. Some days it goes up in weight for no apparent reason – and then with equally baffling regularity it then decides to go back down again a day or two later.

The trick dear internet is getting the latter part of the cycle to co-incide with a Saturday – and I will see whether that’s happened bright and early tomorrow…



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