Gain response

My flu seems to be coming and going in waves. When I’m out walking (although my nose is streaming like a leaky tap) I don’t really feel that ill.

When I stop and sit I feel my jam packed sinuses, my head throbs and I’m ridiculously cold and achy. Annoyingly I also seem to be losing my voice a bit (I can see you at the back rejoicing) but hey ho.

Life goes on, and as one of the ladies pointed out in Slimming World this morning ‘it’s only man flu’.

I almost felt duty bound to point out that a member of the fairer sex gave it to me in the first place, and mine appears to be a less pronounced version than the one she came down with, meaning that by the time it hit my gender had already diminished the worst aspects of it and my weaker ‘man flu’ simply proves the superior coping mechanisms present in men.

However I decided not to say this in a room filled entirely with different hormones to my own, and instead stoically shouldered my burden.

It’s what us men do…

(Author pokes the internet bear with a stick and gingerly steps back)

Joking aside though I do genuinely feel like crap today and got virtually no sleep last night.

The one bright light in all this is that I’m convinced that this would be worse if I wasn’t going out all the time and still getting my exercise in regardless. It’s definitely helping me in terms of breathing and an overall sense of well-being.

Being outside and sniffly is way better than being stuck inside, sniffly and miserable.

Overall because of this I’m upbeat – which is a good thing – because despite having a completely on plan week I’ve had a blip on the scales and somehow gained three pounds.

It’s not the first time. This ‘speed up and slow down’ progress seems to be par for the course for me since early August.

I’ve mentioned it before – but the psychology of how I deal with instances like this now is very different to the way I used to cope with them, and in a way I’m glad that this has been happening.

I don’t get angry with myself needlessly any more. I don’t feel pressured by imaginary time constraints, I don’t feel that I’ve let myself down and I certainly don’t feel the need to face plant a pizza or kebab and eat until I’m sick because I’ve just confirmed by looking at a number on a scale that I’m a failure.

Although I don’t like the phrase ‘naturally thin’ (I prefer naturally self modifying) this is something that such people experience all the time – and I’ve come to realise the hard way that these fluctuations happen as part of normal life.

Furthermore they occur for a variety of reasons (I must have at least a half pound of snot backed up in my sinuses for instance and I haven’t yet been to the loo today) and as long as I don’t use them as an excuse for bad behaviour it’s just another week.

My clothes still fit, my resolve hasn’t changed at all and tomorrow (from a dietary perspective) will be the same as yesterday. So will the day after, and the day after that.

This will hopefully continue for the rest of my life.

I’m not interested in yo-yo anything or guilt of any kind any more. I’m just interested in eating well, exercising every day, looking after myself and trusting that in the end my body will eventually reward me with progress.

Or it won’t. Maybe it will do it the week after.

Who knows?

Either way there’s no junk food on the horizon for me.

Tonight I’m cooking a large healthy chilli with boiled rice and I’m following it with some natural yogurt and frozen fruit (two of my favourite things).

I’m also going to make myself a cous cous packed lunch ready for tomorrow because (come rain or shine) I’m setting out early and I’m going to do something strenuous.

This isn’t because I put weight on today. It’s because I structure my weeks in advance with calendar entries to meet friends and do ‘outdoorsy stuff’. This means that I always know that at least one day (preferably two or three) I do significantly more than on other days.

It’s the only way to keep my ten mile average up (work days typically come in at around 7.5-8.5 miles currently) and so far I’m maintaining that very effectively.

Anyway – hopefully tomorrow the sun will come out a little bit (it’s all drizzly today) and allow me to take some nice photos so I can show you all what I’ve been up to.

Today is just grim – but it still feels Christmassy!

So – if you’ve had a similar result don’t use it as an excuse!!!

Instead put on a warm coat – ignore the rain and join me in the outdoors, making up for it and moving swiftly on, being naturally thin.



    1. (Checks vah-jay-jay, realises bitter truth) ahem (lowers voice an octave) yea darlin. I’m sure. Excuse me while I do some DIY whilst listening to the football. (Scratches arse for good measure)


    1. It’s actually not as bad as other colds I’ve had – but as I said I think that’s purely because my ability to deal with something like this is improved because of my increased fitness. Without it I think things would be really different

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