Caffeinated geek

I’ve been a bit of a piggywiggy over the last 24 hours and have successfully consumed all of the nice things in my house that were meant to last me the entire week. However it’s Christmas and I’m sure that Santa will forgive a few little indiscretions.

I don’t intend to buy any more of them so from now on it’s pretty much salad or soup for every meal until I next go shopping!

As I mentioned yesterday my sleep was pretty much wrecked and I ended up snoozing through most of the afternoon and being wide awake all night (otherwise known as this morning).

Still – worse things have happened – and whilst I missed out on the day I got to open all of the presents that I’d been saving till Christmas Day (which I’ve never done before) at super early o’clock today.

It seems that people have somehow (I’m at a loss as to how this happened) come to the conclusion that I’m a caffeinated geek because pretty much every present appeared to relate to my twin passions in life, and oddly also my newfound enthusiasm for RED!



Armed with some of these useful gifts (and refreshed by some epic sleeps) I decided that my Christmas day would (rather than the vegetative slump that I’d originally envisaged) be a darn good one for exercise.

Since I don’t have the ‘excuse’ for moving my bottom that I normally have (walking to work) I had to find other reasons – and today I decided to hit the local countryside and see if I could find coffee on Christmas day to keep my new R2D2 flask full.

I decided that a walk to Hatton would help in this pursuit – and despite the sky being grey and forbidding I ventured out into the wilds of Warwickshire.

After a couple of hours brisk walking I found myself at a Shell petrol station where there was a Costa express machine. Here I stopped for a little while and filled my flask with £2.30’s worth of Americano.

This was also apparently the home of the Mcdonalds litter bug (from whom I benefit immensely) with a bonus bean lying on the floor just outside.


Given that this was about 10ft from a bin I’m at a complete loss as to the mentality of the idiot that dropped it – but who cares. I have its bean and it’s in the trash now!

I continued on down the canal from the petrol station and started to see several families out and about with some suspiciously new looking bikes underneath the children and lots of smiling faces. For the most part though it was supremely quiet and peaceful. It was generally just a boy, his Star Wars wind cheater, his R2D2 flask and some ducks.


As I once more neared Warwick I decided to check to see if anywhere was serving coffee in town – and to my surprise Wetherspoons was open in the square.

Now – given my tee-total status it probably comes as no surprise to anyone reading that I rarely go into places like this – and I am most likely to be found in the nearby Costa or Cafe Nero instead. However this may be about to change – because of an apparently new policy that this chain of pubs has started.

The bottomless coffee!!!!

When I asked for a coffee on Christmas day the girl at the bar actually said ‘coffee?!’ and looked a bit confused that I wasn’t there for alcohol. I asked whether she minded me filling up R2D2 as well as a cup – and she didn’t mind one little bit.

‘Help yourself!’ she said.

So I did.

I had 3 Americanos for £1.20!


As I was leaving it started to rain – but by this time I really didn’t care. I was buzzing from all the brown nectar and exercise. Oddly the light had changed, casting a really nice hue on the nearby St Mary’s church.

Warwick looked really nice, even in the rain – and I was reminded just how much I’ve come to love living here over the last couple of years since I’ve become more active. It’s a really nice little corner of the world that’s both peaceful and pretty. I never feel threatened or vulnerable when I’m out and about.

It’s really a privilege (considering where I mostly grew up) to be here – and I love mooching around it’s alleyways and streets.


By the time I reached home my Apple Watch stated I’d met and exceeded my goals for the day – meaning that I can now spend the rest of the evening watching my Star Trek Blu-ray, playing video games and drinking (decaf) coffee until I fall asleep totally guilt free!

So – hopefully (whatever you’ve been up to) internet your day has been as pleasurable as mine!

Happy flipping Christmas Day!!!




  1. 😀 Yeay I got to spend boxing day doing one of my favourite things: reading your blog whilst enjoying my (only) cup of coffee before I start my day.

    All your presents look absolutely bomb! 😀 Red is definitely your new colour 😛

    And oh my gosh, I have a massive soft spot for Wetherspoons, but now they serve unlimited tea? They are going to have to drag me out of there now XD. (Background info: as someone born and raised in Amsterdam it dazzles me that they can serve a really good meal made from fresh, local produce for like 6 euro’s including a drink…. Also I appreciate that they include calorie counts on their menu)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s something to be said for consistency and they do appear to do things like this very well. In my old drinking experience however their very reasonable price points tended to attract the really heavy boozers. However it seemed lovely and chilled yesterday – and free refills?! Sign me up baby!!

      Liked by 1 person

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