Radio vs washing machine

I’m going to be on the radio…

But more of such inconsequential things in a moment…

It’s probably something to do with my time of life (which in my mind can only be described as increasingly ancient) that the prospect of a new kitchen appliance is today filling me with utter joy.

Although – if I’m completely honest the joy actually comes more the fact that I can get it installed and replaced in the few days I have off over Christmas. I’ve been stressed to hell about how I’d do it but now I have it all bought and paid for and cemented in my calendar.

When the younger members of my team at work today proclaimed that they were leaving for the evening to play football with their mates or going to the pub I replied (when asked what my plans were) that tonight I was doing laundry at a friend’s house.

I’m pretty sure that I came across as very rock and roll.

I just know they were impressed.

The reason for this fun activity is that after many years of faithful service my washing machine made a very loud bang a few nights ago and then started doing this in the middle of its spin cycle.

I inherited this appliance when I purchased my house and it’s been working tirelessly without skipping a beat (despite being really fugly) for 11 years.

Not bad for £50.

However now clearly something is amiss – and upon further inspection when this happened I found that the drum inside was moving with almost complete freedom. I immediately Googled my machine (a Bosch WFB 2004) to see if I could find a user manual with some troubleshooting advice.

It quickly became apparent that this model dated back to at least 1998 (the earliest mention I could find) and was practically pre-internet. It harked back to a time WAAAAY before manufacturers thought about uploading PDF user manuals, and I quickly decided that repairing it (it has always had a broken dial which required Herculean effort to turn plus some other drawer problems too) was probably throwing good money after bad. It almost certainly uses a lot of water and energy too.

I resolved to replace it.

All of this annoyingly happened the night before I started my new job and my immediate fear was that my very first request of my employer in my probationary period would be for time off to sort it out.

Thankfully I’ve not only found a worthy replacement but I’ve also managed to schedule it’s installation before the new year and before I’m back to work!

Meet my new best friend!

Isn’t she pretty? 😍

My sense of relief that I’ve got this sorted can’t be understated.

This was occupying my thought processes so much that when I received an unexpected (and unsolicited) call on Tuesday it was all I could think about.

‘Hello?’ I said, answering the phone, expecting it to be PPI or an ambulance chaser.

‘Hi’ came the reply. ‘This is ***** from BBC Coventry and Warwickshire and I’d like to ask you whether you’d be interested in appearing on the radio to discuss your weight loss.’

Stunned silence.

‘Well’ that’s ok…’ I said, gathering my thoughts ‘…but I need to replace my washing machine.’

It was now the turn for the other end of the call to fall silent.

‘…weeeelllll…. we have a couple of slots that might suit.’ The friendly researcher replied after a pause.

‘OK – but I really need to sort this out.’ I said ‘Can you e-mail me the details please and I’ll get back to you?’

I provided her with my address and ended the call.


I replied to the mail.

I’d be delighted to appear I said. Next Friday morning would suit me just fine and I’d be obliged if they could send me further details.

Today I got the confirmation.

I’ll be appearing on Connor Phillips’s show at 10.15am on the 29th December. The station is BBC Coventry and Warwickshire (link). If you live in the UK but not in this area you can find the show in the iPlayer Radio app – and on the web too.


Hopefully my washing machine will arrive the day before as planned and I won’t have to cancel!

I’m not sure I’ll be at all interesting to anyone – but you never know! It will be a fun thing to do if nothing else (although a little nerve wracking!)

In the meantime I’m spending the rest of the day LIVING THE DREAM and doing my laundry at my kind friend’s house. Hopefully I’ll also be able to drink all of her coffee and fit in a good deal of nattering at the same time.

Rock n roll internet.






  1. How brilliant! Fabulous that your story will be inspiring people at just the time that so many are embarking on their Nee Year changes. I’m definitely going to listen in. Meantime, Happy Christmas, Davey – and ‘onward and downward’ in the New Year! x

    Liked by 1 person

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