They just fit

Today has been a day for things that fit.

It’s always a moment of anxiety when you see a gaping hole and you think ‘I hope what I have will fit properly in there’.

This is never more true than of an electrical purchase – and when I dragged my old washing machine out from it’s usual resting place this morning in preparation for it’s replacement my mind just said – ‘the new one’s going to be too tall!’

However – it was nonsense. I was worrying about nothing – and if anything when the new one arrived it fitted much better than I expected it to because it has about 20 cm less depth than the previous one.

This is great because I love diminutive technology and it gives me more space in my galley kitchen – but not so great because I realised that the person who painted this room before I moved in decorated around the old washing machine – leaving an undecorated 20cm on my wall by the back door.

This means that that I’m going to need to do some painting. The plaster seems to have been left undecorated since the 1980’s and it’s seriously ugly.

I’m not posting a picture of it here because it looks truly awful (hence my cropping out of the left hand side) unlike my washing machine – pictured here with a full load.

It’s a wonder to behold.

It… like… washes… stuff.. and… gets.. things… like… clean!


Truthfully though it wasn’t the first item of the day that fitted just perfectly.

That award went to some charity shop purchases (technically I tried them on yesterday in the shop) which I am absolutely chuffed to bits with – both in terms of cost and how they look.

I’ve never had a pullover jacket like this before and I really like the look. The offset zip around the neck is pretty cool – and the hood has a peak for rain – which is something I’ve always wanted!

The jeans are button fly Levis and are my first pair of 36in waisted Levi denims of ANY KIND since 1989.

That’s right people. The last time I wore an outfit like this I was in my mid teens.

That feels pretty special I can tell you.

I’m aware however that this isn’t the first time I’ve blogged about clothing that I can get into. Although getting into perpetually smaller items of clothing is really cool you might be surprised to know that my mind probably doesn’t work the way you expect it to.

A couple of weeks ago someone said to me that they were seventeen and a half stone and that they’d like to get down to my size.

I blinked.

He looked smaller than me though surely? I studied him while we talked and as I was listening to his words I was thinking about something entirely different. All that kept going through my mind was ‘he doesn’t look overweight at all – he just looks normal!’

After this I asked someone a pointed question.

‘Does he look bigger than me?’

Yes.’ came the reply.

I don’t know why this should have been such a surprise – but it was. I’ve spent so long being the biggest man in the room that even when logic tells me I’m not any more I really (absolutely honestly) struggle to take that fact on board.

This crops up all the time – and sometimes I have to prove to myself that my internal reality is different to ACTUAL reality.

Many who’ve been reading this blog for a while will know that my relationship with my current car (a 2003 VW Passat) began primarily because of two things.

  1. The seatbelt in the Ford Mondeo I wanted didn’t fit – but the one in the Passat did so I bought the VW.
  2. The dashboard in the Pasatt has blue lights. Blue lights are cool.

Point two is still close to my heart. My new kettle underscores this. I’m a sucker both for red things and things with blue lights.

I also still have a soft spot my old car. It’s only done 171,000 miles so it’s practically brand new.

My Passat has at times really suffered however. Before I started to lose weight my belly touched the steering wheel of this really large automobile. My weight also broke the seat – which needed to be tig welded and strengthened by a helpful mechanic.

I also broke the steering wheel with my bulk.


However – despite not wanting to buy a new car I (at times) immediately think ‘oh – I won’t fit into one of those cars’ when I look at something smaller.

When this happens I recoil a tiny bit inside with worry.

This is particularly true of cars with ‘buckety’ style seats that have raised edges either side.

They’re meant to hold you in place but all they ever used to do to me was cause intense discomfort as the sides of the chair dug into each leg.

So – today I decided that I’d WELL AND TRULY lay all of my misconceptions to rest and walk to every garage I could find, sit in their smallest car, and put the seatbelt on. At the very least it was a good excuse for exercise.

The results (to me at least) were surprising – and despite thinking I would really struggle with some of them nothing could be further from the truth.

Volkswagen Up!

Nissan Micra

Peugeot 108

Mazda 2 (GT Sport)

Ford KA+

Vauxall Adam

Fiat 500

Yes – even the matchbox sized (at least from the outside) Fiat 500 is now a car I could happily drive every single day without any discomfort.

Every single one of these had a seatbelt that fitted me and I felt supremely comfortable at the wheel.

I was even tempted to ask the Fiat dealer to let me sit in their roped off prize exhibit – the original 1957 style model of the car that was in service for many many years before it was finally updated in 2007 – but at the last minute I decided against it.

The mental battle had already been won.

I have re-educated my perception of myself.

I know with absolute certainty that I can put on any seatbelt and I can get into any car I want to.

They all just fit internet.







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