Trying to be good

So far so good.

My foot is holding up and I’m once again walking back and forth to work and getting my daily distance back up to my 20,000 step/10 mile average. I’ve just been out for an evening walk too – and whilst my heel still doesn’t feel quite right it’s not painful – just mildly irritating.

I can live with irritating. Agony – not so much, so I’m continuing to be sensible about things. I’m glad to be engaging in my refreshing walks to work again and the car is once more looking lonely and unloved.

Things aren’t all rosy however. I feel that the weekend was something of a lost cause diet wise. I misplaced the will to be good for a solid 24 hours (starting on Saturday afternoon) and since Monday I’ve been trying hard to regain my impetus and control my eating.

It’s a particularly tough time to be good at work though.

Not only am I preoccupied with lots of things that I both want and need to do in my role but on each day this week there have been a huge variety of sandwiches, biscuits, pancakes, donuts, cakes and samosas (otherwise known as Davey Kryptonite) laid out in the kitchen.

Every time I go in there a new plate of something or other has materialised and if I wanted to I could do considerable damage to my waistline on a daily basis.

It’s bad enough trying to be good at home without work also poking me in the ribs with a breadstick all day long.

My impulse in the evenings during this loooooong winter has been (if I’m absolutely truthful) to comfort eat –  and I definitely notice this tendency is more pronounced when the weather is dark and cold and I’m a bit bored.

The only saving grace thankfully is that my types of ‘go -to’ comfort food are no longer any of the above – but if you eat a lot of anything it’s worse than ‘not very much of something’.

Since I had a bit of a shaky start to the week I’ve decided to cut 1/3 out of my daily intake Mon-Friday in an effort to regain my momentum. I’m attempting to not go over 1500kcal a day and walk/burn off as much as I can so that the weekend is negated.

So far it’s going to plan and my aim for Saturday is at the very least to maintain and if I’m lucky to lose something.

Earlier this week I had a chat with my consultant about where I’m going with weight loss lately and I’ve pretty much decided (in agreement with her) to call target at around the 15st mark when I finally manage to get there.

I could lose more – but honestly at the moment I’m really happy with who I am now (apart from toning and tweaking) and for the time being I think I’m content to maintain and just see how I feel about that for a while.

If I decide to try for a lower weight after that then so be it.

I don’t think anything will change in the meantime though because I still need to maintain my focus on eating healthily and exercising regularly. I’m going to weigh in every week just like always and I’m going to have to make sure I don’t put anything back on – so soon a whole new ball game begins.

However I have to get to 15 stone first, and I’m not currently finding losing lots of weight as easy as it once was. If I’m brutally honest with myself that’s more of a mindset issue than a physical one. I don’t think there’s anything stopping me from losing more weight other than me being unwilling to slice yet more calories out of a daily intake that I’m actually quite happy with.

Over the next few days though I aim to remain both focused and determined to get back on track.

If only those samosas would go away internet… It’s like slow torture!!!



      1. So true! And the rise in veganism isn’t helping me.

        Me: Oh no, what a shame, I can’t have those.

        Tesco: Here, have a 12 pack of frozen vegan samosas for £1!

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  1. Oh I know this feeling. They have been tempting me with cake, cake and more cake at work recently. >.< It gets hard after the fourth or so time haha. But we can do it! XD We should come up with a team name for situations like this haha. Go team!

    Liked by 1 person

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