Forever wardrobe

I’m going to hazard a guess and say that some retailers have suffered more than others over Christmas – and this is particularly evident in the January Sales that seem to still be ongoing absolutely everywhere.

I’m not complaining mind you – because at the moment I’m trying to build a ‘forever wardrobe’.

In many respects (after my clear out last weekend) I’m half way there for standard office and casual wear.

I still haven’t taken all of the larger clothes that I put in bin liners to charity yet but I’m going to soon. For those who were worried regarding my reticence – it’s definitely on my to-do list.

I’m not quite there for active outdoor clothing though.

This is an area I don’t want to skimp on – because this is the kind of hard wearing gear that I intend to use for many years and it’s something I’m really passionate about. I don’t want conditions of any kind to be a barrier to going out walking or trekking.

I’m an all weather guy now and forever – even if occasionally my extremities might disagree.

As if I needed a reminder of how cold they get these days (I know I keep mentioning this – but it’s a big issue!) this morning’s park walk was bitter in the extreme.

It’s been Thinsulate hat, down filled gilet and hoodie weather today

So – my core, my head and arms were catered for – but my hands?


I’d love to break into song and twirl around amongst snowflakes singing ‘let it go, let it go’ – but I’d be lying if I said that ‘the cold never bothered me anyway…’

So – after several miles around the park in Coventry, and a quick march into Leamington I finally decided (when I could literally no longer press buttons on my phone to respond to texts because I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore) that now was the time to spend a little more than I usually would on a pair of waterproof fleece lined gloves.

Until today I’ve had a few pairs of chunky and warm gloves of various sizes and styles but I’ve never owned a pair that don’t get totallysoaked when it rains.

Something I’ve also found useful are rubber grips on the palms. Having these means that I can drink from and carry a coffee flask without taking my gloves off. Non-rubberised palms mean the cup slips and you constantly have to grip things with a lot of force which just leads to fatigue.

I have a thin pair that have this kind of grip already – and I tend to wear them solely because of that. They’re awful in every other respect though and are practically useless on a day with anything other than bright sunshine.

My considered advice is never buy Karrimor anything’s. It’s all crap in my experience and is a false economy.

You’re far better off spending more money on an item that’s well made and will last.

So – today I went all ‘brand name’ on the problem’s bottom and found a Peter Storm pair in Millets ‘final reductions’ Bin with 50% off. This brought the price down to a semi-acceptable level so I dropped some cash on them.

This is one of those few instances where having hands that would typically be found on a pre-pubescent female dwarf comes in quite… erm… handy.

My teeny digits are not only useful for making Swiss watches but are also clearly the right size for a sale!!!

So far indications are good. I’ve walked a few miles in them and at the moment they seem to be working as advertised – although I’ve yet to test the waterproof claims.

Either way they’re relatively thin, allow me to continually drink coffee and my hands are toasty!

This makes Davey a happy boy!

You know what else makes me smile? It’s when I’m sitting quietly writing my blog and drinking coffee in Starbucks (I’ve been coming here regularly since I started walking from coffee shop to coffee shop to lose weight) and my regular barista walks over to me mid paragraph and says;

‘Every time I see you you’re smaller! How much have you lost?’

I got to reply in front of all the nearby people ’19st 5lbs’ and see her face morph into one of amazement and admiration.

THAT kind of thing makes my day almost as much as warm hands – although honestly it’s a close run thing – because her kind compliment made me feel really warm inside and has wrapped a smile around my face that isn’t likely to wear off any time soon.

It’s going to be there for the rest of the day.

I might have been worn out with the effort of this weight loss journey yesterday Internet – but these moments make it all worth it.



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