You could have knocked me over with a feather at several points this morning.

If I’m honest I’ve been trying not to focus too much on numbers when it comes to the size of my waistband. Sure – I’ve blogged about getting into a lower one when it’s happened – but it’s not been my driving focus in life to be any particular size. I just wanted to be smaller. I didn’t really consider what that meant.

As a younger man the smallest thing I ever managed to get into (from memory) was a 36in waist pair of jeans. It might have been a 34 – but I’m fairly sure my treasured Levi’s 501’s in 1990 were slightly larger.

Some men’s retailers are more generous than others and I’ve had a LOT of success with the TU range at Sainsburys – which seems to favour the somewhat lardier posterior of men such as myself.

In contrast M&S don’t seem to like tubby fellows wearing their clothes and they have routinely required a 2 inch larger pair than the ones I’ve purchased from TU. until now the smallest pair of M&S trousers I’ve owned is a 40in – and all my others have been 38in.

Until this morning, when I pulled on AND DID UP a pair of 36in waisted M&S walking trousers.


Frankly you could have knocked me over with a feather, so I came home and tried on another ‘aspirational 36’ that I’d purchased a while back. They too fitted! So – quite unexpectedly it seems that I’m now firmly in the 36-38 size range!!!!

Given that I started with a 66in waistline this is fast becoming a Rubicon moment (until my old manager from a previous job pointed it out recently I’d not noticed that this was happening) which means that it’s entirely possible I could one day soon have lost more inches from my waist than remain.

Can I get into a 32in waisted pair of trousers or jeans one day?

Who knows?!

At the moment though my gast is officially flabbered. I’m in a 36in waisted pair of M&S trousers, and I’m speechless.


I’m not completely speechless – because if I was then the blog would end right here and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to tell you what else happened today.

Remember this Slimming World bauble?

Over the last couple of months I’ve been working towards my seasonal goal of being under 16 stone by the 25th of December but honestly when everything kind of ground to a halt three weeks ago I didn’t think it would happen.

However – it looks like I got my wish because as of today I weighed in at 15st 9.5lbs after losing 6.5lbs!!!

I’m not going to lie. I don’t know why this happened today and I certainly didn’t expect it.

I didn’t starve myself (although I seem to naturally be eating a little less lately) and I didn’t do anything radically different – apart from (for the second week on the trot as my SW consultant Angie suggested) having a completely different thing for lunch every day.

This is a bit contrary to my usual (rather habitual) behaviour and honestly has made a pleasant change. I’ve had something new to look forward to in the fridge at work each time I nip out for my lunch – and it’s made each day a little different.

From a digestive perspective I suspect it’s not done me any harm either. The (ahem) train has been pulling into the station very regularly in the morning and a very satisfactory number of (ahem) passengers have disembarked every day.

Frankly if this is the result of variety then I have no complaints. It may just well be the spice of life after all. Who knew?

As I’m on the subject of change this brings me to my next topic. I got some spirited feedback on social media about whether or not I should get all festive this year (I’ve been feeling unusually christmassy!) the rest of my day was spent both walking with a friend and then doing a little shopping.

I think it’s fair to say that (with the help of a very kind lady at SW who gave me a lot of lovely baubles and decorations) this evening I think I’ve scratched my Christmas itch.

Sitting in my living room is a freshly decorated tree and underneath it are the first presents I’ve received this year from a lovely lovely generous person.


However – as I write I realise that something is missing….

(author gets up to fiddle with his tree…)


That’s better.


Merry flipping Christmas from a 15 stone something-or-other person internet! 





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