The beginning of something beautiful

I’ve been busy today, and have had a number of errands to run after work.

This evening has been dark, it’s been cold, it’s been wet, it’s been windy, and both Warwick and Leamington have been gridlocked with traffic. Frankly it’s not been nice – but I’ve tried to make the most of it.

As regular readers will know I don’t drive anywhere if I can help it these days – so there’s a smug sense of satisfaction to be had from walking an entire mile along the Myton Road and actually beating barely moving stationary traffic from one end to the other.

Queue forever suckers – shoe leather for the win!

While I’ve been hurrying from A to B (I nailed seven miles after work – yay!) I’ve been accompanied by my new partner in crime.

It’s been a little while since I’ve been in a truly reciprocal and loving relationship – and it seems like the one may have finally come along. It’s frankly been a while – and honestly at first I wasn’t sure how to manage the complex emotions surrounding a new and instantly intimate coupling – but I’m just trying to go with the flow.

We went out in public for the first time just yesterday and it’s fair to say that we got pretty close in front of everyone.

I think me and Supercoat 2 are in love.


I doubt that she could have appeared in my life at a better time – as the weather has been raining or blowing a gale since I had the good fortune to walk into a charity shop in Kenilworth on Sunday (link) and tried it on – expecting that it wouldn’t fit me.

For those who missed this cataclysmic event – It’s a LARGE. There aren’t any X’s in front of that L. It’s just an L. On its own. With nothing else.

A Laaaaaaarrrrgggggeeeee….

(let’s just let that hang in the air.)


Not that I’m extatic or walking on air or anything.

Noooo…. Not me. I’m taking it all in my stride, and absolutely NOT taking selfies all the time.


I’ve also barely paid any attention to how Supercoat 2 looks in comparison to it’s predecessor when I tried it on way back in February.

In fact nothing could have been further from my mind.

OK. I lied.

How flipping AWESOME is that?!

I was sooooooo happy when Supercoat 1 fitted me back then. It was the first time that ANYTHING on the high street had become wearable – and because I was so bowled over I ended up spending well over £100 on it.

At the time it seemed like pocket change compared to specialist retailer prices at the Big and Tall outsized shops – most of whom didn’t make such an item in an 8XL, a 7XL, a 6XL or even a 5XL.

Now I’m wearing the finest second hand item (in LARGE. Did I mention that?) that money can buy and it cost me the princely sum of £8.

That’s nirvana right there.

I know that because the canteen at work (which is besieged by endless birthday food every single day) reminds me continually what nirvana isn’t.

If you want to know what the road to unhappiness looks like internet then look no further – because at great personal risk to myself I have captured photographic evidence.


The Belgians.


On the one side I have the joy of wearing a LARGE (not sure if I mentioned that), cheap and lovely coat that fits me perfectly, and on the other…

Eclairs. And Belgians.

It’s no contest really.

I’ll take Supercoat 2 any day of the week. The Belgians can keep their chocolate creamy treats.



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