Filling evenings

Idle hands make work for the erm… supermarket.

I know that is isn’t quite how the mantra usually goes – but I’m having to face up to the fact that my tendency has been lately (largely thanks to the weather) to stay in at night and slump in front of the TV. When I do I’m usually thinking about food.

I’ve therefore resolved to find a reason to go out every evening this week to shake myself out of my comfort (eating) zone – and yesterday evening’s excuse was the cinema.

I headed off to see ‘The Darkest Hour’ – which has (justifiably) seen both the film and Gary Oldman nominated for Oscars.

His portrayal of Winston Churchill is a pretty mind blowing master class on how an actor can transform themselves for a role. It’s breathtaking to watch, and I found myself continually trying to see Oldman in Churchill’s face – and eventually giving up.

The metamorphosis is that complete.

Although at times I felt that the story had been embellished for effect (the London Underground sequence for instance) I highly recommend seeing it. It’s engaging and fascinating in equal measure.

If you’re wondering though – it’s not one of those films that necessarily benefits from being on a larger screen. It should be just as impressive on a television – but it does need to be watched.

Tonight I arranged to go for a walk with a friend (we sadly ended up at the pub chilling out and chatting in front of a roaring fire a it rained outside) and I’m planning other things later in the week to keep me occupied and take my mind off the contents of my fridge.


When I’m doing things elsewhere (particularly when I’m with people) I’m FAR less likely to eat – which is good. When I have unstructured time on my hands I typically eat larger quantities.

I feel that I’m making glacial progress at the moment towards my weight loss goals and it’s irritating me. If my objective was to maintain my weight then I think I’d have pretty much cracked it with what I’m consuming at the moment.

However it’s not.

I’m still supposed to be losing weight and I have the best part of a stone to go. The problem is that I’m finding it a real challenge at the moment.

This is not me wanting to give up and do nothing and go back to my bad old ways.

Far from it.

This is just me aware that in just over two months I’ll have been defining myself by weight loss for two whole years of my life.

At some point really soon I’d like to stop that, begin the process of maintaining and transfer my focus to other aspects of my life.

I know that I don’t have to necessarily stop one to accomplish the other but now I no longer feel odd – and people keep telling me that I don’t need to lose many more weight it’s becoming harder to find the daily mental effort that restricting myself enough to drop pound after pound requires.

I’m also aware that thanks to saggy skin and a network of stretch marks I’ll never be perfect. Instead I have to find a place that I’m happy with myself.

Truthfully this can’t be too far away.

I look in the mirror now (at least fully clothed) I generally like what I see. Although I’d be grateful if some wobbly bits evaporated I’m fit and healthy with a surprising addiction to exercise that I don’t imagine will disappear any time soon.


The feeling of getting up in the morning and heading out into the world never knowing quite what the weather will do is something I love with all my heart. It’s this kind of surprise morning sunrise that’s keeping me continually focused on being fit and healthy.

I just need to keep my eye on losing weight for a little longer…

For those amongst you wondering – I’ve carried on keeping a food diary for #onplanjan and despite not posting it for various reasons over the last few days I’ve still been filling it in diligently.

24th Jan
Chilli con carne leftovers + half a pouch of microwave basmati rice
Chicken and cottage cheese salad
Yogurt and frozen berries with banana

25th Jan
3x Aldi wheat biscuits (9 syns) with strawberries, blueberries and banana + unsweetened almond milk
Iceberg lettuce, 6 tomatoes & half a jar of pickled onions
Chicken, cabbage, mushroom, leek, onion stir fry with a baked potato
Yogurt and frozen berries with banana

26th Jan
Chicken, cabbage, mushroom, leek, onion stir fry with a baked potato leftovers
6 Braeburn apples
Romaine lettuce, carrots, pepper cucumber, tuna and mackerel
4 Aldi wheat biscuits (12 syns) with almond milk

27th Jan
5 hi-fi bars
Baked potato with tuna and side salad + 3 Large Braeburn apples
Chilli con carne with half a pouch of cous cous
Yogurt and frozen berries with banana
Pot of cottage cheese

28th Jan
Pot of cottage cheese, 6 fresh tomatoes, 2x corn on the cob and 4 Tesco Delhi counter faggots.
Butternut chops and leftover chilli
450g natural yogurt and berries (all speed)
6 apples

29th Jan
500g carrots, 6 tomatoes, cous cous, pickled onions, gherkins and can of tuna and tub of cottage cheese
Slow cooked beef stew with swede, leek, potato, butternut, red onion and chopped tomatoes
2xhifi bars (HE)

30th Jan
Slow cooked beef stew leftovers
500g carrots + 2 hifi bars (HE)
Stir fry chicken with courgette, red onion, mushrooms, leek and savoy cabbage with baked potato + cottage cheese
Yogurt + blueberries and banana
2xhi-fi bars (6 syns)

Exercise wise I’ve also done slightly more this month than any previous month.

At the time of writing I’ve averaged 123 minutes of cardio, 10.5 miles and 20,220 steps per day for the whole of January.

In the past this would have translated into an absolutely mind blowing weight loss – but now it doesn’t seem to any more.

All of the above is just me staying healthy!

Anyway internet – it’s getting late and thanks to me keeping myself gainfully occupied this evening my time has evaporated. I’m in need of sleep before being super super busy again tomorrow!



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