It’s everywhere

During my Slimming World meeting yesterday we were discussing the way that things could go wrong on a night out – and the bad choices that could be made to derail progress.

The point was to detail what you’d do if you had a ‘bad night out’ as opposed to what you could do to try and remain on track and substituted things that would be lower in syns.

Our original brief was one that involved alcohol, but since 50% of our group were tee total we soon switched to ‘going out for a curry’.

Since I don’t really eat food like this any more I recalled what I would have done a few years ago – and the imagined damage was significant. By the time the night (and morning after) of excess was complete the fictional fatty that we’d constructed had nailed somewhere in the region of 200 syns.

The saddest thing was that none of this was particularly unusual for me back then.

It wasn’t a night of excess.

It was just ‘a night‘.

I was thinking about it this morning as I twalked with a friend around Memorial Park in Coventry. It seems a long way away now – but sometimes I still have days where (what I now consider to be) overeating is a concern.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t help myself – but oddly of late I’ve noticed that my capacity to overload my stomach has decreased significantly. The smaller my waistline gets, the harder it is to eat massive amounts without feeling sick.

That’s no bad thing – because I’ve been worried that I’d never manage to deal with my portion size demon.

In fact it seems to be slowly sorting itself out naturally.

I also now eat very different foods – and for the most part that means it’s not processed and it’s not ‘fast’. It’s not as if I’m blind to the lure of it all though.

It’s everywhere.

Today I found myself in the afternoon at the Christmas market in Leamington – and this place is stuffed with every unimaginably naughty street food known to man (and woman).

There are absolutely limitless ways to sabotage yourself on a day like today – so instead of throwing myself under a (burger) bus. I started at the bottom of town and sat down with a large baked potato stuffed with cottage cheese (no butter) and a large black coffee.

Once this was demolished and I felt full there was no fear of naughtiness – but there’s still temptation everywhere – and those that may not be so structured in their approach were clearly indulging.

It’s sometimes hard to understand how the youth of today will ever grow up to be healthy and productive adults when everything being pushed toward them is so apocalyptically awful.

A visit to any coffee shop is a drinks menu and cake cabinet of disaster just waiting to happen. A recent article in The Telegraph (link) shows the sheer scale of the problem:

The drink which was found to have the highest sugar content was Starbucks’ venti Grape with Chai, Orange and Cinnamon Hot Mulled Fruit, which had a total of 25 teaspoons of sugar per serving. Costa’s massimo eat-in Chai Latte was found to contain 20 teaspoons of sugar while Starbucks’ venti White Chocolate Mocha with Whipped Cream was found to have 18, a spokesman added. KFC’s mocha and Starbucks’ Signature Hot Chocolate both had 15 Teaspoons of sugar per serving while Caffe Nero’s drink-in Caramelatte had 13, Action on Sugar said.

The advertising that’s rammed down our throats on a daily basis also beggars belief.

Christmas is a bad enough time of the year when it comes to over eating – but there’s at least some comfort to be had in the fact that if you make the dinner yourself then you’re eating wholesome ingredients. The turkey and the veg aren’t necessarily bad for you – but the way you prepare them does have an impact.

If you do overdo it then hey ho – it’s Christmas. I wouldn’t worry about it. That’s what it’s all about and it can be fixed.

Eat, drink and be merry (within reason) I say.

What I don’t say is ‘Eat your Christmas dinner out of a bucket‘.

What on Earth is wrong with a world that seems to be hell bent on promoting eating ‘festive’ deep fried environmentally unsound crap in an environmentally unsound container off an environmentally unsound plastic tray?

How on Earth are we allowing the adults of tomorrow to be exposed to things like this in such huge industrial sized doses?

I find it deeply sad when I see the calories being consumed by a generation that’s probably going to have an obesity and diabetes problem the likes of which which our society has never seen before.

Whereas I was a statistical minority at my largest weight two years ago I fear that what I became will increasingly become a majority rather than an anomaly.

The truth of it is that at this size the options people have are extremely limited and the ways out are emotionally difficult and physically painful – if you can make your way out at all.

For the longest time I just wanted to die.

I couldn’t wait for it to happen sometimes. It just seemed like the only way out – even though I couldn’t ever imagine myself getting ‘manually proactive’ with the matter.

The scale of my problem seemed so insurmountable that I couldn’t bend my mind around it – and that’s the reality of what people already becoming like I was will face every day.

The sad thing is that the only thing our society seems to want to do to help is to cut bits out of us and sew our stomachs into the size of children’s mittens – but even this violent assault on our bodies can only happen when much of the damage is already done.

It’s better to never get that way in the first place – but I can’t help thinking that many of the young faces I saw late this evening walking with home made paper lanterns in the dusk will never get to make that choice until it’s already too late.

I hope that I’m wrong and that somehow our society will turn a corner, move to restrict the capability that huge corporations have to physically damage us and that over the coming years things will improve.

I doubt it though internet.

I foresee Slimming World meetings getting fuller and fuller as the years go on – much like the waistlines of our nation appear to be doing…



  1. It’s a bleak outlook but it’s sadly entirely true. Huge corporations are making obscene amounts of money out of trying to kill us all (with a huge portion of cash going to big pharma to try to ‘cure’ us) and it’s totally legal for them to do it. How it’s allowed to happen is truly mind boggling.

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  2. And that is exactly why I usually avoid Starbucks and the like and only indulge in a chai tea late about twice a year. Those things are calorie bombs… ^_^”
    Some of the fast food chains here are forced to make some changes though. Not sure what it is like there? They are offering veggie burgers and salades (unfortunately some have some high calorie dressings). MacDonalds seems to be making the biggest changes as in the kids meals you can now opt out of fries in favour of cherry tomatoes, and they offer tomatoes and fruit as a desert to go with it :). They also offer biological semi-skimmed milk, orange juice or even a fresh smoothy as a drink option with the kids meals. O.o Which is a massive change from when I was a kid.
    So perhaps there is hope yet :).

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    1. I don’t eat at McDonald’s so I honestly wouldn’t know what they offer any more. I’m sure there are tweaks in store that you can make – but the sad thing is that’s not what they’re advertising. I can’t ever remember seeing a single advert for a fast food chain with a cherry tomato in it 😂


      1. haha they actually did a massive campaign about it here about the revamped kids menu, as well as about the salads and “healthy” breakfast options such as yoghurt with muesli (the campaigns are actually how I know as well as, I haven’t set foot in a MacDonald in months). That’s probably because they were forced to adapt as us Dutchies have been getting more critical of what we eat and what we feed our children. ^__^” Obesity rates in Holland have actually been declining due to growing awareness, so for the fast food chains it’s actually sink or swim here. According to the latest numbers 19.80% of the Dutch are obese, wheres for the UK this is 28.10%. I just hope that the awareness spreads to other countries as well and that fastfood chains start to offer and advertise healthier options so people at least have a choice.

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      2. Wow – those obesity rates are way better than hours – and our country is COVERED in hills 😂

        You guys must walk a lot faster on your flatter countryside whilst eating your McDonald’s salads 😏

        We on the other hand appear to only be slowly strolling downhill with our Big Mac and fries 🍟 🍔


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