Learning to live life

My first week of maintenance is drawing to a close and so far it seems to have gone well – although only standing on the scales tomorrow will confirm this with absolute certainty.

I’ve had no blow outs, engaged in plenty of exercise, have eaten regular sensible meals, increased my healthy extra intake as suggested by my consultant and remained pretty much completely on plan.

Life in this phase seems surprisingly close to my previous routine and because of that the thing that’s taken me by surprise is that the biggest challenge I’ve faced is to not lose any more weight.

This is particularly tough because I’m still very much ‘in the zone’ and laser focused both on healthy meals and not eating to excess. When I checked the scales on Wednesday (standing in my underwear) I had dropped another pound and a half – so that evening I tried to eat a bit more and then on Thursday annoyingly found myself a couple of pounds above target.

My challenge then seems to be less ‘maintenance’ and more ‘trying to balance in the middle of a moving see-saw’. However, rather than it being stressful I’m finding it quite fun – and I can’t really complain about being able to eat a little more.

Much worse things have happened!

In my case today the vast majority of these ‘worse things’ have been weather related – and I’ll be honest and say that I am not only sick of the endless winter in the UK but that I’m also officially over and done with snow being continually blasted into my face by a gale.


Today my outfit for walking to work was frankly ridiculous and consisted of

  • Two pairs of socks
  • pair of walking trousers
  • pair of snowboarding trousers over the top
  • thick long sleeved tee-shirt
  • long sleeved fleece top
  • down filled gilet
  • Supercoat 3 (2 layers)
  • two pairs of gloves
  • a gaiter
  • walking boots

Even with five layers (count em) on my top I was still chilly on the way home tonight. As I type I’ve been home for well over an hour and I’m only just beginning to thaw out.

Walking really saps the strength when every step sinks and slips in the snow – and my usual 50 minute 3 miles took closer to 1 hour 40 minutes – all the time feeling like a really arduous task.

It was pretty though. There’s that at least…


Anyway – now I have a dilemma of sorts…

The question is whether or not to continue to document my weekly ‘progress’ with weight in my blog any more. The objective is to make it remain static and I suspect that over time this will not prove to be either exciting or compelling reading.

I’ve also had a few people ask me since last week whether I plan to continue writing my blog at all – and my immediate response is ‘yes – definitely!

The truth of it is that although my blog predominantly became about my weight loss progress it was never really intended to be solely about that. When I first began my reasons for publishing my thoughts were simple and could be boiled down to three things.

  1. I wanted to finally be honest with the world about who I was. I’d hidden my shame about my eating and drinking for too long (or at least I thought I had) and I wanted that to end.
  2. I wanted to learn what I loved in life. I couldn’t answer that and it was driving me insane.
  3. I needed to create something (ANYTHING) and to feel that I wasn’t just a consumer. I wanted to give something back to the world instead of just absorbing the output of others.

Mostly because of a lack of real direction and clear purpose my blog got a somewhat odd title – and I became daveywankenobie.

‘Davey’ as an online literary presence is a part of me that I don’t plan to close the door on anytime soon (nor my wankenobie – despite how some naughty people may pronounce it).

My pseudonym is just a bit of fun though. I’ve always been aware that the REAL name of my blog was its sub-title – ‘Learning to live life’.

At the time this was an afterthought – but it proved over time to perfectly describe what I was doing, and it’s as true now as it was back then.

So – if you’re willing to continue reading internet there’s still a lot of life to be learned about and hopefully a significant portion of it left to be lived! Feel free to join me as I continue to work on both!



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