Dancing the night away

Waaaaay back in the 90’s I was something of a clubber. I really got into dance music for a while – and despite my inability (in my opinion) to look even vaguely co-ordinated on the dancefloor I usually got both hammered and lost in the crowd and it didn’t matter.

In much the same way as I expect football fans get carried away with the roar of thousands of voices rejoicing or howling in unison I often felt very at home in a tightly packed crowd of people. Despite the number of them surrounding me I never felt claustrophobic – but was instead totally lost in the music as the rhythm pulsed through the air.

However – my excessive behaviours, the death of a friend and a the start of a long term significant relationship changed how I viewed this part of my life. I stopped going out to dance the night away circa 1996. Until last night – because yesterday was the Slimming World Christmas get together.

This is me dancing with my consultant Angie – without whom things would be very different in my life.

She’s a special person and she knows the words to all the songs on every dancefloor it seems!

I can only imagine what she was like as a young girl with music, a mirror and a hairbrush. 😏


Like many things these days this function is something that for many reasons (both physical and psychological) I probably wouldn’t have attended last year.

This year however I don’t feel like I stand out in a crowd any more.

Just as I was back in the mid 90’s I’m just a face amongst many once again. There’s nothing special or unusual about me visually and I can stand in a room filled with bass while surrounded by people, close my eyes, lift my head up to the sky and then just release when the beat drops.

Which I did. Over and over again for a few hours.

I’d forgotten the euphoria of it. It’s intoxicating and wonderful. Honestly I had no idea how much I missed it until I discovered it again.

That’s not to say you’re going to find me with glow sticks on a podium every Saturday night from now on mind you. Everything in moderation. I’m a bit balding and past all that now. Most of the ladies in the room could have been my daughter!

(If you want to see a snippet of my middle aged dad dancing then head over to my Instagram in the link on this page.)

What this does mean is that I won’t say no to a party if I’m invited, because now I try to say no to almost nothing.

By the time the day was done I’d smashed my exercise goals and clocked up around 32,000 steps according to Apple Watch. What’s even more interesting is that I barely broke a sweat in around two and a half hours of boogying. Back in the 90’s as a thinner but ridiculously unfit man with a very bad lifestyle I was typically drenched.

I fudging love being this fit!

As I walked home early this morning from the club with a (vaguely worrying) ringing in my ears and a fixed smile etched upon my face I looked around the quiet streets, and thought how much I’m enjoying life lately…

I stopped and looked up for the metaphorical piano.

Nope. Still not there!

Wait?… Was that?… A snowflake?

No – whatever it was is gone… It must have been my imagination.

(at this point in the narrative the author retires for the night. It’s 2am and his dancing feet are tired.)

This morning I woke up (without a hangover because I no longer drink – yay!) still thinking about the club and the dancing. If the truth be told I was still boogying when I opened the curtains…

To a winter wonderland!!!! 


The whole world was covered in about 3-4 inches of snow – and this is the most Christmassy I’ve seen my garden for many many years!

As with the club the night before though a year and a half ago looking out of my back window would be as far as I think I would have managed to get. Walking in the snow can be sapping at the best of times – and it’s both harder and slower to get to where you need to be.

Add to that the fact that back when I was morbidly obese (even if I could have made the journey outdoors) I simply didn’t have the right clothing for the job and you’d have instead found Davey peeking out from behind his curtains, or deciding whether or to to brave the roads in his car.

Not any more.

I have Supercoat 2 (den den deeeerrr!), my zip up fleecey top, a neck warmer, thick gloves, a pair of snow boarding trousers and a great pair of warm boots.


Thanks to an assortment of large (not sure I mentioned the size before. That was large in case you missed it) clothes from charity shops and sales I can venture out in warm, watertight and quick drying all weather gear designed for days like this.

Snow won’t stop me!

So – like the mildly deranged man I am I decided that since the world was hiding indoors I’d venture out to Aldi to get some shopping – where (delightfully) the car park appeared to have more seagulls than cars in it!


After some shopping I slipped and skidded back home in my car and then went to pick up a package from the royal mail sorting office – which (very irritatingly in direct contradiction to the card that came through my letterbox yesterday while I was weighing in) was totally closed.

I decided regardless to walk into town for a coffee rather than drive. I didn’t like the idea of getting stuck behind a rear wheel drive vehicle (it’s hard not to laugh at BMW’s on a day like this as they wallow painfully up the shallowest of gradients, fishtailing as they go) and I wanted to see how I physically fared with the snow.


As I walked in (despite the snow beginning to melt a bit) I could see little children everywhere being pulled on little plastic sled by their parents – and when I reached the Dell on the outskirts of town there was a lovely little snowman being built near the play area.


The sorting office I’d visited earlier wasn’t the only thing that was affected. All of the busses in Warwickshire were cancelled and loads of shops were completely closed.

The Christmas market has never seemed so bleak.


On this particular row there was just one guy at the end selling cheese – and from what I could see he must have been really happy that he was one of the few that made it into Leamington.

All I could hear as he processed his clientele was ‘sorry to keep you waiting sir!’ as he valiantly worked through the three deep queue of fermented dairy addicts in front of him.


Then I finally sat down for a coffee (courtesy of my brother and his wife who I was catching up with) we just sat chatting and watching the snow flurries beat down outside.

It’s been a really lovely weekend.

I’ve hit a massive weight loss milestone (again), I’ve gone clubbing (again) and thoroughly enjoyed dancing the night away, gone hiking about in the snow (for the first time since losing weight) and now I’m sleepy – having eaten a huge slow cooker stew and only getting about four hours after getting home late.

I feel warm, happy and cosy!

Oh – and in case you’re wondering internet – my standards haven’t slipped. I gave the little gold chocolate to my sister in law 🙂



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