Today the universe loves me!

There are some days when you just know the universe has your back. They start well – and they just sail along quite nicely all the way through.

My first task of the morning (I had a day booked off and plans laid out in advance) was to hurriedly get some shopping. The moment I arrived outside Aldi (slotting into the perfect parking space in a largely vacant lot) and grabbed a trolly I knew it was meant for me.

Sitting in it was not only a shiny pound coin, but a McDonald’s coffee cup with it’s bean intact.

Since I’m a shameless magpie and it takes very little to make me giggle with glee, this on it’s own would have set me up for the day (I now have one full card and another with two beans on!) but then the sun came out as well and started smiling at me.

The shop was also pretty much empty, I got everything I wanted, wasn’t rushed at the till and got home in good time to put all my frozen fruit away before it went soggy. I then got changed and headed out to meet some friends for a walk.

Although we know each other very very well the three of us rarely get to hang out together – and we decided to walk the entire 7 mile length of the Kenilworth Greenway into Balsall common and top it off with a coffee at Costa.

This was a really delightful stroll if I’m honest – and involved a generous amount of twalking and catching up in general. Since I start my new job soon (I’m still in the new old one for a while) this is most likely the last chance I’ll have for a while to go on such a stroll during the week without booking annual leave or utilising a bank holiday – so I’m trying to make the most of my current role’s zero hour contract flexibility while I can.

Today I also had another task. For a totally separate reason I needed a full length body shot of me – and since I can’t do this on my own easily, when we reached an appropriately well lit area I asked one of my friends to take one.

I’m really happy with how it turned out – despite feeling I still have some work to do on my midriff.

The really surprising thing about this photo is that the Craghopper walking trousers I’m wearing are NOT a 36 inch waist as I reported the other day. They’re a 34! I completely read the label wrong! They’re a bit snug around the waist – but I don’t care – because the new fleecy top (which I found yesterday in a sale) I’m also wearing is a LARGE.

Since I love a good comparison photo montage – here’s new and improved Davey vs old and struggling Davey once more for your viewing pleasure.


If the sense of well being from this photo alone wasn’t enough, when I got back to Kenilworth and bid my friends farewell and (because clothes shopping now appears to be my new ‘thing’) I hit the local charity shops with a vengence.

My word did they contain some low hanging friut today!

I’ve said before that the sole reason people in Kenilworth go shopping appears to be so that they can buy expensive clothes, leave the tags on them and then when they get bored of looking at their bulging wardrobes full of new things take the unused items to charity shops.

I’m not going to lie – whilst this behaviour is wasteful in the extreme I in turn benefit immensely from their willingness to spend money on a whim. Their actions meant that I got two pristine M&S suit jackets for £12.50, a pair of brand new M&S trousers for £4.99 – two lovely M&S shirts for £7, and a variety of gorgeous mint condition silk ties for £2 each.

The most expensive item that I blew cash on was a rather luxurious and fetching soft cotton beige cardigan – which If I had a pipe to accompany it I’m sure would make me look a bit like Hugh Hefner.

I’m not complaining at all though. Frankly if it happens to cause an rapid increase in bunny tails in my near vicinity then I consider it £7.99 well spent.

So – that’s been my day off.

Although… it’s not finished yet and the night is young…

Who knows what else it will hold internet?!


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