Gazebos and bloggers

It’s not so great when a regular twalking companion is thousands of miles away (she’s been gone for aaaaaages 😢) but what IS nice is when they demonstrate that even when in Australia on a much deserved break that they’re still taking time out from a gruelling schedule of sitting on the beach with fish and chips every day to think about you.

Whilst on an excursion to pick up a much needed Gazeebo to shelter from the heat yesterday her partner remarked about how unwieldy and heavy the box was.

Their new Oztrail deluxe 3.0 gazebo (link) was testing the limits of his endurance as he exited the store – and whilst dragging it to their flatbed utility vehicle he remarked colourfully that its 24kg was weighing heavily on his shoulders.

Jesus! How much did Dave lose?!‘ He exclaimed.

She of course couldn’t wait to tell me – and I of course couldn’t wait to work it out! Since I’ve lost 117.48kg it appears that I’m now down almost 5 gazebos!

This caused me to re-examine an old post from 2016 (link). In it was an early attempt at moving from a ‘can I really lose all of this weight?‘ mentality to a ‘this will be easier if I break it into chunks‘ frame of mind.

After finding a picture of a really really fat 2 stone cat called Ulrik (I wouldn’t want to be the one changing his kitty litter) I hit upon the idea of using the visual (and often ridiculous) element of losses just like this to motivate me. One of my most cherished milestones was a 45kg fridge freezer – which I’d lost by October 2016 (link)

Knowing that you’ve lost not only lost five gazebos but also over two and a half fridge freezers is a great way to start the day – and although it started damp and rainy it promised to be a good one.

I was meeting a fellow blogger and all round like minded lady and we were going to brave the elements together whilst I twalked her around Warwick and Leamington to see the sights.

This may sound odd to people (maybe a little younger than myself) when I say that I’ve never met anyone on the internet, formed an online friendship and then turned that into a real friendship before.

I know many people who have – and it just seems to be the way of things lately – but I’ve always been a little more traditional in this respect. I’ve preferred to meet people in person first and then think about being friends.

It’s just another testament to how my life has changed for the better however that writing this blog has widened my circle of friends and put me in contact with some genuinely lovey and interesting people – many of whom are on similar paths in life.


Hayley is just such a person – and you’ll find her blog over here. Aside from being an all-round good egg, and a fellow Slimming World’r she’s really handy with a camera – and I’m constantly thinking ‘I wish I’d taken that photo!’ whenever I read her posts.

Yesterday however wasn’t a great day for photography. Although neither of us seemed to care in the least it was blowing a real gale in this rather grey picture – and for the majority of the day it was either threatening to or actually raining – apart from a brief moment in the park when the sun came out and the squirrels began to play.


It’s a shame – because I really wanted her to see where I live at it’s best – but it’s always a good excuse to do it all over again when the weather is better.

After meeting for a coffee we essentially migrated through parks and coffee shops for the entire day – twalking and sharing experiences about life and the ‘journey’ (there must be a better word!) that we’ve both been on.

Another side effect of writing this blog has been how often I’m confronted with the realisation that people are always more alike than they are different. Regardless of where they come from and what they do or don’t believe in, fundamentally we’re all driven by the same dreams, and often the same fears.

When I talk to people in relation to what I’ve been through and what I’ve written about I’m often comforted by the knowledge that I’m never alone – because everyone around me is experiencing something akin to what I do.

The causes and effects differ – but spending really enjoyable day with my fellow traveller yesterday, and finding out how much we had in common just reminded me more than ever that human beings are more alike than they are different.

Thats a very comforting thought.

It means that none of us are really adrift in life, because walking to the left, right, in front and behind are others just like us – who want better lives and to be better people.

The other great thing about a day out with a like minded SW blogger (who is really really close to target!) is that we were assured to remain totally on plan. Neither of us had any intention of leading the other astray – and as such our choices were virtuous and mutually supportive. After much exercise the day ended at the Harvester with a well deserved unlimited salad bowl.

I ate not one but two platefulls like this.

Nom Nom Nom…

Needless to say I slept like a log last night – and thoroughly look forward to doing it all over again some time in the future.

Anyway internet – I’ve already filled the slow cooker (it’s beef stew for dinner!) made myself a speedy packed lunch and now it’s time to have a shower and get ready for work. I’ve another walk planned for this evening and I need to keep up the weight loss momentum that I had on the scales on Saturday.

The only way is DOWN!!!

Let the day commence!!!




  1. Ah it’s ways great to meet new people and make friends. I have a couple of friends in America whom I have know for 14 years, but who I have never met. 🙂 Sometimes just chatting to each other (or following each other’s blogs lol) can be enough to create new friendships. 😀 It’s awesome!

    Liked by 1 person


    This was lovely to read, and yes I will DEFINITELY be coming back to your neck of the woods to experience it in the sunshine!


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