Friends with dumbbells

I’m back in 1994.

I’ve been there every evening this week since I discovered that the HD remasters of one of my all time favourite comedy shows are now available on Netflix. I suppose it’s a consequence of being older that everyone else is beginning to look increasingly youthful around me.

This is particularly true in the case of Friends season one.

Look how ickle they all are! So cute and itty bitty!


Back in the mid 90’s the cast was REAAAAALLLLLY YOUNG!

  • Jennifer Aniston: 25 – 26
  • Courteney Cox: 30
  • Lisa Kudrow: 31
  • Matt LeBlanc: 26
  • Matthew Perry: 25
  • David Schwimmer: 27

The whole Ross and Rachael sub-plot is in full swing at the moment (I’m on episode 21) and their will they/won’t they on/off romance is just as cute as ever. The whole thing has taken me back to a (possibly rather rose tinted) simpler time in my life when everyone wore high waisted trousers and liked shoulder pads in their suits.

The laughs back in 1994 are easy and the whole show just makes me feel happy.

The truth is that things weren’t so easy back then – and it was around this period that I started to struggle in life, although at the time I never really recognised that about myself.

I guess that this realisation in the present day would have been something that a couple of years ago might have filled me with regret or driven me an orgy of denial – where I’d typically have eaten to excess or bought a few bottles of wine.

The truth is that whilst I’ve been watching over the last few days I’ve instead been doing my floor exercises and dipping in and out of dumbbells workouts.


I feel positive therefore because I’m continually doing positive things and it’s a measure of how life has changed for me that when I do them they fill me with pleasure.

I can already feel improvements in my body after a really short time. I also now that I will probably feel even more soon because my arms feel like jelly as I type.

Jan 1st
Full press-ups – 7
Full sit-ups (feet free) – 0
Sit-ups feet under sofa – 7

Jan 2nd
Full press-ups – 7
Full sit-ups (feet free) – 0
Sit-ups feet under sofa – 10
Dumbbell workout

Jan 3rd
Sit-ups feet under sofa – 12
Dumbbell workout

Jan 4th
Full press-ups – 10
Sit-ups feet under sofa – 12 (7 then pause then 5)
Dumbbell workout

I’m not expecting any visual changes any time soon – but with that said this morning I made a new notch on my belt – so I’m confident that slowly and surely I’ll see my efforts bearing fruit.

At the same time I’m also sticking with my #onplanjan Slimming World objectives. So far my eating has remained in control as well and 100% on course. Bit by bit my Christmas and New Years’ (rather relaxed) attitude to dieting has begun to fade away and been replaced once more by resolve.

1st Jan
600g Butternut waffles + tub of cottage cheese
Butternut, canned tomato, courgette, onion, beef, potato stew
Natural yogurt – 100g blueberries, banana & Aldi summer fruits

2nd Jan
Leftover slow cooker stew with a mugshot mixed in
Baked potato + Tuna and Mackerel salad + cottage cheese
Natural yogurt banana & Aldi summer fruits

3rd Jan
4x Aldi wheat biscuits (12 syns) with strawberries, blueberries and banana + unsweetened almond milk
Chicken, mushroom, onion, olive, leek and green pepper stir fry with baked potato


4th Jan
4x Aldi wheat biscuits (12 syns) with strawberries, blueberries and banana + unsweetened almond milk
Chilli con carne made with pork mince, kidney beans, chick peas, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, yellow & pepper
Rice pudding made with almond milk, summer fruits and banana + Stevia and cinnamon.

All the while I’m keeping up the walking – and I recently calculated that (as of the end of December) since joining Slimming World back in April 2016 (link) I’ve walked 4217.5 miles and taken 8,556,987 steps.

This means that I’ve almost managed to get from the UK to India, which with any luck (at my current rate of 300 miles a month) I should reach by the end of February.

india distance

I think it only fitting that when I do get there I celebrate with a (Slimming World friendly) curry in a local Indian restaurant!

In other news as I clocked up these miles walking home in the darkening half light this evening I found myself thinking ‘shouldn’t it be dark now?’

I then realised that the shortest day of the winter has already passed!!! It was Thursday 21st December – meaning that SUMMER IS NEARLY HERE!!! 

Well – it will be in about six months internet… but the anticipation is suddenly killing me!!!

Keep going with the New Years resolutions guys! You can do it!



  1. We’ve been watching Friends too, which is good because I was just in the wrong age group when it came out the first time and only saw a few repeats on Channel 4 as a young adult. I’m enjoying it so far!

    I can’t wait to be all healed and crack on with my exercise too. You’re doing great -little by little a little becomes a lot, and all that 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 😀 Nice! Keep up the good work!

    Make sure you give your wrists time to recover. 🙂 I have learned the hard way that they can really start hurting if you quite suddenly burden them too much.

    Liked by 1 person

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