Flashes of colour on a lazy Sunday

The awful temperatures and weather seem to be slowly receding back to Siberia and the world today appears to have been quickly thawing.

The endless snow and wind (which at the time seemed strangely permanent) has now become a more recognisably British intermittent drizzly rain. All of the troublesome white stuff that made walking anywhere so darned sapping is now quickly heading for the nearest drain.

It’s amazing how one day the world seems to be completely drained of its palette and the very next morning all the colour is back!


Talking of colour today I’ve been in in a terrific mood – and it’s mostly stemmed from being able to fit into all the nice clothes that I’ve been painstakingly collecting over the last few months.

The new/old shirt (depending on how you view charity shop purchases) that I bought yesterday unexpectedly put quite a spring in my step as I walked into town this morning!

Not only does it fit perfectly but it goes really well with my (beloved) Levi’s and a lovely snug blue gilet that a fantastic friend thoughtfully gave me for my birthday.

I really love little splashes of bright colour here and there. I used to avoid them at all costs to make sure I didn’t draw any unwanted attention to myself – and now I really don’t care who looks at me.

I’m dressing purely for my own pleasure and the concept of this is still new enough to me to be exciting and fun.

Bit by bit I’ve started to collect things that mix and match really well and I absolutely love figuring out which random item will go with another eclectic piece of clothing that I find.

Thanks to my birthday (and an eBay purchase) I also have some new cufflinks too – which I can’t wait to use!

Although my clothing has been bright, and my mood perpetually upbeat today in every other respect this Sunday has been quite mundane.

I spent a compressed couple of hours early in the morning rushing to do all the things that I couldn’t do yesterday.

One of these vital weekly tasks is ensuring that there was nochance whatsoever of me running out of cottage cheese during the week.

Once this potential disaster was averted the afternoon was then spent cooking, avoiding the rain, generally relaxing – and occasionally nodding off too.

I’ve rather enjoyed having no structure or plan today. It’s quite unusual for me to have a sole objective for the second half of the day to do pretty much nothing.

I do have one thing in the back of my mind though. This week Angie has set the group a challenge to use more fish in our Slimming World meals and I added a couple of items to my shopping to help this objective along.

I’m also aware that I need a new ‘regular meal’ or two.

I tend to cook the same things a lot – firstly because I’m damn good at certain ones and really like the taste of them – but secondly because I can make them quickly and virtually with my eyes closed.

This week my objective is to do something a little new… and fishy

Watch this space internet!

In the meantime I hope your Sunday was as cheery and chilled as mine was! x



  1. Love the cufflinks! 😀 They are so you!

    And yes the weather has been so much better. It is actually starting to feel like spring: whoot!

    And I totally know what you mean. I am a creature of habbit myself and tend to eat a lot of the same things. Not this week though: I have a lentil and cauliflower curry planned for tonight. Fingers crossed both our meals turn out super yummy.

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